Wednesday, January 29, 2014

First Goal : Go to church every sundays

I believe that whatever plans we have we should pray to God first.

I remember 18 years ago I was so down, that moment when my father told me to find a job.
I had a phobia on my first on the job training that I decided not to work anymore instead I just made rugs at home since its our family business and my plan was to study again. But my father told me " Nag-college ka pa ---gagawa ka rin lang pala ng basahan". I cried a lot that day, feeling so down and depressed, I prayed tearfully---that I may find a job --- "di man malaki ang sahod basta mabait ang mga boss."

On the next day I went to church and pray again, on my way home I bought a newspaper and looked on the classified ads. Then monday morning I applied & the next morning I started working already - an answered prayer. Im still working today on third company with the same nature of job. I feel blessed everyday because everything I've asked 18 years ago were answered -  working in a company with an atmosphere like a home where we act like a kids and with a boss who allows our childishness but still implements a certain rule to discipline us. And though life is full of ups & downs I'm thankful that my family is still complete and that we are still enjoying a peaceful and wonderful life today - these are the things that money can't buy.

Last year there were times that I was not able to go to church during sundays, but this 2014 I will complete my attendance here, not only on sundays but also during weekdays.

                                                  @ STO. NINO CHURCH TAGUIG

This is my first goal - Best effort talaga kay GOD muna :)

"Commit to the Lord whatever you do & your plans will succeed." Proverbs 16:3

January 17, 2014

Date of Birth : January 17, 1975 , Time of Birth : 7 pm - Happy Birthday Anak! - a text message I received from my mother…….waahhhh, I am now officially 39 years old and still single, a realization hit me as I feel now that I’m nearing middle stage of my life. So now I need to set a new goal & a new attitude before I reach 40.
1.)  The immature grace should me more mature now – I cant change the childish grace inside me but I really  need to, di na bagay sa age :(.

2. ) The sensitive grace should more insensitive but sensible enough - ang gulo no? -- ako na lang nakakaintindi nun,

3.) The pessimistic grace should be more realistic – Instead of worrying now I just need to figure out the best solution to all the problems that I think will come my way.

4.) The quiet grace should be more bold in expressing what I had in mind --- good luck to me hope I can do that at work.

5.) The silent grace should be more expressive now --- perhaps little hug to my mother will do – I need more oxytocin hormone now :)


My short term goal :

1.)  Go to church every Sunday—need to make a perfect attendance here.

2.)  Be healthy - fruits & veggies / day and at least 3 liters of water a day.

3.)  Exercise, Exercise Exercise !!! 15 min. to 30 min.walk  /exercise .

4.)  Have a health insurance - at least short term/1 year check up---done with it.

5.)  Kill Debt - one of the most difficult thing to do - not to use credit cards :(.

6.)  Budget, Budget, Budget - Live below means.

7.)  Have my 365 method short term savings--- need to start today 2014.

8.)  Have an emergency savings fund – ( for my health / family).

9.)  De- clutter my mind / simplify things --- hirap kasi ng maraming iniisip e.

10.) I will learn to cook ---- ang hirap ng hindi marunong magluto--sinaing lang sunog pa, hehehe
                                               kidding aside ---promise I will start to learn how to cook every sunday.
11.) Open a mutual fund ---- my latest goal this 2014

As of now, eto pa lang list of goal ko, more to follow.

Long term goal – on process pa.

Still needs a little time, to think of other things that needs to be done.

On my next post I will be writing about my short term goals to be more focused on achieving it.

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