Sunday, August 31, 2014

No Spending Rule Plan

I once read a news in Yahoo about "How a Chinese Woman who lives in New York practice frugality". One of her tip was "not spending on any clothing for one year". Woohh, Kaya ko ba to ?

So I set a "no spending rule" last January for these five items only but I failed.
I did'nt include this in my goal list but I wrote down all the expenses I made this 2014 to track down how much I spend on my personal apparels for 1 year.

1.) Footwear - total expenses = P 1,446.00 
I bought 4 pairs of shoes & 2 pairs of slippers already.
* Silver shoes - needed for my brother's wedding @ P 540.00 bought @ Landmark last February.
* Wedged Shoes -  @ P 550.00 bought last April. It's my mother's influence that made me bought this shoes.
* Flat Shoes - got two pairs already @ P 129.00 each = P 258.00 (sale kasi e) bought last May.
* Slippers - got two pairs again @ 49.00 each = P 98.00 (I really need this esp it's rainy season now & flood is everywhere-"pang sugod baha ika nga") bought last July.
2.) Blouse - total expenses = P 149.75
I  bought two blouse already.
* Red Blouse - needed for the bridal shower of my sister in law (red blouse is required) - P 99.75 which I bought @ Landmark last January.
* Sleeveless Blouse - @ 50.00 only bought @ Market Market tiangge last April.
3.) Undergarments - total expenses = P 200.00
I bought two items here @ 150.00 & 50.00 last February.

4.) Pants - total expenses = P 398.00
I bought 2 maong pants already @ 199.00 each, it was on sale @ Market Market last May.

5.) Bags -total expenses = P 569.00
Just as I thought I succeeded on this one - I just bought 2 bags this month.
I admit bags are my weakness. I've been controlling my expenses this year but when I saw this two items I just cant resist. Well, I need to reward myself once in a while anyway it's within my no-spending rule above P1,000.00.
My New Bags

*First Bag - it's my office bag replacement (pa-sira na kasi yung luma kong bag) for 250.00 only (it was 599.00 before-last item sale).
*Second Bag - it's a buddy bag for only 319.00 only (it was 399.00 before). I also bought another one for my mother (the blue one is for her).
I do splurge once in a while to reward myself a little. Life is short & time is valuable. We should also invest some time & money with our loved ones. No amount of money can compensate the delight it gives once in a while.

I'll be going back on this blog at the end of this year to sum up all the expenses I made on personal apparel.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Preparing for September

I went home yesterday from work at around 12:30 am.
I woke up this morning at around 6 am & does my usual after payday routine.
I need to divide my 5.6 million salary to my obligations.
Just kidding, my salary yesterday is P 5,600.00.

*Though I'm still a bit dizzy this morning I needed to sort out & segregate my finances first.
(Medyo halo halo at labu labu na kasi yung mga binayad ng mga officemate ko sa akin).
Even my handwriting looks dizzy here.
*Check my duedates. I almost got billed for late payment fee in my BPI mastercard. The duedate was August 10, I paid my bill -August 12. But I was able to think of an alibi & call the customer service immediately after paying. Now I decided to write down my duedates & post it on my wall. Originally my plan was to buy a white board but it was a bit expensive for me ( kuripot mode again) & so I resorted to just writing it down on bond paper only & post it inside my room:)
Duedates lists
*Finally, Start my daily budgeting for September again.
This is my daily chart budgeting, it's a bit hazzle for some but I think it's convenient for someone who wants to log down their daily expenses. I made my own personal codes for it. I always bring it in my bag so I can easily jot down my daily expenses. The spaces are a bit tight so I don't include the cents here.
My Black Budget Book content
It's Saturday once again, so far phones are not ringing, no incoming email jobs & no walk in clients inquiring so I took the chance to write another blog today.

Happy Weekend!!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Another 1,000 top-up on my FAMI SALBF account

                                         A Black & Decker Hand Drill @ P 2,499.00.
                     A kitchen faucet & bathroom faucet that needs to be replaced @ P 1,382.50.
                                       A 14k Italian Gold necklace @ P 3,360.00.
These are the things that finally ruined my financial plan last June.
Just as I thought I was about to zeroed my credit card bills emergencies happen.
Our kitchen sink faucet & bathroom faucet are leaking.
There are some areas in our house that must be fixed so a hand drill is needed.
And out of depression these Italian rope necklace flashes in my eyes @ Market Market then again another swiping of credit card happens.

