Friday, January 30, 2015

Happy mode

Finally.......A new member of the family, A new being and A new blessing!!!

My sister in law just gave birth to my nephew last week.
My first ever pamangkin.
The first ever apo to my parents.
And we are all so excited, grabe!

Though, the hospital requires the baby to be left for a week for he has to undergo some screenings & some vaccines must be given as a standard operating procedures before releasing him, still we waited.
And finally just yesterday the pedia finally release him and thank GOD he's healthy baby boy.
So they brought my nephew home & finally I saw him since my brother is living just beside our house & I'm super gigil but pigil to this super duper cute little angel pero mukhang makulit na, heheh.

I teased my brother - " Ready ka na ?"
And he answered   -  " Saan "
I replied - " Tingnan natin ang haba ng pacencia mo at kung sino ang mas makulit sa inyo paglaki nyan , hahah."
Just kidding him because my brother is super duper makulit when he was young (ako po kasi nag-alaga sa kanya noon) and I think most of the baby's facial features were from him though some were from my sister in law.

And the excitement I feel is incomparable to my mother as she took a bath early yesterday because she wanted to go to the hospital too with my brother & my sister in law. So excited she said, "Gusto ko ng makita ang apo ko parang anak ko na rin yun kasi anak ng anak ko." :)
So when I went home yesterday, my mother is still carrying the baby while my brothers & my sister in laws were having some conversations. He looks so little & so fragile, nakakatakot pa kargahin so I just let my mother hold him, for I still don't have the courage to carry him :(

I'm at work today but my mind is at home.
Sana uwian na so I can see my baby nephew again :)
Sorry, I cannot post his picture here baka mapagalitan ako ng kapatid ko, heheh.

Just sharing some happiness today!
God Bless Everyone!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Justifying my wants vs. my needs

Yes, I violated my own rule again, an attempt to a "No spending plan this year" is a failure again.

The #17 on my "Personal Improvement Goal" will be erase on my list again, because I bought these items 2 weeks ago. Why? simply because I'm happy & just one day to splurge on the things I want & also needed. The bonding my mother & I shared @ the mall, fitting some clothes while laughing & looking at ourselves in front of a mirror are one of the moments that I treasure a lot.
That was last thursday, I was happy that day the result of my transvi ultrasound was good, my endemetriosis got smaller again & I finally completed the three (3) shots of cervical vaccine as part of my goal this year. Then we went to Greenbelt church first before heading to Landmark. And finally these are the result of our happiness with a little justification on why I bought it.

* Two (2) Maong Pants @ P 269.75 each - total = P 539.75
I love wearing jeans seven days a week. At work, from mondays thru saturdays since our uniforms are polo shirts which only requires to be wear for three days (monday, wednesday & friday) & the rest of the days are up to us. Even on Sundays @ church when we attend the mass & @ the mall too. So you see, most of my maong pants are "laspag na" since I've been using them for 7  days a week & 365 days a year :)
*I bought 2 blouse @ Landmark costs P 229.75 each - total = P 459.50 
The last blouse I bought last Dec 31 (our new year polkadot blouse) & the P50 blouse I bought @ palengke (this has been my favorite blouse these past few months). But since I turned 40 last January 17, I feel that I must now make an extra effort to look good. Being single @ the age of 40, I realized that I'm not getting any younger & that I need to be aware of my looks now.
* Lastly, I bought 2 pairs of flat shoes @ SM (buy 1 take 1) @ 399.75 - total = P 399.75
I bought 2 flat shoes last year (see this post) @ 129 each, and it's been my favorite shoes because they are so light & comfortable to wear but they are a bit worn out already. So I decided to buy another 2 pairs again.

My mother also bought 1 blouse that day at Landmark at P 287.75 & a Parisian sandal @ SM for only P 249.75, but I wasn't able to take a picture of it.

Last week, I wore my new clothes, new pants & new shoes @ Serendra and my mother is my photographer here, hahah - modelling lang po ang peg, pagbigyan nyo na :) and of course we have some selfies but my mother doesn't want to have it posted here.

Though I've violated my "No Spending Rule"My 1000 peso Spending Rule still remains, as you can see no items were bought above P 1,000 pesos.

