Sunday, January 31, 2016

At forty one...

It's been two years since I started this blog and I can say that this blog really changed the way I look at life. Looking back and reviewing all the goals I have written in my  January 17 2014 and my  January 17 2015 post , I think little by little it leads me to a better version of myself now.

So now that I'm forty one, I have taken some few braver steps for a little change, konti lang naman :).

1. New haircut
Yes, I decided to cut my hair short, really short. Now that I am forty one, I think I need to be more concerned not with how I look but on how I deal or talk with other people plus it's really cool to have a short hair, really no hazzle.
from Long Hair

to Short Hair
w/ my classmates -ang babata no?
they are just about 19-21 yrs old only
2. New laptop
Yes, I decided to buy a new laptop last December. I was really hesistant to buy a new one because the kuripot me always tells me that I can survive without it but I felt that it was already a necessity especially now that I am studying.

3. New planner
Yes, I bought a new planner last week. I am having a hard time lately remembering our schedules in exams, projects and some important stuffs."Ang babaw no", seriously as I age I think my brain cells are also decreasing "may pagka-ulyanin na, heheh, I need a planner to be more organize so I can be more efficient especially now that I am on the third & final semester of my course.
4. New site
If you will notice I haven't been able to blog these past few months and that's because I was too busy completing the blogposts & projects required by our professors. I created two sites last year. First, my
Lakbay Rizal site for my Rizal subject - where we visited seven historical place in Rizal's life and it was really fun, I never thought that at the age of forty I will still appreciate this kind of activity. Second, My EducTech Journals site for my Education Technology subject. I have uploaded in this site all the hardwork I have done in creating my photoshop, time lapse & green screen projects.

I am still the same old me at forty one - but I feel better now unlike the old 39 year old Grace who used to worry a lot. This blogging activity really changed my perspective in life, of course with the help & inspirations from my idol bloggers out there. It helped me not only financially but personally as well. I have faced both my fears and my problems as I read some of my previous post, challenge myself to improve better, consistently reach some of the goals I have set and most importantly realize that everything that happened in my life has a purpose. You can just imagine if I did not start writing my life & goals in this blog I would still be in quandary today.

Again, I do not give advises,  I just share my own experiences. We are all unique and we have our own battles to win. Every step of our journey is important for it opens a lot of possibilities in life.

God Bless Everyone!!!

Friday, January 8, 2016

Things I've Learned About Myself Last Year Part 1

At the start of every semester, in almost all of the subjects I had last year we were always asked one by one if we really want to be a teacher and I would always answer, " No ma'am, I'm still not sure if I will pursue this career someday. I'm in the process of rediscovering myself."

Yes, I want to understand myself better. I want to know why I did not my pursue my architectural technology course & why I hated it. I also want to know why I ended up choosing a position that has a lower salary than what I really deserved because of the previous experience I had. And it was all answered last year.

Since my course is in lined with teaching, we have studied different theories about human development. Today, I will share a theory that first caught my attention during my first semester in school. It is called the "Multiple Intelligence Theory"- developed by Howard Gardner. I have seen it in a tv commercial but it was only last year that it was expounded to us by our professor. According to Gardner, there are eight types of intelligence - musical/rhythmic, visual/spatial, verbal/linguistic, logical/mathematical, bodily/kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and naturalistic. Each of us possesses four dominant intelligence.
1. Verbal - Linguistic Intelligence - (word smart)
You like reading, writing, speaking, listening-in other words it focuses on the styles & structures of language. These people are good in public speaking and in writing effectively - they are usually journalist, poets, politicians etc.
2. Logical - Mathematical Intelligence (logic smart)
You like numerical data, patterns, numbers, objective & quantitative reasoning. These people are most likely to become accountants, engineers, economist, computer programmers, scientists etc.
3. Visual - Spatial Intelligence (picture/art smart)
You like colors, shapes, visual puzzles and you are good in representing ideas visually, in drawing and sketching. These people usually becomes artists, photographers,engineers, architects & interior decorators. They can also visualize accurately so they can be a tourist guide or a ranger also.
4. Bodily - Kinesthetic Intelligence (body smart)
It involves physical/body movements and coordination. These people are usually dancers, actors, singers and athletes. They also use their hands to fix & create -they are surgeons, mechanics, carpenters, sculptor, mason etc.
(Note: Now you know what kind of intelligence yaya dub has :)
5. Musical - Rhythmic Intelligence (music smart)
From the word itself - people with this kind of intelligence likes to hear tempo, melody , beat, sound or anything in lined with music & rhythm. So they loved singing. playing instruments, listening to music and composing songs.
6. Intrapersonal Intelligence (self smart)
These people focuses on their own self. These people are good in setting goals, assessing their own personal abilities and monitoring their own thinking. They always reflect, meditate, exhibit self discipline and get the most out of oneself.
(Since they know their own weaknesses, strengths and capacity- they exceed their own limitations)
7. Interpersonal Intelligence (people smart)
These people possesses the ability to notice or read  other people moods, body language, voice and they are good in responding to other people's feelings and personalities.They are good in working with other people and they are most likely to become - managers, administrators, consultants, diplomats, teachers etc. They can also help people identify other problems and they will be good as a therapists or psychologists in the future.
8. Naturalists Intelligence (nature smart)
To all the petlovers, those who love plants and those who likes anything related to nature best describe this type of intelligence. They like to analyze ecological & natural situations (ecologists & rangers) & they learn from living things (zoologist, botanist, veterinarian) and they like to work in natural setting.