While I was in the process fixing budget & debt last June I was also thinking of ways on how to make an additional 1,000 on my FAMI SALBF Account.

SOLUTION ....Cash loan on Credit Card.
When it comes to cash loan - suki na ko sa Eastwest Mastercard.
Just one call & within seven days after verification they will automatically deposit the cheque to my BPI savings account.
I sort out my finances before compounding interest in my credit card happens.
So I decided to cut back some of my savings.
Then afterwards I filed a P15,000.00 cash loan at Eastwest MasterCard @ 1.5% add on interest for 6 months last June.

Here's the details of my cash loan:
15,000 x 1.5%     = 225.00 - add on interest/month
225.00 x 6 months = 1,350.00 - total interest for six months
15,000 / 6months = 2,500 - monthly principal
2,500 (principal) + 225.00 (int) =  P2,725.00 my monthly bill

*I lend the P10,000.00 in one of our neighbor with 14% interest (P1,400.00).
(She already paid it in full last July 30 so the 6 months interest were already covered)
*I used the P3,000.00 to pay off some of my credit card balance I had on my BPI Mastercard & Metrobank Mastercard.
*I lend another P3,000.00 in one of my officemates with 12% interest payable for two months.
*I used the P 4,000.00 to redeem the necklace my mother pawned last March.
*I lend the remaining balance to some of my colleagues here @ work @ 12% interest for two months which they pay every 15th & 30th of the month.

I cannot write down the details anymore since the remaining balance are rolling while paying for my monthly obligations to Eastwest Mastercard (Im on the 3rd installment this September).
I was able to accumulate another P1,000.00 interest (from this money lending raket here @ the ofc) then I used it again to buy an additional 350 share in my FAMI SALBF account.
My 2nd Top up :)

Target Reached for September !!!
Thank God everything is doing well today.
Happy Weekend!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Target 1,000 - My Weekly Budget

This is my daily budget plan - sum it up from Mondays thru Saturdays (Mon-183.00, Tue -150.00, Wed-183.00, Thu-150.00, Fri-183.00, & Sat-150.00) its total would be P 999.00 - Target reached!

But this August I decided to change my daily budget plan so last week I requested my colleague who goes to the bank daily to change my P1,000.00 to 100's & 20's bills.
                             .......and have it divided to 7 days, from Mondays to Sundays.
(Monday - 160.00, Tuesday - 140.00, Wednesday - 160.00, Thursday - 140.00, Friday - 160.00, Saturday - 140.00, Sunday - 100.00 - Total of P 1,000.00.
So why change of plan, as much as I want to refrain from going to the mall I think my mother needed a little weekly diversion. She would often call me at the office just to say "nalulungkot ako". I don't wanna be a pessimist again & continue to worry about some future matters. After she found that her creatinin level was a little bit high on its average level & that her left kidney was functioning @ 50% only & aside from her systolic hypertension and high cholesterol level result she become a bit depressed lately. So I encourage her to have a positive outlook in life, made some researched on what foods are needed for her health & promise to go @ the mall every Sunday. Then she began making some blending of fruits & vegetables like carrots, pineapples, bananas & apples as her diet plan.

Anyway, Market Market is just one jeepney ride away from our house & since my mother is into dieting I guess 100.00+++ is just enough to back up our Sunday strolling routine plus having a senior citizen card gives us a big discounts esp on foods.
Seeing my daily budget plan -- I'll be disciplined to walk when it's needed, packed lunch or any available foods @ home to work ---so the extra money I can save will be added on my Sunday budget.....
But emergencies do happen also esp it's rainy season once again so I should have an extra 300.00 to 500.00 back up. For now I only got P300.00 back up in my wallet. a little help from these coins of course. If your commuting daily like me these coins are very much needed.

There it goes, sabi nga nila "mas malaki pa ang baon ng estudyante sa akin, heheh". It's okay I must live within my means I think that's the principle I must follow.

Just sharing some thoughts today!
Happy Weekend!!!!

Friday, August 15, 2014

My 1,000 Peso - Spending Rule

                                         WHAT BRAND ARE YOU?
I remember I was browsing my facebook before when I saw this title "WHAT BRAND ARE YOU? in one of the album in my brother’s facebook account. It made  me think about this question last Sunday, so I went upstairs open my aparador, check my drawers & lastly check my shoes,…..and the answer - NONE. Woohh, I don’t own any of these brands. 

