Wednesday, December 28, 2016

2016 Financial Goals Update

          2016 may not been good to me financially but I was blessed with wisdom that helped me get through all financial difficulties I had this year. After I wrote 2 blog posts yesterday, I saw my featured post & decided to update it before the year ends. I have four set of financial goals this year - my emergency funds, my insurance, my mutual funds and my target goal this year -300k (combined savings & investments).
          EMERGENCY FUNDS (priority goals) 
          I have set these four particular emergency funds this year. After experiencing the tough times this year I think emergency should always be on top of our financial goals. I think its important to set as many emergency funds as possible - medical emergency fund should be separated from personal emergency fund as well as our buffer fund and other savings fund according to its purpose.

1. Personal Emergency Fund - target is to have atleast 20k before 2016 ends - DONE.
2. Family Emergency Fund -  another 30k before the year ends - reach 20k only.
3. Health Emergency Fund - reach another 20k before 2016 ends - DONE
4. Renovation Fund - used up all my renovation fund last year on our roof.
* Education/Graduation Fund (addtl) - opened 10k for this fund after I received my scholarship - DONE.
* Housing/Investment Fund (addt'l)- new target 100k next year, I've already opened an account for it.
         My plan to open a whole life insurance in Paramount was put on hold for a while until I finish paying my Philam life insurance.
5. Finish my Philam Life Insurance - done/completed it last November.
          I'll try to open a whole life insurance this January 2017.

         My plan to redeem my shares in FAMI & Soldivo Funds did not pursue last year because of the current value we have on the market these past few months. Hopefully it will be up next year. I also stopped making additional investments on my Philequity account because I needed to prioritize my life insurance & emergency funds over my investments.

6. Have a total of 40k in FAMI SALEF - FAIL
7. Have a total of 60k in PHILEQUITY. - FAIL

                   This is my last and my most important target goal this year and I hit it. Yes, I completed my target 300k goal even if I fail on my 4 goals listed here. Completing my 200k BPI life insurance has made a large contribution on reaching my 300k target goal this year.

8. Target 300k -combined savings & investment updates - achieved!

          I was not able to achieve all my financial goals this year but what is important for me is the journey I took in reaching one goal after the other. My mind is still set for One Million. Next year, I'll double my target & I will work hard for it.

How about you?
Have you reached your financial goals this year?

Have a great year ahead!
God bless.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Dealing with Financial Problems

          Financial problems are sometimes inevitable. It is the reason why emergency fund is always taught first in financial planning. A lot of emergencies happens especially if you are living in the Philippines. Aside from typhoons & calamities, rainy days & sudden change of climate usually brings floods & sickness which leads to the usage of our emergency funds. Another reason behind setting an emergency funds is for preparation of possible unemployment in the future.

          My case is comparative to being unemployed already. With almost five months delayed salary and counting, you can see that I am in already in deep financial problem but I was able to survive it & I am still surviving & enjoying my life as well.

          Having a emergency fund is not the only solution in dealing with these kind of financial problems. Fortunately, I live in the Philippines - our simple lifestyle & Filipino traits contribute a lot in surviving whatever major problems I experience. Here the things I learned this and how I dealt with my financial problems lately.

          I know my strengths as well as my weaknesses. A lot of the people around were suggesting that I should look for another job or I should find an online job. Well, its a good option but I simply cannot do it right now. I need to focus on my studies first. I know that mind is not good in multi tasking. At my age today, I know that my mental ability is not as good as compared to my younger years  so studying while working is a bit difficult for me now. It will be more difficult for me if I'll have another job. So for now, I just have to be frugal & be wise in every financial decision I made.
          God has created us equally. We all have different level and types of intelligence and we were also given our own strength & weaknesses that we can use accordingly and that I think is an important in dealing with financial problems. Taking risks is good for other people but not for me, I cannot take risk right now for it might jeopardize my plans & goals in life. I am taking things slowly but surely and one step at a time.

          Yes, one at a time. It's the advice I always get from my classmate whenever I'm in a panic state during my school days. She would always remind me to think of one task at a time, solve one problem at a time, take one step at a time and ask for divine enablement all the time.
          With my current financial situation today, who wouldn't panic? But since I was always reminded with those words, It helped me a lot in making financial decisions, most especially in prioritizing which financial obligation should come first.

           Prioritizing is the key not only in dealing with debts but also in dealing with financial obligations as well. Last September, my tuition fee was on top of my priority list. As you can see, I stopped making additional investment on my mutual funds & focus more in completing my BPI Philam life insurance. I was glad that I was able to finish it last November, "atleast nabawasan na ako ng iisipin." I also went back to completing my emergency fund as part of my financial goals this year.

          To be able to fulfill my financial goals, I try to simplify my lifestyle & be frugal in every possible way I can. Do you know that it can be both good & fun at the same time? Going on a diet & walking to save some money can be good to our health while the more I deprive myself into eating at Jollibee, KFC, Mcdo or Chowking, all the more I get excited when I indulge myself a little bit into my comfort foods once in a while. Aside from the fact that we Filipinos loved eating tuyo, daing & bagoong with a little malunggay leaves & kamote from our neighbor's backyard, hahah, panalo pa rin sa gana tayong kumain, who wouldn't agree with me? As what the saying goes, "money can buy food but not appetite".

          I usually have my budget plan posted here and even though I stopped listing my daily expenses, I already know how much will be my budget for the whole month or if there's any extra from my earnings. Knowing your cashflow is equally important in the determining your future financial plans. In this way, I was able to know my monthly & yearly expenses as well as the amount I need to set aside in the future. In my case, I was able to fit on P500-weekly hapit budget and it will be easier and flexible to adjust should I be permanently be unemployed next year.

When I decided to go back to school, I told my mother the possible financial problems we'll encounter in the future and her response "It's okay, we'll help each other, go ahead pursue your plan."
When I told my father I really can no longer buy rice, lpg gas, & other grocery stuffs because of the current financial situation I have and he said " It's okay, I'll be the one to provide it from my SSS pension". (sacrifice muna yung pang tong-its nya, magmimiron na lang daw muna sya, heheh)
Family will always be the first to help you during your most difficult times. I advise those breadwinners out there not to assume all the financial burdens, it is always best that the family knows what we're going through so that we'll be able to help one another.