He also added the existentialists and moralists intelligence but according to my other professor it is still subjective since people from different parts of the world have different cultures.

We first took a test, answers 63 question by grading ourselves from 1 to 5. ( Sorry, I cannot post the questionnaires here). Then afterwards my scores were summed up and guess what fields I excel & what intelligence I have the least traits:
(Again we all possess atleast four dominant intelligence)

My dominant intelligence
I got the highest scores in Intrapersonal, second is Verbal, third is Interpersonal and fourth is Mathematical.
My least intelligence
I got the least score in Visual/Spatial, second is Musical, third is Kinesthetic and fourth to the least is Naturalist

Now I know why I ditch my architectural technology, why I hated & got burned out on my job as a graphic artist before and why I always choose to be a sales coordinator even if it offered a low salary than what was offered in a graphic artist position and that's because I have a least talent in Visual/Spatial Intelligence.

And since I got the highest score in Intrapersonal Intelligence this explains why I always like to be alone, to internalize and to analyze myself. My Interpersonal Intelligence answers why I like to talk & analyze other people's reaction. My Verbal Intelligence is the reason why I love reading blogs and other informative books & sites. And my mathematical/logical intelligence, though it is the least in my dominant intelligence is the reason why I was able to pass both the integral & differential calculus, trigonometry & other math related subject. (Note: I failed the entrance examination in TUP 24 years ago - but I was given a chance to enroll since I was included in the waiting list- puro math kaya ang exam nun). Now, I understand why I plan to take BS Psychology after I graduated in TUP unfortunately, it didn't happen but no regrets I know that everything happens for a reason. (Note, I also topped in existentialist intelligence - this answers why I love my philosophy subject last year).

Interesting di ba? I'm really glad that finally I can say that I know myself better than anybody now and I am enjoying it.

Have a great weekend!!! God bless everyone!!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

My Own Saving Strategy

One year consists of 365 days.
My idea is to start with a small goal.
So why not set A One Peso Goal?
From One peso a day to 365 pesos a year!
And my Challenge: How many 365's can I save in one year?

This is my own savings challenge I started 2 years ago. 
This was my 365 notes last 2014. My original target was 137 set of 365 = P 50,005.00, I only ended with P131 set of 365 = P 47,816. Though I was not able to meet my target, I am still happy that I was able to save/invest that amount.
Last year my target was 165 sets of 365 = P 60,225, I only completed 155 sets of 365 = P 56,575.  But still I am happy that I was able to exceed the amount I have saved/invested last 2014.

Weird? Yes I am ... but I love doing it. I love writing it down repeatedly because it gives me a sense of fulfillment everytime I complete the amount set for one month to one year.

Last 2014 I was able able to save P 131/day, last year I was able to save P 155/day & this year my target is to save P 192/day or I must exceed the P155/day savings I had last year.
...and that's how I psyche myself in saving.

Just in the mood of sharing my thoughts again :)
(sinasamantala ko lang po habang sembreak/enrollment pa lang sa school, next week will be the start of our third semester)
Have a great day everyone !!!

