Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Health Benefits from our City Government

           Almost 8 years ago my father had a stroke and was confined in ICU in a hospital. The cost of the hospitalization was really beyond our financial capacity. Both my parents were hospitalized that day but the good thing was they both had health cards & Philhealth which covers almost 70% - 80% of the bills and recovery expenses and the remaining amount were taken from our pocket.

         Fast forward...after more than 8 years I am so thankful that I'm still with my parents. But I still worry sometimes, I know it's a sin not to trust God completely but sometimes I can't help it. Why, simply because they no longer have health cards, "ang babaw no?" but its a big deal to me because I know that that there's a possibility that those health emergencies might strike again plus a regular check up and other medical requirements are needed (i.e. laboratories and medicines). And though I have set aside 20k for health emergencies, I know that it is not enough. I know that I am still not financially prepared and will never be prepared with this kind of emergencies and the only one whom I can turn to is God again. I always pray to HIM to provide instruments that can help me with my worries and I realize that HE was actually helping me through the health benefits we received from Taguig City government.

Here are some instruments in our community that God sent me to help my parent's medical needs:

1. Barangay Health Center - The health center in our area is a few blocks away from our place - my father has formed a habit of walking daily around our neighborhood and sometimes he would visit the Health Center whenever he's not feeling well (glad he is more aware of his health condition) and would often bring home the free medicines and vitamins that was given to him afterwards.

2. Free and Regular Supply of Maintenance Medicines - One of the things that I am really thankful with regards to the projects of our government today is the free medicines given by DOH. Regularly, we were visited by their representatives for check up and records and most importantly for the free supply of maintenance medicine. Amlodephine, Lozartan and Metoprolol were regularly supplied to my mother, my father and my Kuya too. Yes, my Kuya is hypertensive too and he is now taking Lozartan also. It helped lessen maintenance medicine expenses that my parents are currently taking. 

3. Free check ups - when it comes to specialists that my parents need like cardiologist, neurologist, pulmonologist, etc - schedule is given and patients need to follow the process before they schedule the patients' appointment to their doctor. It was a big help to me because regular check up with these specialist is needed because of the health condition of my parents and we know how much is the consultation fee these days.

Hospital Procedure

Doctor's Schedule

4. 40% to 60% discount on some laboratories - my father took 2D echo last week and 40% discount is given to him as a citizen of Taguig and 20% discount as a senior citizen. My brother and I contributed for the remaining amount. By the way, both my parents are now 69 years old already.

5. Free eyeglasses - eyeglasses are also given to the seniors and my parents also received those eyeglasses few months ago.

        So there goes some of the benefits we are enjoying in our community. It may not be good as compared to the benefits from other cities still it is a big help especially to us who belongs to a class C-D society and for a jobless citizen like me.

Have a great week ahead!
God Bless.


Sunday, October 22, 2017

Job Hunting Series 2: Another interview experience & Online exam

          SECOND DAY

          My second job interview was last October 11. I was interviewed at 11 am and finished at around 12:30 pm, "grabe ganun pala katagal ang behavioral assessment." I know I pass that interview and so I waited. I skipped my lunch because I thought that I'll only be waiting for the formality of the result but I was wrong...there's another exam if you pass the interview - an online exam. So I took it again for less than two hours. Afterwards, I asked the coordinator if he has the result already - I was told to wait to until 3:40 pm and that's the time that I had the courage to ask if I can have a lunch break. I didn't realize that it was past 3 pm - my stomach was rumbling and my head was really aching. I had a quick lunch at Jollibee and went back. I was informed that I pass the online exam except for that cellphone brand exam which I have to admit that I am not familiar with the latest gadgets and stuffs related to it. (I am still an owner of a five year old myphone brand cp). I was again required to take the exam but my headache was really terriblethat day and so I asked if it can be rescheduled and glad they agreed to move it on Friday.


         After the house assessment inspection last October 12, I realize that I am not yet ready to work - not because I am not ready physically but because I felt that I still need to finish some things first before I can continue my job applicatrion. My mother told me, "Ayusin mo muna lahat ng dapat mong ayusin bago ka magtrabaho." So after thinking things over I went back last October 13 not to take the exam or continue the application but to inform that I am not going to pursue my application and be going back after another 30 days.

         So there goes my unfinished job hunting experience. I just felt that there are still some unfinished personal business that I need to attend to first before I can focus on the new career path I plan to take.

Till then.
Have a great day!
God Bless.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Job Hunting Series: Day 1 - Job Fair at Market Market

          For an introvert like me - staying at home with my family is a heaven that's why its hard for me to pull my feet out again of my comfort zone...but my desire to find a job was triggered when I saw the result of my calculated net worth. So I prepared 10 resume and a few photocopies of some of my credentials and went to the job fair last Tuesday.

Day 1
Job Fair at Market Market

          I went to Market Market where the Jobfair was held, register at the Dole booth and applied in five different companies :

1. HARTE HANKS -  is not included in that job fair but somebody approach me while I'm on my way to the mall and led me directly inside their office and immediately introduce me to the interviewer. I pass both the language and phone simulation test but they offered a technical support representative position which I think I am not familiar with so I requested the interviewer to give me time to think about it first.

2. TELEPERFORMANCE - pass the initial interview and referred for final assessment in SM Aura on the next day.

3. 24/7 - pass the initial interview and referred for final assessment in McKinley office on the next day too.

4. Alorica - pass the initial interview but didn't want the position and the account they were offering.

5. Intelenet - submit my resume and fill up some form and requested to be interviewed on the next day.

         It was almost 5pm when I decided to go home. it was a bit long and tiring day but I enjoy this job hunting experience.

Just sharing my experiences again.
Till then!
Have a great day guys!
God Bless

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Networth Update: HIT THE TARGET!

