Wednesday, April 18, 2018

"BIG C" Battle : Chemotheraphy Sessions

         Sorry again I wasn't able to update this blog. I need to clear up my mind and focus on getting well so I'd be able to cope with the side effects of chemo. Numbness, tingling sensations, and joint pains are just few side effects of chemo but those side effects have an unexplainable but bearable feeling to me. I had no nausea, appetite loss and vomiting experience but if there's one side effect that I really hate is the difficulty in sleeping. I really have a hard time sleeping after chemo that I decided not to open my laptop for a while, focus on getting a good night sleep and just live a healthy, routinely lifestyle.

2nd Chemo Session
3rd Chemo Session
4th Chemo Session
5th Chemo Session
         During my 4th and 5th chemo session, I encountered some health problems before undergoing chemo theraphy like high blood pressure and blood count problems. My blood pressure went up to 170/120 during my 4th chemo that I need to take amlodipine, catapres and another meds administered through IV to lower my blood pressure. Another problem that I encountered during my 5th chemo was my hemoglobin and white blood count went down that I need to go through blood transfusion first. But other than those problems everything went well. I still have to undergo one last chemo and hopefully it'll be the last but that will still depend on the laboratory result & CA 125.

      Regardless of the side effects and problems I encountered I am so thankful to God for giving me the strength to survive this battle and again grateful to all people who gave financial support and sent their prayers for my healing.

Till then.
Treasure your life and your love ones.
Have a great day!
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