When I told my boss that I want to continue paying my life insurance, I requested him to give back the 3 quarterly premiums he was not able to deposit and he agreed to give it back little by little until its completely paid.
When I needed to pay something or needed some allowance, I always go directly to my boss, to ask for a portion of my salary, and he'll try to provide it.
I know the current financial situation of our company and I have made some financial sacrifices too but there were times that I badly needed some money too for my survival.
My mother told me to stop working since our company can longer provide our financial needs but I feel like I needed to help our company. And even If I do give up my job all the more chances of not completing their financial obligations to us including the SSS, Pagibig & Philhealth that were not paid for four years. Our boss is a kind person but those decision can only be settled by him so I need to be present until such time that it will paid as he promised.

I think this is most important lesson I learned in dealing with those problems. I believe that everything happens for a reason and not just a random result of everything that happens in our universe. Even If I do have plans & goals for myself I know that God has a better plan for me.
As what Jeremiah 29:11, "For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

These are the things that I have learned as I go through this tough & exciting times of my life. This year 2016 may not be as good as those previous years financially but I can say that this year has taught me a lot to be more mature & optimistic in life. I always thank God for all the blessings I received this year & pray to HIM to give me more strength & wisdom as I go through these challenges in life.

So there goes my financial journey.
How bout you? What are the lessons of life this 2016?
Have a great abundant year ahead.
Happy & Prosperous 2017.

Meaningful Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

          This Christmas for me is one of the simplest & meaningful "Christmas" I ever had. I may not be blessed financially (almost five months delayed salary & counting plus half 13th month pay) but God had given something to treasure this year.
KG's favorite toy - "our Tv's remote control"
          Aside from good health and harmony in our family - this super kulet little angel is our constant source of happiness in our home but what made my christmas extra meaningful is the message I received in Facebook that really made my heart jumped with joy. Let me share this message here:

Special message to my pretty professor, 

Ma'am Grace: 

I will not forget you Ma'am Grace. Writing this for you is a purpose to remember you as a simple and hardworking history teacher and an inspiration. Even though staying in the campus as our teacher isn't permanent, you really embraced us. I am warning you Ma’am, this would be so cheesy, forgive me. Hahaha! 

Your words of encouragement made us so inspired and motivated especially when some of my classmates cried when they knew they might have failed in other subjects, and also when I knew I might have failed in atb subject. You’re a teacher that I am comfortable with, we are so blessed to have you and know us for a while, and I am grateful and it was a great pleasure to meet you. Thank you for believing in me and unto my skills. You and Ma’am Kea boost also my confidence when reporting in front of the class, I don’t know if you noticed but I always feel nervous when I do stuffs like that, however, you’d given me encouragement to do better and I will remember both of you this way. It was so heart-warming to hear your compliments regarding to my performance in school. 

It made me learn to myself that I can do better and that I can do my best causing me to strive for more. I really appreciate all things even the simplest like tapping our back, that means a lot, some people talking without speaking and hearing without listening, it did tell us that we’re doing good or we can do good. Because of you, I learned to be great at what I am doing and I’ll continuously ponder your words of wisdom, especially the ones you've tagged in to my Facebook account. 

Also, I like to tell you that your history class is not so sleepy... for me and I do appreciate when you did Photoshop tutorials. I am still practicing Photoshop for I find it very interesting and useful, and through the tutorial videos you’ve shared, learning become easy. Maybe some of my classmates had fell asleep while the discussion is ongoing yet I guarantee that we learned from you. I know we've been naughty also but I hope you enjoyed bonding with the whole class. I will miss you ma'am. I wish you all the best. May God bless you and your family always. I can't wait to witness our very own success in life as we meet again someday. 

Ma’am I want to let you know that this letter is a part of my daily diary updates and it was my hobby to read my previous writings and this stuffs making me so cheesy yet it is my special way to flashback things for it is special to recall all the happy memories. Have a very meaningful Christmas with your loved ones and a bunch of blessings this 2017 and in coming years. God speed. I am praying that we do find what we're meant to do in life. Thank you very much Ma’am Grace. 

Your student,  

          I will really treasure this message in my heart. As what my professor once told me, "that teachers can really touch the heart of their students". I may not have touched the heart of those 39 architecture students but one is enough for me to experience the joy of christmas and to find the true meaning of life as well.

Merry Christmas again!
May we all be filled with blessings this coming 2017.
God Bless.

Friday, December 2, 2016

My BPI Philam Life Insurance Premium Complete!

Yes, I finally completed the 8 year premium payment plan of my BPI Philam Life Insurance!
          I received this letter last week and so happy when I read that I have completed already the premium payments required for this insurance. I hurriedly call the BPI hotline to verify including the policy loans that our company applied for and they confirm it. My quarterly premium & policy loan are cleared.

          It was my priority goal last November and I wanted to clear my policy loans & to pay my premium on its due date. It's one of my financial goal this year & I have set my mind that I must clear it by November to prevent from further accumulation of interest. It was a difficult goal but I'm glad I achieved it inspite of the current financial crisis I am experiencing these days. As of this date, my salary is 4 months delayed and counting.

          This BPI Philam life insurance is a basic whole life insurance plan payable for eight years that our company took as part of our incentives. Half of its premium was payed by our company & half  was deducted from our salary but after six year, they gave us the sole responsibility of paying its premium amount. I was hesitant to continue it but after computing & comparing the amount paid and the remaining amount to be settled I decided to continue it.
         And now that I have completed its paying requirements I am now insured for 200,000 covered until February 2075.

          Aside from the life insurance coverage, what amazes me with my BPI Philam life insurance is - it has a cash value that accumulates 4% per annum. Should I plan to terminate this plan before I reach the age of 100 I can still get its cash value. This month, I already have P 33,000 +++ cash value equivalent on this plan, panalo pa rin di ba?

          And because I am now insured, I also feel like I'm 200,000 richer, hahah. I'll be adding this to my portfolio, excited na akong mag-compute ng net worth ko.