And as promised on my "No Spending Rule Plan" post that I will sum up all the expenses I made last year on my personal apparels. The total expenses I made written on my blog was P 2,364.75 ( footwear = 1,446, blouse = 149.75, undergarments = 200.00, bags = 569.00 ) plus I only bought 1 blouse worth P 50.00 on a nearby market (which is my favorite blouse as I have been wearing it every week - I regret I only bought one), 1 polkadot blouse for new year worth P 100.00 and  2 pairs of slippers ( buy one take 1 @ 99.00 ) which brings me to a total of P 2,613.75  worth for 1 year.

Now the challenge for me is to SPEND LESS than (P 2,613.75) the total of what I have spent last year. As of now the total expenses I made was P 1,399 for all the items shown above.

Go for the Goals again!

Life is short & time is valuable, let's take advantage of it.
Because no amount of money can compensate the delight it gives to ourselves & our loved ones once in a while.
Have a great day!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

My Pagibig Fund Contributions

I remember last year while I was inside the jeepney on my way to our office, as my mind was occupied with mutual funds (still thinking when & where I can open a mutual fund account that day), I saw a passenger seated beside me holding an envelope with a logo of Pagibig fund. What caught my attention was the text beside the logo " HOME DEVELOPMENT MUTUAL FUND ". Wooow, why didn't I think of that? Hey, I've been searching for a mutual fund company not knowing that I'm already a member of it.
Last week as I was arranging some of the important documents/papers, I found an interesting printouts in my cabinet - "the summary of Pagibig contributions". From what I remember it was last year when I requested my colleague to help me to get a printed summary of all my contributions in Pagibig. I was so happy when I found it because I thought I lost it already.
Summary of my contributions as of July 2014
Imagine, I've been a Pagibig fund member for 15years and I already have 180 monthly contributions.
As shown in the above photo, the employee & employer both have a contribution plus the total dividends added to it which brings me to a sum of P 50, 605.93 that I can already withdraw anytime since they now have an optional withdrawal @ 10 or 15 years of continuous membership. "Di ko pinapansin ang Pagibig fund dati kasi P 100.00 lang ang contributions ko per month dito ngayon ko lang napansin na malaki na rin pala ang dividend gains nito".

As a regular employee with a typical mindset before, my initial action would be to file a salary loan on Pagibig fund after completely paying it for two years. But with the Pagibig fund interest rate of 10.5% per annum on the Multi-Purpose Loan added every year on the 80% loanable amount of your TAV, I now value every peso that I will lose if I make that loan again. I made a rough computation today & the total interest for MPL (Multi-Purpose Loan) is approx. P 8,501.78 --- sayang di ba? And why would I file a loan - di ko pa naman kailangan di ba?" Ang sarap kayang tingnan ng payslip ng walang salary loan sa SSS & Pagibig fund. (Note: I finished paying my Pagibig loan last 2013 & my SSS loan last Nov 2014).

As for the optional withdrawal on my contribution, no plans of withdrawing it yet. I plan to continue my pagibig 1 savings/contributions until I retire. I added that TAV (total accumulated value) on my networth today.
My Total Savings & Investment / Total Networth / Target Goal for 2015
I made a 10k cash loan again last week that I will use on my lending raket here and I also made an additional 1k on my FAMI balanced fund.
So my new target total savings & investment this year will be P 61,028.78 or 168 sets on my 365 pesos savings starting today. Hmmm, visualizing these numbers again "200,000.00" :)

Though my plan to open a Pagibig 2 savings program didn't pursue last week because I was informed that our company is still trying to settle some of our unpaid contributions, I hope & pray that our company be able to rise up from the financial crisis that we are experiencing today.

Though my priority now is to study again, I still feel that I'll be able to reach my new target this year.

Go for the Goals again this 2015!