Nike, Adidas, Benetton, Havainas, Lacoste, Levis, Marithe Francois Girbaud, Rudy Project, Swatch, G-shock, etc etc etc. I’ve got nothing against these brands just by looking at their boutiques inside the mall you will know that their products are all durable, classy, & beautiful. 
Call me "kuripot", I dont care. In all honesty, “ nilalagnat ako kapag nakakakita ako ng tag price nila na above one thousand pesos (except for the sale ofcourse but I still don’t buy it anyway). For a minimum wage earner “ang hirap bitawan ng one thousand pesos” because it would take me almost three days (466 x 3 days minus allowance & deductions) to earn it.

This is the reason why I have developed a “1,000 Peso- Spending Principle” in my head. For me, if I’m going to buy something equal or above one thousand pesos there must be a reason or a value.

Reason – if it’s really really needed & no other options but to buy it. Usually this refer more on basic needs, household repairs & appliances.

Value – anything above one thousand pesos, must have a value that appreciate not depreciate otherwise this should go to my savings or to an investment. I only got one item for that – Gold Jewellries. I remember I bought my mother a gold ring @ P 1,700.00 fifteen (15) years  ago as a birthday gift & then she confessed to me four years ago that she pawned it @ P 3,800.00 @ Cebuana Lhuillier but she was able to redeemed it after few months knowing that I would get mad once I found out - that's when my interest in gold jewellries begins. So whenever I saw a 50% off gold sale @ Market Market Mall my eyes begin to roll. I once bought an 18k saudi gold pendant @ P1,500.00 three years ago & now it is pawned again @ P1,100.00 --- but I'll be redeeming it soon. Another ten years I know its value will be doubled. So if ever I happen to choose between buying a P1,300.00 worth gold pendant or a P1,300.00 worth of bag - I'll be choosing the first.
"These two are my reasons in buying my personal apparels – I really think of a thousand reasons before letting go my one thousand pesos. Anyway there still other brands in malls with the same quality that are more affordable and more suitable for my needs. "

Going back to the question, upon checking my personal stuffs last Sunday I still got 3 owned items with a price above one thousand that was bought under my spending rule.

1) My Red Converse Shoes – this is my favorite shoes which I bought last December 2012 @ P1,850.00. I've been wanting a red chucks ever since but I was hesitant to buy it since for me it was expensive so I ask my monito to just give me a P700.00 cash for our exchange gift + I was given a P1,000.00 gift certificate from my standard chartered credit card + 150.00 additional from my pocket).

2) My White New Balance Running Shoes – which I bought 3 years ago @ P1,650.00.
I was with my brother when we saw this shoes, " nung nai-fit ko sabi ko-komportable ha, sige na ate bilhin mo na hati na lang tayo." My brother knows that I wont buy a pair of shoes with that amount.

3) My Casio Watch – which I bought last December 2013 @ 1,399.00. I’ve been longing for this watch for more than a month so when I saw the 50% off sale last December I ask  my monita to just give me P700.00 cash during our exchange gift,  I just added P699.00 for it.

Well, we all have different wants, different needs, different styles & different way of living but we must live our life accordingly. A lifestyle not according to our society but a lifestyle according to our capacity. If your a minimum wager like me then we should be wise in spending our money. Think twice before letting go of your one thousand pesos and start asking yourself first - "Will this appreciate or depreciate over the years?" or "Does it have a value or will I gain from it?"

My brothers sometimes tell me “kuripot mo talaga te”. I just smile & answer back inside my head “I’d rather have a hundred of thousand pesos in my savings & investments than to have a hundred of branded personal stuffs crowding in my room.”

"A Hundred Thousand Pesos", hmmmm sounds good. I think I got a new goal next year.

How about you?

Just sharing some thoughts today!
Happy Weekend!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Target 1,000 - Additional Investment Goal

I was so glad that I was able to start my mutual fund last month. I opened my FAMI Save & Learn Balanced Fund (P 5,000.00 from my midyear 13th month pay - P 6,150.00 ) last July 7 after I got my first shot of cervical vaccine @ Philcare Ayala. 
I went directly to their office @ PS Bank Center Paseo de Roxas  to personally inquire & apply for it. Although most of the informations and instructions are already written in their website, I still want to hear & confirm it to them personally if my understanding was right. I'm still a little bit confused but they were able to explain it to me briefly & clearly. They’ve given me also some brochures so I can review it again and a calling card for further queries.
I think less than 10 days I already got my confirmation letter.
Now the challenge for me is how to add an additional investment of atleast P1,000/month since I'm having difficulty saving & budgeting my salary. And here is my solution for now- Making rags @ home. I love doing this especially while watching my favorite telenovela @ home. I just spent I hour/day to form this & another two hours during Sunday to sew 1 bundle."Medyo matagal pero mas okay na muna ito for the meantime habang inaayos ko pa budgeting ko."
Last July 2, I post a blog " Finding Alternatives-Back to Basic" since I know that I wont be able to save from my salary an amount of P1,000.00 for my mutual fund because I'm still saving an amount of P 3,000.00 for my second shot of Cervical Vaccine at Philcare this September. I already finished 3 bundles of rags last July 21 & completed another one last Sunday.
There it goes, I did it - I was able to raise P 1,000.00 for my additional investment @ FAMI.