Saturday, January 2, 2016

300k Target this 2016

          "Begin with an end in mind" - I was reminded of these words as I write my post today. It was part of my report in our school last year. According to Steven Covey, author of Seven Habits of Effective People - if we begin a task with an end goal set in our minds we will be more productive and efficient in reaching our goals.
         With an end goal set in my mind today, these specific financial goals are now my target this 2016. I want it to be as productive as 2015 no matter what trials or obstacles I may encounter. Let's get it on 2016...


1. Have a total of 20K Mutual Fund Purchase in my FAMI EQUITY Fund - I only have a total of 19k last year.
2. Have a total of 30K Mutual Fund Purchase in my PHILEQUITY Fund - I only have a total of 26k last year.
3. Have a total of 15K Mutual Fund Purchase in my FAMI BALANCED Fund - I only have a total of 11k last year.
4. Open another life insurance in Paramount Direct - I have been seeing their ads in facebook and   studying some of their products. I was planning to take just 1 unit of 10 year payment - golden life  advantage plan. Anyway, it has a cash surrender option if I choose to surrender the plan in the       future.
5. Continue my Philam Life Insurance - Just another one year to finish this 8 year payment plan.
6. Complete my 30K Personal Emergency Fund in Wealthbank Special Savings Account - I have 20K in my special savings account in Wealthbank & I plan to make 30k before the year ends.
7. Complete my 30K Family Health Emergency Fund - though I already have a 30K Family emergency fund I want to establish another emergency fund from the interest I have gained from
my capital contribution account in Villamor (closed this account last year) & plan to make it to 30k before 2016 ends.
8. Have a total of 30K Mutual Fund Purchase in my FAMI EQUITY Fund - additional 10k before the year ends.
9. Have a total of 40K Mutual Fund Purchase in my PHILEQUITY Fund - additional 10k before the year ends.
10. Have a total of 20K Mutual Fund Purchase in my FAMI BALANCED Fund - additional 5k before the year ends.
11. Have a total of 10K Mutual Fund Purchase in my SOLDIVO Growth fund - additional 5k before the year ends.
12. And before this year ends,  I want to reach my 300K TARGET GOAL - since this is my third year in blogging I want to have a total of 300k total savings & investments before 2016 ends.

          With God's grace I will achieve all of it this 2016.

Just sharing again my thoughts.
How about you, what are your goals this 2016?

A look back on 2015

It's the first day of the year 2016 and as I look back on the things that happened to me last year I can say that it was really a great year. It may not be the best year but it was really an amazing year for me though not in terms of financial but in other aspect of my life. A lot of great things happened especially when God gave our family two wonderful babies last year - baby kenji & baby kendra.
Baby Kenji - my first nephew
Yes I had another niece, my kuya's girlfriend gave birth last june. It was supposedly twins but unfortunately she gave birth ahead of her schedule -both died. After a few hours, when it was about to be blessed by the priest one baby cried. It was really a miracle that the other baby is alive after they were both pronounced dead. And that is the reason why she's named Baby Kendra Eloise Miracle.
( just sad because baby kendra is in Cebu right now )
Aside from this two source of joy in our family, I have a lot of things to be thankful to God.

The happiness I feel when my family is complete is priceless. It's one of the things that I always pray to God and thankful that it is always granted.
My parent's health always bothers me and thankful to God for taking care of them. There were times that my mother was rushed to a clinic because of her hypertension and thankful that nothing serious happened to her. Thankful also that my father is still in good shape years after he had a stroke. Hopefully, this year I'll have them checked up by their cardiologist, neurologist & nephrologist to monitor their health conditions. 
I also am thankful that God allowed me to study again and because of this opportunity a lot of self discoveries were made. It was really hard to study & at the same time work for there were lots of times that I wanted to quit but I was more challenged because of the people around me who always encourage me and reminds me of God's greatness. It was also last November when I received a great news and confirmation that I do not have an endemetriosis cysts in my left ovary. It was really a big relief for me.
Our company is still in deep financial crisis but I am still thankful that I have a steady income for my needs and for my savings and investments as well. I'm happy that I finished all financial goals I have set last year.

I have revised some of my goals few months ago but still the target amount is there. I reached the target amount of 200K and my focus was shifted to my FAMI & PEMI account instead of adding 5k to my Soldivo account. And in the latter part of the year I added 10k to my special savings account in Wealthbank. I was not able to fulfill my financial goals exactly but I'm happy that I was able to reach my target completely. 

I still have a lot of problems today - believe me it is worse than the problems I had two years ago but I think it is more important that we appreciate all the great things that happened in our lives rather than be sad on all the bad things that we had.

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