Happy Weekend :)

Saturday, January 17, 2015

I'm officially 40 yrs old

It's January 17, 2015 - just an ordinary day @ work but this is an extraordinary day for me.
Hey, it's my birthday today & I'm officially 40 years old. It's been a year since I wrote my first blogpost " January 17, 2014 ", and for 365 days I have documented most of my financial journey here.
Looking back and reviewing all my goals that I have achieved I can say those 365 days have been not only fulfilling but challenging as well.
As I looked back on a few chapters of my life, I've learned to recognize all the lessons those experiences have taught me and appreciate one of the most important factor in a world of finance "TIME".

"Imagine there is a bank account that credits your account each morning with $ 86,400. 
It carries over no balance from day to day. 
Every evening the bank deletes whatever part of the balance you failed to use during the day. 
What would you do? Draw out every cent, of course.
Each of us has such a bank.
It's name is TIME. 
Every morning it credits with 86,400 seconds. 
Every night it writes off as lost, whatever of this you have failed to invest to good purpose.
It carries over no balance. It allows no overdraft. 
Each day it opens a new account for you. 
Each night it burns the remains of the day. 
If you fail to use the day’s deposits, the loss is yours. 
There is no drawing against “tomorrow”. 
You must live in the present on todays deposits. 
Invest it so as to get from it the utmost in health, happiness and success. 
The clock is running. Make the most of today."

As what the bible says:
11 He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet[a] no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end. 12 I know that there is nothing better for people than to be happy and to do good while they live. 13 That each of them may eat and drink, and find satisfaction in all their toil—this is the gift of God. 14 I know that everything God does will endure forever; nothing can be added to it and nothing taken from it. God does it so that people will fear him.                                                    Ecclesiastes 3 : 11- 14

Life begins @ 40 as what other says but for me it's the start of my maturity - a wiser, stronger and a prettier me, oopps walang kokontra. Hey I need to make an extra effort here, I don't want to look "losyang" even if I'm forty.

As I start a new chapter of my life - new set of goals were already written here, new directions were set and new focus was made and hopefully with God's grace & wisdom, He'll continue to guide me in every step of my journey.

God Bless Everyone!!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Little Reward for Myself

Last year my focus was mainly on financial goals and after I received my "paluwagan", I finally hit the marks on all of it.

My second priority was for the season, December is the season of giving, & the cash gifts I've given to my inaanaks & relatives went up to P3,700.00 (marami pa kasing humabol e) aside from the gifts I bought to my family & some of my friends. And of course the foods for celebration of christmas & new year plus the panggastos @ home ( 2 weeks po kasing walang pasok at magastos sa bahay).

As for myself, I didn't bother buying either new clothes, new shoes, new bags instead I planned on buying a tablet. Yes tablet, because my two year old local android cellphone has a poor wifi reception already since my brother moved next door. While everyone in the family are busy surfing on their cp, I was left alone waiting for anybody in the family to put down their phone so I can finally check my blogsite & read other blogs I've been following. So instead of buying a new cellphone, I chose to buy a cheaper tablet so I can fully enjoy my blogging activity when I'm home.

Last December, our boss decided to increase the amount for exchange gifts from P700.00 to P 1,000.00. The usual routine - write a request on our wishlist (1st gift option - Tablet, 2nd option - Tablet or P 1,000.00). Yes, I asked for a cash again so I can buy what I really want for christmas, so my monita had no choice but to give me the cash since there's no Tablet that can be bought @ P 1,000.00. Just added P 2,290 and finally I got it before 2014 ends.
I bought this for only P 3,290.00 @ Automatic Center last December 30, 2014 then I bought a casing with keyboard @ CDR-king for only P 280.00.
With a new bigger screen ( 7" screen ), I can now enjoy reading & browsing to my favorite blogs when I'm home. I was able to watch also "The Hobbit-the Battle of the Five Armies" yesterday that I copied from my colleague.

Though its doesn't have a powerful specs compared to other brands of tablet since I'm not particularly interested with games, I took the advise of my brother " basta 1GB ang ram, puede na yan , wag kang kukuha ng 512mb para di ka masyadong outdated, heheh ). "Kung bakit kasi hindi ka na lang kumuha 'te ng Samsung or Ipad mini puede namang installment up to 24 months pa yung iba, me credit card ka naman." I answered him, "ayoko na muna ng utang kahit installment pa yan". That's the advantage of reading financial blogs because I've learned to battle my impulsiveness and balance my emotions vs. my financial capability.