Just sharing my experiences again!

Have a great weekend guys.
God Bless.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Feeling Blessed & Thankful

I woke up with a light hearted mood this morning.
Maybe because of the sunrise, the song & noise from my father's favorite radio station or the board posted on my wall.
Yes, I made my own board where all my goals, bills & installments are listed. It's my way of battling and motivating my own self to get up and have a productive day.
And I saw my pledge list - a pledge that my mother and I signed for the propose parish formation center & retablo in our Sto Nino Church last August.
Then I remember the homily from the Sunday mass last August. It was about the ten men with leprosy healed by Jesus. Out of the ten lepers only one came back to give thanks to Jesus (Luke 17:11-19).Our parish priest first gave us a story before he delivers his sermon and here's how it goes. 
(Tagalog na lang po para masayang ikwento).

May isang kaluluwang lalaki ang pumunta sa langit at winelcome ng mga anghel.
Sabi ng isang anghel - " dahil dito ka na sa langit ito-tour muna kita."
At nagtour sila sa tatlong malalaking building.

Sa unang building - pagpasok nila parang call center, napakaraming anghel at lahat busy sa computer.
Nagtaka at nagtanong sya sa anghel "Anong lugar to?"
Sagot ng anghel- "Ang tawag dito - Receiving Department"
Dito tinatanggap lahat ng prayer request ng mga tao.

Sa ikalawang building - pagpasok nila parang giftwrapping center, napakaraming anghel ang nagbabalot dito.
Nagtaka at nagtanong sya uli sa anghel "Anong ang lugar to?"
Sagot ng angel - " Ang tawag dito - "Releasing Department'
Dito naman inaayos para ipadala sa mga tao lahat ng request nila.

Sa ikatlong building - pagpasok nila nag-iisa lang ang anghel at walang ginagawa, nanonood lang ng TV at palipat lipat pa ng channel.
Dito lalong nagtaka at nagtanong sya ulit sa anghel " Ano naman tong lugar na to?"
Sagot ng anghel - " Ang tawag dito - "Thanksgiving Department".

Just like the simple story above, our parish was able to correlate it to his homily. True enough, we often forgot to give thanks to our Lord for all the blessings he had given us and for all prayer requests he had granted us and I felt guilty about it. I was consumed by my sadness last week that I forgot that I have a lot of blessings around to be thankful for. The sunrise that woke me up this morning means that God reminds me that I have a brand new day to live. The usual songs & noise from my father's radio reminded me that I have a home & a family where I belong. I have a lot of things that reminds me that God loves me & that there's no reason for me to feel sad. Its a simple realization that really made my day today.

Just sharing my thoughts again.
Have a great weekend!
God Bless.

...and that DIY board on my wall are my challenges - Go for the Goals pa rin ako :)

Friday, October 28, 2016

"Feeling Sad"

"Feeling Sad" - parang reaction lang sa fb but seriously I really feel sad this past few weeks.

Notice that I have been posting a lot of tidying, fixing and arranging stuffs lately. It's because I was feeling so down and I am trying to counter it by making myself busier than the usual.

Yes I'm feeling depressed lately because our boss formally announces that he'll be closing down the company. He said he can no longer sustain the financial needs of our company and that he cannot find any means of surviving it. I am lonely not only because of financial reasons but I somehow feel like I will also be losing a family - a company which I consider as my second home.

I've been working in this company for almost nine years but I've learn to love my job regardless of the salary I'm receiving. I love working in this family environment company where your boss is like your parent and your colleagues are your brothers and sisters. I love working in this company because laughter is always present everyday. It is a company where I feel accepted, connected and be at ease with everyone else. "Alam na namin ang saltik at sumpong ng bawat isa."

There were lots of times when I feel pressured and fed up by the complaints of our clients and the only reaction I will receive from my co-worker is "e di wow". There were lots of times in my early years when green jokes were often thrown at me and I always pretend that I cannot relate to them, now I'm the first one to laugh at their jokes. I will miss my boss who always greets me with - "Grasya, mag-asawa ka na" and I will simply smile and answers her back, -"Ma'am, di pa kami ready ni Papa Piolo." Later on she upgraded it with a new version - "Grasya, ilang taon ka na - mag-anak ka na lang." and again I will answer her - "Break na po kami ni Papa Piolo e."

Though there were times of misunderstandings and conflicts, days will pass by and later on it will just be part of our daily "asaran". And even if I don't drink San Mig Lights or Empi Lights with my boss and my co-workers during weekends and occasions, I love listening to their jokes and their funny drunk moves. They have an exceptional talent in cracking jokes when they are drunk and believe me your jaws will surely lock up laughing with them.

These reasons maybe shallow for choosing to work as a minimum wager in that company but these are the reasons that sometimes cannot be measured by the amount of salary alone. Surely I will miss nine years of  morning rush, arguments, deadlines, job orders, numerous phonecalls & emails but I will definitely miss nine years of "asaran", "laitan", "sagutan" & "katwiran", "sablay" and "kulitan" in our office.

Pardon me for being too sentimental, I just want to reminisce those treasured moments today. I am conditioning myself to be prepared so that in one, two or three months time I'll be able to convince my mind to relax and stay put for a while. I am still working today but I can't help but feel sad. "Isipin ko pa lang na wala na akong trabaho at di ko na makakatrabaho ang mga ka-officemate ko, nalulungkot na agad ako."

Right now we are still working and enjoying the remaining time and days in our company but we are also waiting for the decision of our boss as to when will be the final date of closure. When that day comes, I know that it'll be hard for me to adjust physically because of the daily routine I have for nine years but I know that it will be harder to adjust mentally and emotionally too. It will be hard but I know that I'll be able to get through this kind of emotion because I know that God has a better plan for me in the future.
Magdagdag ng caption
Just pouring my emotions here.
Till then.
Have a great week ahead!
God Bless.

