Sunday, November 15, 2015

Thankful again for another blessing

          It was only last week of August that I learned about this scholarship when one of my classmates asked me - Ate Grace nakapagpasa ka na ng requirements sa scholarship? I didnt know what she was talking about so I answered - Anong scholarship? Anong requirements? She again answered, -Yung kay Lani, deadline na ngayong Linggo. Oh I see, "di na ko siguro abot dyan, wala pa akong requirements."

          Then the next day, my kuya called me in our office, informing that there's a scholarship program near his area where he played tennis.
And so we went there the next morning but when I got there they were all holding some filed papers.
So I asked one student about it , "Anong mga requirements sa scholarship?"
He answered, scholarship form fully accomplished, voters certification, good moral, school ID, school registration and true copy of grades. Then he showed me the form, it is the same form showed to me by my classmate. I told myself, "Sayang deadline na di ako umabot."

          That day also, I met my classmate again and told me, "Ate Grace, extended ngayong first week ng September ang submission ng requirements sa scholarship." . I was excited and replied to her, "Talaga, asikasuhin ko na lang agad para makahabol." I badly needed any financial assistance for my studies since our company today is not doing well financially. So I message & requested my cousin who can file my voters certification in Taguig Cityhall, accomplished the scholarship form, and went to school earlier for other school requirements. Luckily I was able to file my scholarship on the last submission day.

          Last Wednesday I received a letter confirming that my scholarship application was approved.
          Both parent and student were required to attend a program @ Taguig City University auditorium for us to know the rules & by-laws of that scholarship program.
          I wasn't really aware that the local goverment of Taguig has this kind of program and really amazed that they give emphasis on education of the future generations to uplift the lives of the Taguiguenos. And I was surprised that one of the introductory speaker is also my professor in TUP.
          It was explained to us the rules and requirements and the equivalent amount allocated to each of us every year. The only request they asked was to study hard, be a good and honest citizen and help the city. And finally, at the end of the program our scholarship grant were distributed to us. I received P 7,500.00 scholarship grant and set aside 7k for my third semester tuition fee next year and P500 for my nanay ( talent fee daw nya,heheh... sobrang pagod din kasi nya that day).
          Not that I am promoting or campaigning for the Cayetano's since Allan Cayetanos is running for vice president today but I have witnessed a lot of improvements in our area under his wife's administration in our city in addition to the other services and the scholarship program she is implementing. Senator Allan's performance in the senate for me is also outstanding. Their vision to raise the literacy of the people is clearly shown and a lot of students are now eager to study more.

And if your are a Taguiguenos and you are interested in this program, check their website:
" "- From college tuition fees, to full scholarship, review assistance and even the masteral and doctoral degree are covered in this program for as long as you are a three year resident of Taguig you can apply for it.

Just sharing again!!!!
Have a wonderful day!!!
God Bless!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Wonderful Saturday part 2

         And because of the good news that I had last Saturday, November 7, my mother and I celebrated. After our lunch at San Juan de Dios hospital canteen and after a few minutes of quiet time at their church we headed at Landmark again. We did our usual bonding activitiy - a lot of fashion show done inside their fitting room. The result, two maong pants & two wallets were bought - one for my mother and one for me of course.
          Malling has been our constant unwinding activity ever since and even if I'm a self confessed kuripot still the bicolano traits inside me comes out. I am often caught between thinking about my future and spending on a special bonding moments with my nanay. Life is short and my nanay is already 67 years old and she keeps on telling me, "sana highschool pa rin ako, ang saya saya ko noon." Highschool life was her happiest moment, and clothes were her usual outlet so I need give her little wants once in a while.
          Sabi nga ng nanay ko, "buti na lang may mall kahit papaano nakakalibang at nakakapahinga ako, magastos nga lang." Well, my mother has been so tired since my nephew was born, " unang apo, e". And so I answered her, okay lang naman gumastos paminsan minsan basta within the limit that's why I am into the cheper items than expensive ones, basta sulit pa rin.
          We also bought our favorite Foss Coffee at Glorietta at P 55.00 only. Chocolate Cream Chips and Vanilla Oreo were our favorites, "masarap at sulit na sa presyo talaga". They are open for franchise, If only I have the business skills I will try to take chance here but my mother said, "one at time, mag-aaral ka o magbi-business ka- pumili ka lang." Franchising business is one of my dream, but I do not have a business skills yet, so my franchise plan is still on hold.
My favorites, I only capture these images from the net, naiinis kasi nanay ko pag picture sa pagkain e.
          At 3pm, my mother went to market market to meet my brother while I headed to TUP for our saturday class. At night I checked my wallet, I was left with only P 160.00, oh dear where did my 2K go? So I begun tracking down my expenses and voila after few minutes of counting and adding it tallied, P935.00 for ultrasound - P400 doctors fee - P509.00 for transpo, food & others.
Still have a habit of tracking down my expenses daily
          Almost tally naman di ba, P2k - P1844.00 = P 156.00. Simple talaga ang gastos ngayon, but then no regrets - what's important is that my cyst is gone and my mother & I really enjoyed that day!!!!

Just sharing my Saturday experience again!
Have a great day ahead!

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Wonderful Saturday part 1

          Sorry, I haven't been able to blogged for a while because of my studies. We just finished our unit examinations in Philosophy, Economics and Principles of Teaching. Good thing its a multiple choice test but it's a 100 items exams plus it also has an additional essay examination, sakit pa rin sa ulo, huhuh. And because I was really busy with my studies I almost forgot my health issues especially my monitoring check up and ultrasound on my endemetriosis cyst.

          Last month I went to Philcare to have an annual check up. It was Saturday and I was checked up by a different ob gyne doctor. As she was reviewing my records, she noticed what was wriiten there was "probably endemetriosis cysts". So she suggested that I should have my ultrasound done & interpreted by other ob gyne in a different hospital so she will be sure what kind of cyst I have in my left ovary.

         So I went to San Juan de Dios this morning to have a transvi-ultrasound and immediately after it was done the result was given to us. The doctor said she saw nothing inside and there was no complex structure seen in my left ovary. I was really happy with the result but I will still need to show it to my ob gyne in Philcare. Oh I forgot to mention that my mother accompanied me there and it was her who was really nervous with the result, nanay talaga heheh. We were so thankful that God is really taking care of us so we went to the church inside the San Juan de Dios hospital before heading out.

        And because we were so happy with the result, I suggested we go to Glorietta to have our usual mother and daughter bonding activity - window shopping, hahah. Still the kuripot inside suggested that we first took our lunch in hospital's canteen before heading to Glorietta, para tipid di ba? We roamed around SM & Landmark and did out fitting and window shopping activity then afterwards I headed to school for our Saturday class and my mother went to market market to meet my brother.

        I went home around 8pm already, I was too tired that I didn't know that I already fell asleep as soon as I lay my back on my bed. I woke up at 5:30am today and thank God for this another wonderful new day. Despite of the financial difficulty I am experiencing these days I am really thankful to God for all the blessings he's been giving to us.

          My family, my work, my studies, my experiences and everything around me are all blessings. It's Sunday today, its time to give thanks to our Lord for all the blessing he gives to us :)

Have a great weekend!!!!
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