Friday, February 27, 2015

First Quarter Financial Challenge

1. Last Christmas was a bit uncontrollable again, my buy this & buy that came out again. And since its the season of giving & feasting, some of the gifts, groceries and the remaining amount (P 1,290.00) on my tablet  were all charged in my credit cards.
But it was all planned.

2. Last January was my birthday month and again some food treats in our office & in our home were again charged in my credit cards. Plus my happy hormone spending for my "wants & needs" that I did last January were also charged in my credit cards.
Again it was planned.

3. Last November, our company handed over to us the full responsibility of paying my bpi philam life insurance see this post. Again I planned to continue it, so I made some rugs during my spare time & finished 3 bundles already intended for it.

Yes everything was planned, because I know I can pay my credit card bills & insurance payment in full.
But unfortunately some unexpected things happen.

1. I just received a salary of P 3,000.00 today. Our company is really in financial crisis these days & their collectibles are not sufficient for our salary yesterday but they promised to give it in full in 1 to 2 weeks time.

2. I received my BPI Philam Billing Notice last week of January & its premium already increases from P 2,073.68 to P2,495.61 and the policy loan already ballooned too, and as much as I wanted to ask my boss about it I'm still hesitant because of the financial crisis that our company is experiencing today.

3. As for the rags, the sad news was my kuya doesn't have any deliveries yet since the start of 2015. So my income here didn't materialized intended for my Philam Insurance payment.

I'm in a blank state today, as to how am I going to divide my P 3 million salary today, hahah---just kidding it's only 3k, for the Electric, Water, PLDT & Credit Card Bills today & most especially how I'll be able to reach the duedates. And the LPG gas run out too this morning, good thing there's still rice coz I already bought 1 sack of rice last January 30.

But that's okay, Kaya ko to.....I still have P3k rent from my brother.
I remember it was also on the first & second quarter of the year that I experienced financial difficulties & I was able to surpass it last year. What I am thinking today is that on the second quarter of the year my financial problem may become worse as we are having experiencing some delays & shortage on salaries and my plan to study is a big factor too. I am thinking of pawning my necklace for my tuition fee instead of making cash loan on my credit card again and I still don't want to touch my special savings account this early. Oh well, let's see how everything goes on the next few months.

The above situations are just challenges & challenges are meant to be overcome for us to become stronger & wiser. So now, let the challenge begins!

God is really good. He really has his own timing & way of teaching me some financial lessons again.
Have a blessed weekend guys!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

My Fall Back Plan

1986 – Elementary, I was 11 yrs old -  we had a theme writing about ambition, and I wrote – “ My ambition is to be a TEACHER.”

1991 – Highschool, I was 16 yrs old - I wrote in our yearbook “ Ambition: To be a "CIVIL ENGINEER” because most of my cousins were taking up Civil Engineering course.
1991 – College, I was 16 yrs old. I took up Architectural Technology preparatory to BS Architecture because the course was offered free.
1994 – I was 19 yrs old, I finished that 3-year course but after 9 months of working in an architectural firm (6 months on the job training then I was employed) I resigned, I feel that this is not the right job for me.
1995 – I was 20 yrs old, after almost 1 ½ years of staying at home I decided I want to study again, So I took an entrance examination in another university and plan to take BS Psychology. But when I ask my mother to back me up for other school expenses since I already have some savings that time for my tuition fee - she said “Hindi ko na kaya ang dalawang college"- my brother will be going to college too that time, ok plan failed so I stayed home.
1996 – I was 21 yrs old, my father went home drunk then he saw me, “nag-college ka pa dito ka rin lang pala sa bahay, maghanap ka ng trabaho.” I cried a lot that day I know that I’m not a burden being the only daughter I always work hard at home where most of the times my brothers were out in the streets. I hated my father that time because he pushes me out of my comfort zone. For an introvert like me I always prefer to stay home but then I must obey him.
The next day I bought a Manila Bulletin newspaper to find a job, the next day I applied, the next day was the start of my new chapter in life.
February 6, 1996, I started working in a color separation company as a receiving clerk turned graphic operator.
2001 - I decided to study again while working so I enrolled for a BS Engineering course unfortunately, half of our production staff in my previous company resigned so my workload as graphic operator was doubled as per agreement with my boss that I will prioritize my work over my study, I decided to stop my 1 month old student life and continue working for 9 years (1996-2005).

2005-2008-after my first company shuts down, I worked again on the 2nd company as graphic operator turned sales coordinator, but when they decided to close the Makati branch & transfered to QC branch I decided to resign.

2008 to present- I applied for a Sales coordinator position on the third company & I’m still working here today. I love my work now though my salary is so meager, I like talking to the clients explaining some informations regarding their files, my boss is kind, my colleagues are super duper kalog, but hated those irresponsible clients who points their fingers on us whenever they encounter problem with their jobs.I know our company is having financial crisis these days because a lot of our clients are not paying. I have been observing the flow of our company & I can sense that in two or three year time it's possible that they may not survive the financial difficulty that they are experiencing today. But I still hope & pray that they'll overcome it.

