Wednesday, July 19, 2017

"Minsan lang naman" Spending

          Graduation day... though it was a very special day to me it doesn't mean that I have to spend more on this occasion. I didn't practice the "minsan lang naman" saying that we should spend more money on this very rare event in life but instead I used it as a motivation to look for alternatives that can lessen my expenses on this special day.

On dress - Initially, my plan was to wear black pants and blouse but they told me it isn't suitable for the occasion. Luckily,  I ended up wearing the dress I borrowed from my sister in law. So why buy if you can borrow anyway, "minsan lang naman gagamitin, di ba?"
On jewelry - I spent ten pesos on my pair of earrings - yes you read it right, just P10 for the fake pearl earrings. I also found an old fake pearl necklace that I bought at P10 few years ago and used the pearl bracelet from Palawan given by my brother. "Minsan lang naman gagamitin" so why buy an expensive one, right?

On shoes - Initially my plan was to use my old black shoes with 1" heels but the school required a higher one so I bought a pair of bronze colored heeled shoes at P499 only. So even if "minsan lang naman gagamitin",  my mother told me I should own one because I might need it in the future anyway. (Can't borrow from my sister in law - her shoes has very high heels :))
New shoes / old bag
On bag - Well, we all know girls/women are addicted to bags especially on important occasion and I'm one of those guilty ones but I am sticking to my no spending on bag rule I set to myself last year. Fortunately, I found an old bag given by my cousin few years ago and it still looked good. "Minsan lang naman gagamitin, e" so why buy if you already have one anyway.

On make up - I actually plan on wearing no make up at all but after our yearbook photoshoot I became more concern on how to look more beautiful on graduation day. So I bought a cheap false eyelashes at P20 but my problem was who's going to put it on my eyelid. So my mother told me "hay naku minsan ka lang magpaganda, magpamake-up kana." So I spent P400 on make up and got an opportunity to wear that P20 false eyelashes I bought, "minsan lang naman di ba?". I consider it as a gift to myself, anyway.
final make-up transformation-with P20 false eyelashes
           So there goes my "minsan lang naman" story but whether it is a "minsan lang naman" spending or common day spending, we have to think thrice before letting go of our money. It's hard to earn money right that's why we have to spend wisely. How bout you? Have you had this "minsan lang naman spending moment" in your life?

Till then. Have a great day and God Bless.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Big Day

          Yes, my big day happened last July 3 at SMX Convention Mall of Asia - our graduation day. We left our house past 10 am and arrived at MOA at around 11 am as per school's advice but the program started at 1pm. We were tired and hungry but I didn't remember it that way because I was so happy and excited during that day. So to give you the glimpse on how my big day turned out, here are some photos:
With my mother
With my parents

With my classmates and our school's asst director
Resting while waiting - not used to wearing close heeled shoes
With my classmates
And of course our final moment on the stage
           The program ended at around 4pm and that's the time that I realized how hungry we were. We took our lunch in Mang Inasal with an unlimited rice meal and a big serving of halo halo, and we really max out our appetite with the unlimited serving of rice and their delicious special halo halo. Hey I need to be practical, right - no fancy restaurant for this special day but it was special for me because I'm with my parents and my kuya - sorry I do not have any picture of it because we were all preoccupied to ease our hunger that moment.

          So there goes my big day. Though not much happened but it was a very meaningful day to me - the fruit of my determination, the result of my hard work and the fulfillment of my dream all happened on this big day.

         Till then! Have a great day ahead!!!

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