Saturday, May 17, 2014

Seventh Goal - Save, Save, Save PART 2

My savings strategy & plans were disrupted.
My budget was disorganized.
My emergency funds were all used.
Some of my jewelries were pawned.
And now I’m on the verge of giving up again.

February - "gastos month"
*My brother's wedding - I needed to buy some personal items for this occassion.
*House Renovation - It seems like I wasn't able to anticipate the expenses that I needed in fixing the  house where my brother will be living.

March - "adjustment month"
*This is the month where I will be adjusting my budget since my brother who shares a higher amount in household expenses will now be living separately from us.
*I also made some expenses for house repairs & for my room renovations.

April - "turnaround month"
Just as I thought that my 365 savings program we're perfectly planned,
another unexpected financial problem came up. My brother needed his money that he deposited in my account. Since its an investment account I cannot just withdraw it anytime because all the interest will lose and a penalty charge will be imposed.

For three months I’ve been thinking how I’ll be able to surpass these financial challenges again.
But this morning as I went outside our house I saw these ants – they were all lined up.
Then a little kid attitude inside me went out. I tried to play with those ants , disrupt their lines, put blocks on them  & distract them but they keep going back to their line.
Woohhh, I need to learn from these ants,these creatures no matter how small they are, no matter how hard it is for them to do their tasks they keep coming back on their line, to continue their task.
 I needed a break for me to figure out a new strategy.
Even if my plans we're disrupted, I just need a little reorganizing.

Even if my 365 savings program stopped last month,
I was able to add up 30K to my investment account since brother needed to pull out his money on it. I still need 20K until december 2014 to reach my 50k goal.
As of now, I'm on my 37th set of my 365.00 savings and continually doing it until I reach my 82 sets target before the year 2014 ends.

Even if some of my jewelries were pawned, I was able to buy retaso for my kuya's rug making business with just 1,000 pesos for the puhunan.

And I'm still lending some cash to my officemates an additional income to add on my savings program.

I also loan 5K on credit card (1yr to pay) & added it on my investment account since my elder brother needed also an additional puhunan of 5K, I needed to pair it to apply for a minimum 10K loan. --- (automated savings with added interest, hahah).

 Anyway I'm happy & thankful today May 18, 2014 that my mother is okay. Thank GOD my mother is doin good after the accident - accident really happens even inside the house. Really thankful to GOD because no permanent damage happens to my mother.

Just for the record I'm writing this blog & still monitoring my short term goals.

I want to add this to my GOAL --- i want to open a mutual fund hopefully before or after june 2014.

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