      Finally, after paying for last paying month of my laptop I can now say that I am really debt free. I now have the courage to calculate my networth and be able to estimate how much is needed to reach my target goal this year - to reach the 500K Target this 2017. But as I calculate my networth I was surprise with the result I saw in my calculator...YES, I HIT MY 500K TARGET !!!

          Yes, I know I'd be able to reach my first target 100k, since I deposited a portion of the last salary I receive from my previous company to reach it. I know I'd be able to maintain my 10k personal e-fund since I receive a 15k review assistance for my board exam...But reaching my third target which is 500k as early as today is really a surprise to me.

Here's the breakdown:

         I am now getting more and more excited in reaching my 1M goal. Hopefully, I'd be able to find a job so I can continue to reach my goals and dreams in life.

Have a really great week ahead!
God Bless Everyone!!!

3rd Qtr: Random Financial Thoughts and Updates

          I've been unemployed for more than eight months now. The last month payroll I signed was last January but I received the completion of my salary last March.

To date, I am trying to live within my side income of P 3000/monthly rent given by my brother and the remaining savings from my review assistance I received last August.

Here are some random updates I did these past few months:

1. I opened an atm savings account in Eastwest Bank. My reason - I closed my BPI Family savings account last year because I thought I will not use it anymore but I was wrong. I still need a savings account for cash loans should financial emergency situation arise. Good thing, I only need P100 to open that account and glad I was able to use it too in redeeming my FAMI shares.

2. Got my loyalty card in Pagibig Fund for P 100, started a voluntary contribution for P200 pesos only and my MP2 savings for P1000.

3. Glad I was approved in BPI Amore credit card application. I wanted a credit card that has no hassle in waiving its annual fee (BPI Amore card annual fee is perpetually waived). And what I do like most is the free access it gives to the customer lounges in Ayala Malls that my brother always teases me whenever we go to the mall. "Nanay at Tatay ko pede pumasok kasi senior, kapatid, hipag at pamangkin ko nakakapasok dahil may BPI amore card sya at ako naiiwan sa labas pero pede naman pumasok may bayad lang ang na P10, pero sayang din di ba? (my brother knows that I am kuripot and wont spent that P10)

4. I earned P2,000 cash credits in Eastwest member get member promo for the two approved members I referred, I received it last April

5. I earned P400 from selling Ice every month but I stopped selling now when I saw that there is a P1/kw increase in the billing this month.

6. I collect cans & plastics from our household consumption and sell them.
We pay P50 monthly for garbage collection  fee. We also give another P5 to the collectors every other day. But I saw them segregate our garbage and that gave me an idea to put it a separate bag and sell them after a month. Anyway, they were already paid for their services so why not save these trash and turn it into money. As what they always say-"may pera sa basura". Let's see how much money I can get from it after a year.

7. I collect some unwanted coins and deposit it in my savings account. Whenever I clean our house I always saw scattered 5cents, 10 cents, and 25 cents and pick them up and collect. I realize that it would be an addition to my savings account since the banks only gives .125% & .25% , I just think of it as an additional interes in my savings account.

         These are just some simple things I've done while being unemployed, simple things that contributes little things in my savings but great things in life. Like what I have written in my header, "All great things come from humble beginnings."

Till then guys.
Have a great day! God Bless.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Financial Update 2: Redeem shares at FAMI and MP2 Savings in Pagibig Fund

          Last August, I went back to Pagibig office to claim my loyalty card ID, pay another quarter of my contribution and request for a hardcopy of my total contribution. I was sad when I saw that the last payment made by my former employer was last April 2015 but was glad at the same time when I saw the breakdown of employee's share, employer's share and its dividend. Would you believe that the total dividend is higher than the shares made by the employer and employee, interesting di ba?
         Another financial step I made was to start my MP2 or Modified Pagibig II for P1000. I became interested on this program when I heard the news of the high interest rate of 7.43% they gave last 2016, you can also check it on this site - http://www.pagibigfund.gov.ph/faqpdf/FAQ%20MP2%20FINAL%20(7-14-17).pdf.
          It made me rethink of my financial plans - since Pagibig fund is also a mutual fund I decided to redeem some of my shares in Fami and transfer it on my MP2 fund. So after a week, I went to FAMI and redeem my balance fund shares (3,793 shares) and a portion of my equity fund (1,150 shares).

         Balanced fund is the first mutual fund I opened last July 2014 since it is moderate risk fund I decided to have a dip on this kind of investment and gave three years on this fund to grow but unfortunately it didn't. Now I truly understand why banks are giving emphasis on risk when I inquired about UITF few years ago. But the good thing about attending financial seminars is that investors are prepared to take the risk and be able to know their risk tolerance. In my case, the 1k plus loss both in my balanced and equity fund is within my risk tolerance so when I redeemed my shares I already expected that it will have some losses based on the current market value of my shares.

          Going back to the main topic, the FAMI shares I redeem were directly deposited to my Eastwest Bank debit card and after it was cleared I withdraw it in their branch which is one block away from SM Aura and afterwards remit P17,000 in my Pagibig MP2 savings. Yes, I am more than a year advance which is really my plan to save me from the time and hassle of going back to their office every now and then.

         I still have some equity shares in FAMI, Philequity and Soldivo and I am still trying to figure out  on how to simplify my financial vehicles and re-align it towards my financial goals.

        So there you have it, another financial journey of a minimum wager...ooops - "financial journey of a jobless citizen", jobless nga pala ako ngayon. Promise mag-aaply na ko next week, I am just finishing the house assessment I applied in city hall para kahit papano may 10% peace of mind ako sa status ng lote namin.

How 'bout you?
Do you have changes in your financial plans?
Have a great week ahead.
God Bless.
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