Friday, April 29, 2016

Reminiscing Bicol Trip Part 3 - Libon Albay

Were still in day 2 but before we head back to Camarines Sur, my mother requested my brother to pass to her hometown to visit her cousins in Libon Albay.
Wooh I thought we'll be visiting an ancestral houses in my mother's hometown, and this type of houses greeted us - "ang gaganda ng bahay nila dun, parang subdivision na." What I like most in that area is that there are still farm fields near that area, "kaya ang presko talaga ng lugar nila."
This dried Pili nuts greeted us first when we entered their gate.

My mother's reunion with her cousins.
Their place is really nice that I can't help but to have a souvenir selfie here.
This mouthwatering food called "Binutong" was offered to us. "Ang sarap nya talaga nya, iba talaga ang pagkain sa probinsya."
Then, my mother took the opportunity to vist her other relatives.
Lastly, we visited the cemetery where our grandparents were laid.
Then we head back home in Camarines Sur.

And this ends our day 2 trip...

Reminiscing Bicol Trip Part 2 - Mayon Volcano

I was born in Camarines Sur but I have not seen Mayon Volcano. My mother said after a year she brought me to Manila so I had no chance of seeing Mayon. It was through her stories then that I become so fascinated with Mayon. She said that it is so beautiful especially when it erupts that they would go to a nearer place just to witness its' actual bursting of lava.

But whenever my father invites me to go with him in Bicol I always refuses since I know that they have a family disputes there. My only exception is that if we'll visit Mayon Volcano then I'll gladly go with him. And that happened three years ago when my brother decided to spend their vacation in Bicol and convinced me to go with them,"para mas tipid daw, kaming tatlong magkakapatid ang maghahati sa gastos."And so I agreed, since I've been wanting to see Mayon up close.

Day 2 - I was excited because finally I'll be meeting Mayon for real, hahah...but we made a stopover first at Dad's Pinangat to have a lunch - foods are great especially the "pinangat", panalo talaga!
Already had a glimpse of Mayon here :)
Lunch Time at Dad's Pinangat
Special "Pinangat"

After that satisfying & scrumptious lunch @ Dad's Pinangat, we headed to Cagsawa to finally catch the beauty of Mayon Volcano unfortunately she was hiding in the clouds when we got there so we just stroll around and waited for hours.

Until finally she reveals her beauty...

An up close view of Mayon Volcano :)

 That side of Mayon Volcano is where the lava usually flows, the other side of her is greener and more beautiful. I'll search for that photos & put it on my next posts.

 And before Mt. Mayon hides again in the clouds, we took the opportunity to have a few shots with her... 

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Reminiscing Bicol Trip Part 1 - CWC

I was browsing my facebook today when a shared photo memory appeared on my wall, it sparked my memories I had there three years ago.
I do travel once in a while when there's a chance or an offer given to me by my brother, by some friends or if it is sponsored by the company. "Kuripot lang ako pero di naman ako kill joy". Unlike my brothers and other people who likes adventure, its not on my priority list. My financial goals are still on top of my priority and of course a "degree" by next year, hopefully. But the beauty of that place still amazes me today that I want to reminisce it over again and share it here.

We went to Bicol three years ago & we arrived there @ around 6pm. It was a 14 hour drive straight from Taguig and we were so tired when we got there and all of us decided to go to sleep and continue our trip in the morning.


Next morning, we went to Camsur Water Sports Complex which is near my father's place. The place is really nice. There are very few people when we got there because it was still morning. I was not able to take photos of the houses that can be rented there but I assure you that they are really beautiful.
With my parents, my brother & my sister in laws
They were preparing and lining up for wake boarding & skiing
I'm not included in that group, hahah. Like I said, I'm not an adventurous type of person. I just enjoyed watching them do it.
With my sister in laws
My father & my two brothers
My Breakfast @ CWC

I've ordered bibingka & they gave me cassava for breakfast. Well, I did not complain for their mistakes since the food looks and tastes delicious.
After that activity in CWC, we head back to my father's little place in Bicol.
Our little abode in Bicol

...and this ends our day 1 :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Simple Joys

My one year old nephew has lots of toys.
We already have 2 big megabox full of toys in our house.
And that's because his parents keeps on buying him toys regularly.
Some are ordinary ones, but there were few that I think are expensive.
(Note: I have a principle in buying - that anything above 1k is already expensive).

Last saturday, my nephew kept on crying because he wanted the plastic cover of a milk can as his toy.
My mother & I decided not to give it to him instead we offered him his toys stored in megabox but he just throws some of it and scattered the rest.
My kuya then ordered us "Hay naku, ibigay nyo na yan, magkakalat lang ng laruan yan, bili kasi ng bili ng bagong laruan ang dami na nga, hindi naman nya kailangan yan, simple lang gusto nyan. Bigyan mo lang yan ng iba ibang takip o kahit baunan lang basta bago sa paningin nya maligaya na yan." So we have no choice but to give in with my nephew's wants.
my one year old nephew

True enough, my nephew has simple joys.
He would get so excited whenever he sees our neighbor's dog named "Johnny".
He would say "boo" whenever he hears the sound of an airplane passing through our area and points in its direction.
He likes picking ants whenever he saw them walking in line on the floor, "ay talagang pupulot sya ng isang langgam, ang kulit".
He would giggle & clap his hands whenever he sees birds flying from one tree to another.

Life is simple. It only becomes complicated the moment we give in to our materialistic desires.
Just like my brother who's so consumed with material stuffs that he forgot the joy of having simple things in life. These simple things brings simple joy. Simple joy that does not require enormous amount of money to experience it. The joy of material possession is insignificant especially to that little nephew of mine. As what my professor once told us, "give them simple and ordinary things so they can have the opportunity to explore, be more creative and imaginative."

Living a simple life is one of the things I cherish today. Though I have a low/delayed salary paying job I am happy that I can still provide for my family's needs. Though I may not be successful in my career I'm happy that I belong to a family environment company. Though I have a small & not so beautiful house, I'm happy because I can call it home. A loving family & a nephew who's so naughty, they are the living proof of God's blessing

How 'bout you?
What are your simple joys in life?
Have a great day ahead.
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