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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Weekend Main Task: Watch Repair

It's Saturday once again and a new day to start my "to do lists task." After breakfast, I begun replacing my beddings and arranging it afterwards. "Para kasi akong si Alden Richards may pagka-OC pagdating sa kama". Then I proceeded with my laundrying & cleaning of my shoes. "Alam nyo naman kapag umulan, harabas sa ulan ang sapatos kaya kailangan linisin."...and the rest of the day was spent again entirely with my nephew.
(Repair Task - 2)
My main task this week is to replace the battery of my watch. I already did it last week but the spare battery they gave me is not working anymore. (Note, I bought this watch for only P150 as an alternative last December and they gave me a spare battery for it.). Good thing I saw this (10 pcs) battery at bente store in Market Market and bought it for only P 25. With a little help of my cutter & twissors I was able to replace its battery again. Yes I did it, I'll mark this date again for another repair achievement, heheh. "Ang babaw ko no" but I'm happy - proud owner of another repaired watch. 
I was not able to finish all the task I have set but I find it fulfilling to see my main task goal done every week.

Just sharing again.
How 'bout you? What are your weekend tasks goal?
Have a great  week ahead.
God Bless.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Weekend Tasks: Laundry, Baby Sitting & Repairs

My "To do List" strategy last week was effective so I decided to do it again today.
I've listed few tasks only since I've already arranged some of my things last week.
To do list
My plan was to study online first but my mother reminded me that we will be going to Tagaytay with my brother so I decided to skip some of my routine task and just finish what I have started - laundrying & fixing my room.

Saturday was spent almost entirely with my nephew in Tagaytay & Sta. Rosa. I was not able to take any picture of the place because I was so busy looking out for my nephew, "ang likot, grabe, nakakapagod humabol." I was so tired that day and that made me sleep for 9 straight hours. Now, I understand why my mother had no time for "chikahan" at night, heheh.
my nephew's hand - taken while he was asleep, trip lang
(Repair Task - 1)

One of my main task goal this week is to fix my umbrella. I lost my 2 yr old "fibrella" umbrella few months ago and because I have no extra money to buy for a new one, I decided to look for my old damaged umbrella and have it repaired for P 30.00. Its' broken frames were replaced but its stitches were not properly done so after using it for few months its frame breaks out of its position. So I have to sew it again to strengthen its connection to its frame.

So there it is - I now have a new repaired umbrella. I'll mark this date again because I'll be repairing some of my broken stuffs during weekends.

Though I was not able to finish all my tasks, I still find it productive to repair some old stuffs instead of buying new one. It's my way to save money and a great way to be happy.

Just sharing again.
Have a great weekend.
God Bless.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Weekend Tasks - To do list style

Procrastination is one of my problem during weekends.
I plan a lot on weekdays but I always fail to execute it every weekends.
Maybe because of tiredness, laziness and my excitement to take care of my nephew always led me to unfinished tasks & frustration.
Yesterday, I decided to write it down. I woke up at 7am, earlier than my usual 9am wake up time and one by one finish all the tasks I have written down on this piece of paper.
 And I think it's effective. Sixty-seven percent (67% or 8/12) of the task I have written was done yesterday.

#1 I've finished reading one topic in Psychology in Alison courses after I wrote down my task yesterday. It was only last year that I've discovered my interest in this field and I was lucky to discover that there free online courses here -
#2 #3 #4 #5 - Arrange / fix beddings, clothes, school stuffs, gadgets/chargers.
Plus I made this platform near my bed as my charging station last week then organize my stuffs yesterday. "Humingi lang ako ng piraso ng plywood sa office at bumili ng bracket sa hardware (P 40/pair). Nakakainis kasi yung kung saan saan ka pa naghahanap ng sasaksakan ng charger."
#6 Laundry Clothes. I usually laundry my clothes every Sunday & I always feel tired every Monday. Finally yesterday, I was able to do it. Sad thing, it rained outside & I needed to hang it inside my room to dry them all.
#7  Haircut - cut my bangs. I did it on my own to save P50, heheh . Sorry I have no photo of it right now.

#9 Arrange cord extension to outlet. After relocating the cord extension. I decided to have it in fixed position. I don't want any hanged extension cord inside our room.
And because I was too tired after those task, I decided to sleep afterwards. Then my mother & I went to the mall at 4 pm and went back home at around 9pm.

I was not able to do my # 8, # 10, # 11, #12 because I was so tired in the evening. But nevertheless I'm still happy that I was able to fight my lazy Saturday habit and finish most of my task yesterday. I think its good to have a written guide to battle procrastination.

How about you, do you have unfinished task during weekends?
How do you battle procrastination?

Just sharing my thoughts again!
Have a great week ahead.
God Bless.

Ps. the remaining tasks was done today! Mission accomplished :)

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Last Scholarship Grant Received!

Last July, my classmate reminded me again - "Ate grace, nakapagpasa ka na ng requirements sa scholarship, last week na ngayon para sa second batch." So I hurriedly gather all the requirements and submit it to Cayetano Highschool.
Would you believe that in less than a month a confirmation letter arrived and its distribution is already scheduled. "Grabe, ang bilis talaga ng service nila. Kudos to our Mayor, her councilors and to all her staffs who took an extra effort on this program."
I received P 7,500 for the Basic Plus scholarship. Afterwards, I went to WEALTHBANK & open a special saving account. I added P 2,500 from my passbook account since the minimum required amount for it is P 10,000.
This is the third & last claim and I need to set it aside as my education/graduation fund. I need to be prepared financially because of the possible unemployment I might experience next year.
Because of the financial difficulties that our company is experiencing, I have been contemplating a lot these past few weeks if I'll be resigning or not. Most of the advises I got was to stay put & it was also the advice I got from my classmate since most of them regretted resigning from their work. So my decision for now is to continue to work (regardless of the salary I am receiving) until I finish all my financial obligations - my laptop, my insurance and my credit card bills.

Overall, I am really thankful that God is assisting me with these kind of financial blessings through the services our local government here in Taguig. I really admire them for their advocacy and their mission to uplift the lives of the future generations of Taguig.

Just sharing my experience again.
Have a great week ahead.
God Bless.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Last 2 Subjects Enrolled!

