Sunday, January 29, 2017

When Clothing Matters

               Scenario 1
Jeepney Barker: Ate, puede tumabi ka para makahinto ng maayos ang jeep.
Me: Ah okay (medyo sarcastic yata tong mamang to).

               Scenario 2
Jeepney Passenger: Misis, pakibilisan naman ang pag akyat.
Me: Kita mo naman siksikan di ba?
(nakikipag-wrestling ka na nga may nag-cocomment pa)

               Scenario 3:
Jeepney Passenger: Ale, pa-abot nga ng bayad.
Me: Tiningnan ko sya at inabot ko na lang ang bayad.
(mukha na ba talaga akong ale? di man lang makisuyo ng maayos pag nakikiabot)

          These are the some of the different scenarios I had last year. For people like us who belongs to class C&D society, we are sometimes being treated by the way we look. I now understand why some people wants to impress other by the way they dress.

         I do not like impressing other people that's why shirt and jeans are my usual attire in our office. After those incidents I decided to change my clothing style into a little more decent one. Though not everyday I wear that kind of cloth I still try to make it a point to wear a more appropriate office attire at least once a week.

           I searched for some of my old blouses, bought two white pants and wore the step in I used in my demo teaching. Then I saw a post in facebook and decided to imitate it here, so just for fun I put some price on my clothes in this picture, hahah.
Naka-porma kahit P300 lang ang pera :)
(Note: I consider the stuffs I bought new when it was bought on the same year)         

          I also remember the advice of my former officemate  - " Pag wala kang pera, pumorma ka para hindi halata, hahah". True enough, some of the jeepney barker and passengers are now calling me "Ma'am", o di ba atleast naiba ang impression sa akin. So whenever I was left with P200 in my wallet, I'll try to look nicer & proper so I wont be belittled anymore. But still even if they do, it wont matter to me because I know that I have more than what I look and what I have inside my wallet. "Kailangan lang pumorma paminsan minsan, heheh."

           How about you guys do you have the same experience?

Just sharing my experiences again.
Have a great weekend!
God Bless.
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