 Medyo memorable ang first hulog ko sa mutual fund kasi pinaghirapan ko talaga.

Just sharing my experience........
Happy Weekend !!!!!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Target 1,000 - Spending Goal part 1

I was hesitant to post his blog since this will definitely show my "kuripot" personality. But who cares nobody knows me here personally. I write my blogs here at work during breaktime but not even my colleagues knows that I'm blogging.

But why am I posting this? I made a personal commitment last year to write down all the details of my expenses this 2014 so I can clearly monitor my spending routines.

So here's my monthly expenses that I regularly buy at Landmark supermarket both personal & family necessities.

MY PERSONAL HYGIENE EXPENSES - Here's what I bought this August:
Bathing Products:
2 Camay soaps (buy one take one @ 13.50 each) = P 27.00
(i'm a buy one take one addict)
1 dozen Rejoice 4 in 1 shampoo (4x12=48 pcs)    = P 54.40
This will be my stock for two months since I still have pantene shampoo & palmolive conditioner left.
Laundry Products: I wash my clothes every sunday & I enjoy doing it.
1 TIDE powder (4in1-1 sachet/week) = P 14.70
1 whole Surf Bar ( 1 bar/week)           = P 17.85
Downy (3in1 sachet@9.35 I bought this last month).
Other Personal Care Products:
Tissue (6 packs)                         = P 23.40
Care Cotton (50g@14.70 bought last month)
Cotton Buds (400 tips@24.75 bought last month)
Charmee Napkin                       = P 15.50
Charmee Pantyliners                 = P 15.75
Oral Hygiene Products:
Unique Toothpaste                     = P 30.60
Toothbrush    (stock items)
Dental Floss ( still have it)
Colgate Mouthwash (got free items from market market)
3 packs Enervon C (7+1@ 38.50 each)     = P115.50
10 pcs Vitamin C (Generic Brand-back up)= P12.50
15 pcs Calcium (Osteovit@ 5.50 each)       = P 82.50
(I'll be buying osteovit on weekend since I'll be using my mother's senior ID) 

Cologne (buy1take1)        =P 27.00
Skinwhite facial cleanser = P 29.00
Johnsons baby powder    = P 19.35
Tawas Powder                  = P 6.70
Baby flo Petroleum Jelly  = P 24.75
Caress facial powder        = P65.00
Fashion 21 Lipstick          = P175.00
Sunblock moisturizer        = P 80.00
These are products I bought last month (some are inside my drawer & the other set I'm using today).
There goes my kuripot budget. I'm not particular with the name or brand of any product as long as it suits my needs and my budget, too. No make-up, no deodorant, no expensive perfume just plain & simple hygiene & personal necessities. I made a record file so I'll be able track down all the personal grocery items I bought every month. I was able to trim down my expenses from P397.65 down to P199.20 but I have no plans of cutting down on Vitamins.
Groceries for family we're also cut down from P965.00 last month to P778.00 this August.
Just the basics again as per special request -(canola oil,vinegar, soy sauce, fish sauce, coffee, oatmeal, coffeemate, sugar, , cranberry juice - for my mother, cotton balls,cotton buds & juices-for my father, bread, butter & dishwashing soap).My mother has set a no-buying rule for canned foods (sardines, tuna, corned beefs) since its not good for people with kidney problems & processed foods (hotdogs, tocinos etc) not good for me since I had an endemetriosis cysts. "Nakakainis ang dami bawal but what can I do "mother's knows best". Plus my mother also prefer buying fish, meat, vegetables & fruits on wet market.

Anyway, my Target spending goal is - P 1,000.00 worth of total expenses both personal & family hopefully by September I'll be able to achieve this for my #5 Goal -- " To live below my means ".

Happy Weekend!!!!!

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