Sunday, January 5, 2020

2020 - A Year of New Beginnings

           "Joy to the world, the Lord has come..."
           "Hark the Herald angel sing glory to the new born king..."

           As joyful and nostalgic as those songs may seem, we are all caught up between hello and goodbye every new year. While everyone was singing those songs with smile on their faces as we walked out the church last January 1, I noticed something on my mother's face.

          I asked her - "Ma, bakit?" She answered - "Grabe no, ang tagal na ng kantang yan pero ang sarap pa ring pakinggan, bata pa ko kasama ko pa ang tatay ko naririnig ko na yan, matanda pa yata sa akin yang kantang yan e, bilis talaga ng panahon." Somehow I felt both her joy and a pinch of sadness in her heart. Joy because we all have these childhood memories in our hearts every Christmas but there is still sadness because we know that we are all aging and our days are limited... and we both felt that. My mother is 71 years old and I'm nearing 45 with cancer cells inside my body just waiting to be reborn once it's triggered.  

          Year 2019 has been the toughest year for me. It has once again tested my endurance and faith to God as I have questioned HIM why  all those things had to happen. With God's guidance through some people constantly reminding me of God's grace, somehow I understand why those things had to happen. When you experience the saddest, the downest, the lowest point in your life there's no other way but to look up. I'm still on the process of healing and recovering but I'm okay now. I know that God has redirected my life last year to a better and brighter path in the coming years.

          So this year, all I want is a fresh start, a renewed heart to worship our Lord. No set of goals. No dreams to fulfill. Just a new beginnings for a new decade.

Gift from our Pastor
           With this bible verse Psalm 90:12, " Teach us to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom " let us be reminded that our days here on earth are numbered. We are once again given another new day to live, a new year to start, and another new decade to gain a heart of wisdom and to glorify God.

Happy New Year to all !!!
To God Be the Glory

P.S - my post about my battle on depression was put on hold for a while as I can't still hold back my tears whenever I write my experience about it.
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