Yes, I finished enrolling the last two subjects required for my course - Practice Teaching (major subject) & Filipino 2 (minor subject). "Konti na lang, Push ko na to."
Last week of May, I enrolled the last major subject for my course - Practice Teaching. It's like an on the job training requirement for BTTE student. We were required to undergo a total of 400 hours, 200 hours for in campus teaching and 200 hours off campus teaching. It was hard for me to teach in campus because I know that teaching in university requires mastery of the subject unfortunately I had given up on my field 22 years ago. Aside from the fact that I was not able to practice it, technology seems to have occupied most of the curriculum of the school. And lastly, we were always reminded by our professors that we are now dealing with millenials. True enough students today are all bright & quick learners. " Isang turuan lang ng Autocad, kuha agad nila - first sem lang hataw na lahat sila sa plates." Good thing, our professors who are engineers & architects only allowed us to assist them. I am not confident enough to face the students knowing that their knowledge is more than mine but still I need to be present there so I can reach the required hours needed & continue to learn the technique and styles in teaching.
Two weeks ago, I enrolled for Filipino-2 subject, the very last minor subject I need to comply - bukod tanging sya na lang ang naiwan. My only problem today is my work schedule because my officemate who handles my responsibility at work when I'm at school plans to leave our company but she's kind enough to let me enroll first before she pursue her plan. If her plan continues, I'll just make an special arrangement on my work & school schedule and probably next year I'll have to decide then if I'm going to resign & concentrate on practice teaching or continue to work & stop studying/teaching.
Well, whatever happens I know that God will lead me to a better decision.
Another problem, another challenge accepted.
Till then. Have a great week ahead!
God Bless.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Sembreak, Working Student Blues & Triumphs Re-post

This was my blogpost last May and after reading it again today I decided to re-post it because I love how it reminded me of my last crucial days at TUP. And because I treasure this post let me share it again.

At last ... third semester is over!
I survived the third and final semester of my course in TUP. Last two weeks was really tiring.
(Now I know why our department head was hesitant to sign my request for 3  additional subjects - 24 units equals 8 subjects in one semester for a working student, overload na daw ako- still I beg for it & thankful he allowed me. But I didn't realize that it will be this hard -"ganito pala kadugo ang third sem" )
Unit exams, term test and final projects lined up last week. I needed to take a leave for one week in our office so I can focus more.
Yesterday, I submitted the draft of my thesis. It was the last and the hardest project I attended to.
But all my tiredness fades away after I handed over the draft & presented it to my professor because finally its all done. It really felt good to know that I surpass the challenge I set to myself last year. And now, I'm back to my original "bahay-trabaho" routine, ...and back to blogging arena again.

Few months ago, I stopped blogging & "pouring my emotions" here because I felt that I'm adding up too much negative emotions here so I decided not to post and just delete some of it. Here's a part of the blog I wrote last month but decided not to post it.
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"I tried to be optimistic everyday, always looking for the brighter side of everything...but not today.
As what my psychology teacher once told us, sometimes we have to release our true emotions so we can release whatever it is that's been hiding inside - the anger, the loneliness, the frustrations & the expectations I have not met. These are all about me and not the people around me. I just felt that I'm in a "bottleneck" situation again, problems kept on piling again and I felt like I was draining myself again not only financially, but mentally as well. I'm on the third & final semester again and I needed to allot an extra time for my studies but our company also demands my presence at work. There were times I feel that I must dedicate most of my time at work but then I cannot sacrifice my school days since I'm in the most crucial stage of my studies. Financially, I am really not in good shape these days - not only because of the delayed salary we experience at work but my supplementary cardholders are also adding some financial burdens to me as well..."

There will be lots of time that I'll be having these kind of mood, especially now that I am having trouble with my finances. What's important is that I can now deal with it with open mind. That I think is maturity, that kind of attitude I want to possess now that I'm in my forties.
Today, I am really happy that I survived this semester. I just need few months or 400 hours of practice teaching & one more subject to finish this course.

Till then. Have a great day ahead!!!
God Bless.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Rainy Season - Flood, Traffic and Commuter's Dilemma 1 (Late Post)

There's this saying "When it rains, it pours" but in the Philippines it really pours when it rains and floodwater is almost everywhere. The next thing that will happen - heavy traffic - "grabe malala na talaga ang trapik sa Pinas".

AUGUST 12, 2016

Getting stuck in the traffic is a normal scenario in my daily school-work activity but last Friday - August 12 was really exhausting. One hour of traffic or one hour of walking is bearable for me but two hours is not. I got stuck in traffic for one hour before I decided to walk. I even walked through that knee high flood in Pasong Tamo so I can pass through it, ride another jeepney and finally decided to walk again for two hours. You can just imagine how tired I was after walking for two hours while carrying a bag with laptop inside, holding a book, an umbrella & wearing heeled shoes. I even walked bare foot because I can no longer stand the pain in my legs and feet but decided to wear my shoes back because of the "palaka & linta" on the sidewalk. Hay grabe talaga!!!

While I was walking, a lot of "if only's" popped in my head. If only I have saved more during my early productive years, I would have settled myself financially "hindi sana ako naglalakad ng ganito" - maybe I'll be just sitting in our sofa while watching my favorite series "The Mentalist, Walking Dead or Game of Thrones" or I would have own a car like "Mini Cooper or Aston Martin" today driving it to Vigan or Bicol and lastly I would have checked myself in a five star hotel and resting beside the swimming pool, "o di ba libre mangarap habang naglalakad". A lot of maybe's in my head but just maybe then If I do own a car today just the same I would still be stuck in that traffic anyway. - pero okay lang din kung "Aston Martin" ang kotse ko heheh.
gwapo ng dream car ko :)
Nevertheless, I cannot turn back time and redo the past. I just need to step, move forward & think of the future. Come to think of it - walking has its own advantage than riding in those stuck vehicles. It maybe tiring to walk but atleast every step I make I know I am moving forward to reach my dream destination - a paradise called home and my reward is waiting there - a dinner prepared, a comfy bed and a massage from my Nanay or my Kuya. "Hindi ko lang talaga kinaya yung palakang muntik kong maapakan at tumalon at yung lintang nasagi yata ng paa ko, ewww..."

