Saturday, September 30, 2017

Financial Update 1: Continued my Voluntary Pagibig Contribution

          Hi guyz!!! Sorry I haven’t been around for a while, ‘need to focus on some important matters. I miss blogging and I really miss my blogging world – reading blogs from my favourite sites and writing my own post. I am still jobless, eight months to be exact but I promise myself I will apply next month. Staying at home is my comfort zone that’s why I’m having a hard time pushing myself again out of my comfort zone.

         Anyway, this post is still in line with my financial goals. Though unemployed, I still have some financial goals  (500k Target this 2017)   set in my mind to fulfill. Part of that goal is to continue my contribution in Pagibig fund, so I went to their office in SM Aura Branch last May. Their office was almost jampacked but they had a systematic way of attending to their client's need (i.e. electronic numbering and segregation of transaction) so it only took me more than an hour to finish my two transactions - to apply for the loyalty card and to pay for the continuity of my Pagibig Fund contribution. It was very easy, as soon as my number was  flashed on their monitor I went to the designated staff and presented my MID number, stated my purpose for continuing my contribution as a self employed and voluntary member then automatically they encode my number and issued a receipt for the month of May and June (paid P 400.00 for 2 months).
         Afterwards, my other number was flashed on the screen again for my loyalty card application. So I went to the designated area, the Pagibig staff helped me fill up the application, took my picture, paid P100.00 and in just few minutes, I'm done again. Hey, their loyalty card has lots of freebies and rewards, I just forgot to take a leaflet but promise I will write about it.
         And that’s it. As easy as abc, I am now an active Pagibig fund member again.

So there goes my Pagibig application journey.
Till then! Have a great week ahead! God Bless everyone.

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