Now what will be my next move if something happens unexpectedly? What will be my fall back plan?
Well, I think I need to go back to square one " To be a teacher ", sounds good to me. I think it is only through that profession that I can feel the dignity & be proud with what I do and that I'll be able to influence others. And even if the salary is not so rewarding for the job, I still feel that this will complete my purpose in life. And unlike my previous priority, I think I'll need to prioitize my study over my work this time. If my boss doesn't agree with my work schedules I might need to resign & focus on studying. Hey what am I to lose, still single at forty, no kids & family yet. I think I need to take the risk this time.

As of now the status of my inquiry in our school is still impartial. But as I have promised myself, this 2015 will be my turning point in life.
I really hope & pray that my plan to study will pursue this year.

Guyz, please do pray for me also that I may be able to pursue my dream this year.

Thanks & God Bless everyone!!!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Looking Back

I used to be invincible...........
I used to work from 13 hours to 16 hours everyday & I work even on Sundays.
Went home at around 1 am to 3 am, wake up at 6:30am & rush to work @ 7am.
I don't take vitamins. I have no regular sleep & proper exercise. I even skipped meals.
But I still feel I got lots of energy to work everyday.

I used to be fearless.............
I used to hitch or ride a private jeep or a car sometimes without knowing who the driver was because
there's no direct means of transportation in our area before & C5 construction was still ongoing during those times.
As those good samaritan drivers would often say to me, "Miss, ano ka ba? Bakit ganitong oras ka nag-aantay ng sasakyan dito? Alam mo bang kahapon lang may natagpuang babaeng ni-rape at pinatay dito?

Tried another route - waited @ Pasay Rotonda for FTI jeep route but got nervous when somebody approach me, "Miss, puede ka ba?.....woooh, napagkamalan pa ko yatang pokpok nito."
And oftentimes my mother would say, "Wag ka na ngang uuwi ng ganyang oras sa office ka na lang matulog." But I would still go home because I wanted a deep & sound sleep so I can have the energy to work for another 13 to 16 hrs again.

Tried 2 times to warn or give signals on someone being pickpocketed by somebody inside the jeepney then I ended up with a sharp look on the eyes of those "mandurukots" & a farewell message of "Manahimik ka lang ha". Yes,"naging pakialamera ako" because I've been in that situation before but atleast I've saved some of them, only I got nervous afterwards, hahah.

Those were just some of my experiences & that was more than a decade ago. But is it wise to be invincible & fearless today? My answer is NO,  as years go by I feel that my body is not stronger as it was before so I need to be more health conscious -"Hey, I know that I will not be invincible forever" & that I need to be extra careful in my daily journey. "Isa lang ang buhay ko, mahirap ng matyempuhan kaya kailangan doble ingat."

Through years of experiences & based on the informative blogposts I read last year, I have learned one thing -"BALANCE". I realized that there should be proper balance in everything. Not only that I have learned financially on those blogposts that I have read but there are also other things in life that I need to give importance too. For there were times that I have pushed myself to the edge & there were those times that I have neglected some areas in my life. So this 2015, I will redo some of the good habits that I have done last year & added new habits so I can practice that "BALANCE" in my life and every year I will try to be better & write it here so that after 10, 20, 30 years or more I can look back and I can say to myself, "Hey I've done my best without regrets."

Hey, I'm forty & I'm beginning to love my journey.
Better late than never di ba?
Happy Valentines Everybody!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Even & Moving

I just received my statement of account from FAMI through email yesterday and I'm happy to share it today.
My FAMI Statement of Account
Yes they are now moving, both my FAMI - Equity & Balanced fund already reached the original amount I invested and exceeded it. I have a total of P 18,000 invested on both equity & balanced fund & now my total shares are now equivalent to P 18,272.32 (bawi na pati yung 2% entry fee). From last December SALEF-NAVPS  of 5.45 - it is now up to 5.85 & my SALBF NAVPS of 2.77 - it is now up to 2.92. Not bad considering that I only started last July & December last year.

As for my Philequity fund, as of today I got a total of 290 shares which is equivalent to 11,085.482 and again it has reached the total amount of P 11,000 I invested (bawi na rin yung 3.5% entry fee). From it's lowest NAVPS 36.55 on my record to 38.22 today. Not bad too considering I only started last November 2014.

Compared to my previous post "Understanding my risk tolerance" last year where all my mutuals funds are in negative status, I'm happier now knowing that they are all moving in positive direction.

Just in the mood of sharing today!
Happy Investing!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Missing him already!

Yes, I'm missing him already!
I'm at work today but my is filled with his images.

His new born face.

His face when he's awake.

And his face when he's sleeping.......and smiling.

Who wouldn't go crazy over this cute little fellow here!!!
Just 5 more hours & I'll be home soon & I can see my cute little nephew again:)

Just in the mood of sharing again!
Lagot ako sa kapatid, di nya alam nag-post ako ng picture ng baby nya, but what the heck he doesn't know that I'm blogging anyway!

Happy Weekend!!!
God Bless Everyone!!!
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