Just like reaching our goals - it maybe tiring, difficult and slow but atleast were moving up one step forward in fulfilling our dreams.

Just sharing again.
How 'bout you?
What are your experiences during rainy season?
Have a great weekend!
God Bless.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Visualizing My Long Term Goals Again

This photo came from my Visualizing my goals post last year. This morning, as I prepare my lectures & lesson plan for my tuesday class next week I somehow felt exhausted with my school-work routine not only physically, financially but mentally as well.

"Minsan ang hirap pagsabayin ang pag-iisip ng budget dahil kulang na kulang ang sahod, ang pag-iisip ng expenses sa bahay at pag-iisip ng budget sa school expenses at lecture sa klase. Isa pa lang ang subject ko at section na tinuturuan ko ganito na ko - how much more kung napakaraming klase ang hawak ng teacher, di ba? Kaya saludo talaga sa lahat ng teacher at professor dyan".

Going back to the topic, the reason why I decided to re-read my post again is to be inspired & be reminded of the goals I have set last year. A challenge I have set to myself and plan to pursue no matter how hard it is. I only have four long term goals:

1. To build my dreamhouse - this will be put on hold for now since I've been hearing a lot of uncertainties about our lot but this goal still remains part of my dream goal.

2. To graduate - my priority goal today - just 1 more subject to enroll & practice teaching I'll be able to achieve finish my BTTE course this next year. " Kaya konting tiis na lang".
3. To teach - I might take a civil service prof exam first next year before LET. I'm still re-evaluating myself as to what particular field I plan to focus.
4. To reach have my magic number - 1 million - I'm still inspired to reach this number - even if my priority for now is my studies, even if our company is in deep financial crisis and even if I've been experiencing a lot of problems at home lately that goal is still part of my dream goal.

Now that I have reminded myself with my LTG, I have fueled myself again today with the desire & eagerness to pursue what I have started. "Basta next year ga-graduate, I promise" kahit ang hirap ng practice teaching dahil wala kong mastery of the field, huhuh.....kakayanin ko to!!! In God's grace.

Just sharing my thoughts again!
Have a great week ahead.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

My Emergency Funds

Building an emergency fund is one of the fundamental steps in achieving financial freedom. It's the first lesson I've learned and the first step I did before I finally dip my toes in the world of investing.
But now that our company is in deep financial crisis and the status of the lot where our house is built is still uncertain, I realized that my emergency fund is not enough. That's the reason why I stopped making an additional investment to my mutual funds and decided to rearranged my emergency funds.

As of today, I have three major emergency funds deposited in a special savings account in Wealthbank - Housing/Inv. Fund, Health E-Fund, Family E-fund. My Personal E-fund & my two ATM cards were my transient/buffer funds.
My Health E-fund - is intended for health emergencies in our family. I actually have 22k in it but I decided to trim it down to 20k for now. I renew this special savings account every two months & it has an interest of 1.75% per annum.

My Family E-fund - is intended for any family related emergencies. It was primarily my personal fund but I decided to set it as Family E-fund. I have 30k in that fund & decided to trim it down to 20k for now.  I renew this special savings account every two months & it has an interest of 1.75% per annum.

My Housing/Inv fund - This is my new goal - I am trying to raise a certain amount here.
This actually came from my capital contribution account but it was really intended for our house but since I've been hearing negative news about the status of our lot, I need to set aside an amount that I can use in sangla tira (I'll create a separate post for this.) I also call it an investment fund because I am still optimistic about the status of our lot. If positive result happens in the future, I'll be using this fund to secure the property which I think for me is an investment too. This special savings account has 2.25% interest per annum & I renew it every three months.

My personal E-fund - this is just an ordinary savings account with an interest of 0.25% per annum and I treat it as my transient fund where some amount from my special savings account & their interest were deposited before I finally transfer it to my Housing/Inv fund. This is also where I make my regular deposits no matter how small the amount is, heheh.
(Sorry, the photos above are doesn't look good.  "Sira po kasi ang android cellphone ko", I used my low end one, heheh)

MyCash Atm in Wealthbank - was originally my renovation fund but I've already used most of my savings here for my mother's check up & the repair of our roof. I will rebuild this fund as soon as I recover financially.
My BPI Family ATM savings account - is my transient/buffer fund. I've used most of my funds here because of the delayed salary I am experiencing right now but I plan to rebuild my savings here as soon I recover financially.

There it goes - I have revealed my emergency funds. Still not a solid one but at least some of these funds helped me surpassed the financial difficulties I am experiencing right now and hopefully be prepared in the future too. In Gods' Grace I know I'll be able to recover. Basta for now, my priority goal is to finish my studies first.

Just sharing my thoughts and experiences again!
An interest of 1.75% to 2.25% in not wise but I think its appropriate for emergency funds.
How about you? What are your emergency funds?
God Bless!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

My Five Hundred Peso Budget

Almost a year ago my decision to study affected my salary.
Few months ago our salaries were  given 15 days delayed because of the financial crisis that our company is experiencing until now.
From 15th day delayed it is now a month delayed.
And these last two months we were only given one thousand pesos every week.

One thousand pesos is my current weekly income today. And that is where I also took the monthly payment for my laptop and some of my weekend & school expenses too. Guess how much is my average weekly allowance these days - P 500.00+.
I guess when you are left with a very little resources, you have no choice but to fit within your means. At first it was really difficult but I took it as a challenge and not as a problem. As days go by, it becomes a habit and later on it becomes my lifestyle already.
I have been living with an average of P 500/week allow lifestyle for two months. Three hundred fifty five pesos (P 355) for transportation and one hundred forty five (P 145) for my food allowance. Yes, you read it right - P 145+ lang po ang food allowance for one week, kaya nyo yun? It was really hard, as I would often ask myself, "pano ko ba pagkakasyahin to?" but with God's grace nagkakasya sya. So how did I do it? Lakad-Baon-Tipid plus Share & Save.

It's been my habit to wake up and leave our house earlier to walk. My usual transportation allowance is P 430.00 for 5 days and since I was able to save one tricycle fare & one jeepney fare it is now P 355.00/week - that's P75.00 weekly savings.

Since I only have P 145.00 food allowance for one week I tried to make it a point to pack my baon from Monday to Wednesday.
"Lahat ng puedeng baunin babaunin - kanin, tinapay, saging, mangga, kalamansi, prito or  tirang ulam from refrigerator - carry na"
Kung kaya extend hanggang Thursday baon pa rin basta Friday it's my time to spend for my meal.
But if there's no baon to bring - I have a fixed lunch budget of P 25.00 to P 30.00 only -just for half veggies & one rice only. Laswa, pinakbet, ginisang monggo, chopsuey, adobong sitaw o kangkong are my usual ulam from the suking carinderia near our office. As for my meryenda, I usually buy P8-P12 bread from the bakery near our area or P15 to P20 for meryenda the store near our office.

I stopped listing down my expenses because of the little budget I had but I separate my transportation fare & food allowance in a different purse. I guess it is easier to budget when you are aware of how  little is left in your purse. These are the things I do to save:

Enjoy Freebies - Why spend when you can have it for free. Coffee, milk, sugar, water, and other condinents are free in our office so there's no need for me to spend on it.

Bring Water - Water is very essential to me especially when I'm in school or while I'm on my way to the office. Nakakadehydrate ang climate ngayon that's why I always bring water, and that's P10 to P30 per day savings.

Back up - Emergency fund is important in personal finance likewise it is also important in budgeting.
Though I have a weekly budget of P500++/week, I always have a P200 to P300 back up fund in my wallet for emergency expenses. I also have a back up food & drinks in my drawer. Tang honey lemon or dalandan juice are my favorites. Just P 9.25/litro pack is enough for one week. I also have some Ram oatmeal & few biscuits in my drawer in case I have no baon to bring.

This is the amazing part, even if I have very little resources these days, still I was able to share some of my baon to my colleagues, a piece of bread or biscuits to some street kids who goes up to the jeepneys or some sampaloc or flattops candies to my classmates. The thing I love most when I share my food with my colleagues is that my appetite increases, "sarap kayang kumain kapag agawan kayo, di ba?"

Saving has been a part of my routine already. No matter how little the resources I have today I still try to find a way to save few pesos every payday. My mother would often tell me, "ano ba yan, pinapagod mo ang teller sa bangko - P 120 lang idedeposito mo pa." And I always answer her, well at least I'm P120 richer today than yesterday.

As a working student, it's hard to find or accept another job for an extra income especially now that I'm on practice teaching stage already. Aside from work, the climate & the traffic we had these days are making me so tired and exhausted so another job is not an option for now - my decision is to just live within my means and be more frugal as much as possible. Anyway, just one subject to go & 400 hours of practice teaching and my dream to have a bachelors degree will finally come true next year.

Just in the mood of sharing my experiences again!
Have a great weekend.

Delayed Salary

Hey guys, sorry I haven't been able to blog for a while because my current financial status is not really doing well these days but since this blog is my financial journal let me share it today.

Almost a year ago my decision to study affected my salary.
Few months ago our salary were delayed because of the financial crisis that our company is experiencing.
From 15th day delayed it is now a month delayed.
And these last two months we were only given one thousand pesos every week.
"Wala pa raw maayos na collection."
Well, I am still thankful I have one thousand pesos in my wallet every week.

My collegues felt the other way around - they were all sad and worried.
Most of them are renting a house and have a family to raise. How can they live with only one thousand pesos per week and the cheapest house rent I heard from them is around P 3000 while some were paying P 8000, "grabe ang bigat. Not to mention - the electric bill, water bill and foods which are our basic needs to live, plus the tuition fees and the baon of their kids - that one thousand pesos is really a problem to them.

I feel their worries, because I've been in that situation where the only reason why I work is for utility bills, basic stuffs & other needs. There was nothing left for leisure and even for my own food. You can just imagine I was often left with P20 every payday before, grabe nasurvive ko yun nun.

That's the reason why I am still thankful even if I received one thousand pesos only.
The experience I had before led me to gamble to buying a right to a land where our house is built today, atleast I'm not renting anymore. Plus it gave an additional income from the rent I received from my brother which is used to pay for utility bills & groceries. It is also helped me that I am open with my current financial problem with my family. I keep telling them " kapag nawalan ako ng trabaho, kailangan magtiis at tulong tulong na."

I have no plans on finding new job since I am still studying today. What is important is that I still have some income for my allowance & I have time for my studies. Unlike some of my classmate who decided to resign from their work to focus on their studies, they now regret it because they felt unproductive and they were still unprepared financially.

With the current financial situation I have today, I am still thankful because for me every little things I receive, is a blessing & every problem I encounter is a lesson.

Just sharing my experiences.
Till then!
Have a great day!

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Simplified Goals

          Our company is on the verge of closing down but my boss still does not want to give up. We were advised with the current financial situation of our company so we'll be aware what's been happening around -why our salary is always delayed and why it is given in installments. We were also given a memorandum about the cost cutting measures he want to implement next week. These are the reasons why I decided to revised my goals today - I want a simplified goals this 2016.

          EMERGENCY FUND (priority goals)
          Yesterday, a wealthbank staff called up to notify me about the maturity of my special savings account and to confirm also if I will be renewing it again. So I went there last week and set up four special account for specific emergency fund from the capital contribution fund I received last February. Since I am experiencing a lot of financial difficulties today - I need to be prepared both on expected and unexpected financial problems.

1. Personal emergency fund - target is to have atleast 20k before 2016 ends - done with it.
2. Family emergency fund -  another 30k before the year ends - working on progress.
3. Health emergency fund - reach another 20k before 2016 ends - on progress.
4. Renovation fund - I split my personal fund and set another fund for my "paupahan".
Should my brother decided to leave the house, I plan to enhance the house so I can have it rented to a higher rental fee. "Mahal na raw paupahan ngayon sa lugar namin."

         My plan to open a whole life insurance in Paramount will be put on hold for a while until I finish paying my Philam life insurance.

5. Finish my Philam Life Insurance - last month to pay February 2017.

          I plan to redeem my shares on FAMI Salbf and Soldivo growth fund this year and focus only on Philequity & FAMI Salef. I don't want to complicate things since I have a lot of problems to attend to these days. My target 100K on mutual funds - 40K on FAMI & 60K on Philequity or vice versa.

6. Have a total of 40k in FAMI SALEF.
7. Have a total of 60k in Philequity.

          Lastly, I  want to reach my 300k target goal (both savings & investments combined) before this year ends. This is still my target this year.

          These are my revised financial goals this year. It may seem unreachable for now since I am really experiencing financial difficulties today but what is important for me is that I have set a clear goals to reach. "Mahirap man ang buhay basta may direksyon, challenging pa rin" and that makes it more exciting, di ba?

How about you?
What are your financial goals this year?

Have a great day ahead!
God bless.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

My Goals - May 2016 Update

          It's been a while since I last wrote a blogpost. I stopped writing for two months because I needed to focus more on my studies first and let my mind rest afterwards. I really miss writing about personal finance so I decided to review and update all my goals today.

Here's the goal list I set last January:

1. Have a total of 20K Mutual Fund Purchase in my FAMI EQUITY Fund - DONE

2. Have a total of 30K Mutual Fund Purchase in my PHILEQUITY Fund - DONE

3. Have a total of 15K Mutual Fund Purchase in my FAMI BALANCED Fund
4. Open another Life insurance in Paramount Direct

5. Continue my Philam Life Insurance - updated on paying.
6. Complete my 30K Personal Emergency Fund in Wealthbank Special Savings Account - DONE
7. Complete my 30K Family Health Emergency Fund- just need 8k to complete it.

8. Have a total of 30K Mutual Fund Purchase in my FAMI EQUITY Fund
9. Have a total of 40K Mutual Fund Purchase in my PHILEQUITY Fund
10. Have a total of 20K Mutual Fund Purchase in my FAMI BALANCED Fund
11. Have a total of 10K Mutual Fund Purchase in my SOLDIVO Growth fund

12. And before this year ends,  I want to reach my 300K TARGET GOAL

          Among the 12 goal list I wrote last January,  five were accomplished already. Not bad for a working student like me. But since my financial life is really not doing well this year I will be revising it soon.

         I am really experiencing financial difficulties today because of my studies and the delayed salary I am receiving these days but I believe I'll survive it & I know that God has a greater plan for me.

 Have a great week ahead!
God Bless!


Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Reminiscing Bicol Trip Part 5 - Pasacao Beach

Yes, I admit I have a faulty memory already. While exploring some of my personal files in my computer here in our office today I stumbled upon these photos in another separate folder .

...and I just remembered that we also went to Pasacao beach on our first day in Bicol too. That's the reason why, I labeled it day 1 part 2. After CWC, we had our lunch in Biggs Diner in Pili Camarines Sur.

After our lunch, we went straight to Pasacao Beach which is almost a two hour drive from Pili since we are not yet familiar with the place. It was only through the help of waze, an iphone apps which serves as my brother's guide for direction that we were able to reach its location.

I cannot remember anymore how much is the entrance fee, the cottage fee, the room rent or the prices of foods / snacks there. What I do remember only are the experiences that we had there & the photos of it as a proof.
This is my first time to actually step on the sand and water. Oh, did I mention that I don't like going to the beaches because I do not know how to swim & I have a fear that I might get drowned? That's one reason why I'm not fond of traveling but since I'm with my brothers & they like adventures I had no choice but to follow where they lead us.
They were a bit curious and they wanted to go to that island but since our mother is with us, she did not allow them. She does not allow us also to swim far from her, we know she got nervous seeing us far so we  just enjoyed in the waist deep area of the sea. What I do enjoyed in that experience was seeing a fish swimming near my feet, hahah -" ang babaw talaga ng kaligayahan ko noh?

It was also my first time to witness & enjoy the lowtide event of the sea.
The land bridge appears on the left side and it almost connects to the island and my mother & brother enjoyed their acting there while I sat on that boat. I was able to write on the area where the sea water left its place.

Then at around 6pm, we decided to go back to my father's place in Nabua Camarines Sur.

This is the last part of my reminiscing posts. Overall, our bicol trip was tiring but pleasurable for me. It was all my first - first to see Majestic Mayon - "a dream come true for me", first to see an actual wake boarding event, first to set my foot on the beach and on the seawater and all other experiences we had there. And because they were my first - they were all memorable to me. That's the reason why I wrote these blogs.
Have a great day ahead.
God Bless.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Reminiscing Bicol Trip Part 4 - Tiwi Spring Resort

Day 3
On our third day, we decided to go to Tiwi, Albay because we were all curious about hot springs. Who wouldn't want to actually witness that hot spring flowing right in front of your eyes where you can see shrimp that look like a cooked one already. At least that's what I remembered from the stories of my mother before. So we searched for Tiwi hot spring, unfortunately that Tiwi hot spring is long gone already. We were told that the hot spring from Mayon volcano was already diverted to the geothermal power plant so we had no chance of seeing it and we had no choice but to look for a nearby resort.

While looking for a nearby resort, we've enjoyed seeing these things - the rice fields, green mountains, the typical native houses, dried "palays" along the highways and lastly, the smell of fresh air - "ay ang sarap ng greens sa mata at ang sariwa  ng hangin talaga".

After few hours of searching we landed here - Tiwi Spring Resort.
General Lounge where people can occupy the tables for free
The place is nice and the entrance fee is only P 50 per head.

Foods are reasonably priced and I decided to occupy the free tables inside (kuripot me again) and not the cottages that can be rented. Hey, its more fun to stay in a place where more people are enjoying.
They also have two swimming pools - one kiddie pool with slide and another pool for adult.

Though we're a bit frustrated not seeing/ experiencing hot spring, still we've enjoyed our bonding moments and I can say that our travel there is worth it. 

At 4pm we've decided to head back to Camarines Sur again since it took us almost 3 hours to reach this area. 

This ends our day 3 trip.

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