When I saw the specs of Starmobile 1GB ram/8GB rom - puede na to kahit 2G lang. So I charge it straight in my credit card so from 3,690.00, it was discounted to 3,290.00 since I'll be paying it straight not installment.

I'm not really into gadgets stuffs, I only wanted what I needed and right now I'm enjoying it.

Just in the mood of sharing today!
God Bless Everyone!!!!

P.S. I've been wanting to have a personal computer or a laptop but with an core i3 specs still a bit expensive today and I think I can't still afford it. Sana bumaba na ang presyo nya before 2015 ends.

Monday, January 12, 2015

First Attempt to Calculate my Networth

I have written this post - 1000 peso Spending Rule last August 2014. As I wrote this post last year this particular phrase “ I’d rather have a hundred thousand pesos in my savings & investments than to have a hundred of branded personal stuffs crowding in my room.” was instilled in my mind as I fulfill all the goals that were set last year.

By December again, another post was written - Reviewing my Numbers , this particular number " One hundred thousand pesos " was again brought up as I have been visualizing this number since I wrote that previous post last August.

Like an elementary student excited with her first report card and so am I with the result of my networth. Yes I did it, I have reach a total of P 100,000.00 ++ both on savings & investment today just like what I have previously visualized.
And though the result of my networth when deducted with my two remaining cash loans worth P 3,000.00 is less than the 100k I plan to reach, I still feel really good about it.
This is my first time to evaluate my finances and though my assets (wow assets na ang topic, feeling rich, hahah) are not too big compared to some, it is really good to know where my financial status stand.

This 2015, I also plan to open PAGIBIG 2 savings but our HR says they were still trying to settle some of our unpaid contributions so I'll be waiting for their go signal. I also plan to open a SOLDIVO account if I happen to be dismembered at AMWSLAI. I'm also planning to get another St. Peter plan, I'll be talking to my brothers soon. As for stock investing, honestly I feel a bit scared about it as I feel that I'm still not equipped with the technical knowledge & my priority for this year is to study again. If my plan to study doesn't push through, then maybe I'll try to take a plunge on it later on.

For a minimum wage earner like me, seeing those charts above is a great accomplishment already :)

I maybe too revealing here but I want a realistic approach in reaching all my goals. Just got 100k goal last year and probably in just few years I'll be reaching 1 million, o di ba mas exciting & challenging?

"In this game of life, goal setting is not just about reaching a destination, it's also a journey of reaching one goal after another."

Happy Saving & Investing!!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Feeling So Thankful

I went to Philcare yesterday with my mother for the last shot of my cervical vaccine (3k already set aside for it), ob-gyne check up & for the result of my transvi-ultrasound (already paid P 670.00 for it) . I'm so happy with the result of the ultrasound, my endemetrial cyst got smaller again from 1.6 x 1.3cm, it is now 1.5 x 1.0cm ( konti na lang mawawala na sya, yeheey).

 I remembered 2 years ago how I broke into tears when I found out that I too have an endemetrial cyst. I didn't expect the result since I only undergo that transvi ultrasound because it's part of the package of the women's healthcard & it was suggested by my ob, "Pa-transvi ka na rin para alam mo rin di ba, your not getting any younger, all the more reason you should aware of your health ". Feeling invincible kasi ako, wala naman nararamdaman but I was already 38 yrs old that time.

 I used to comfort my friend who is suffering from it, how she struggle not only on her health but financially too because she was operated twice & the cost of that operation was a six digit figure. I sometimes pitied her because there were times she wanted to rest from her stressful work but she can't because most portions of her salary is allocated for the payment of the money she borrowed for her two operations.

Then, I found out I too have it, I was unprepared, I broke into tears coz I just can't believe it before. So I ask my doctor, "ooperahan po ba ako?", she answered "depende, kung lumalaki-oo' pero kung hindi o lumiliit - monitoring lang tayo." And now - it was my friend who got that same endemetrial cyst is consoling me after I found about it. Masarap pala kapag may kaibigan talaga especially in times when we really need someone whom we can share the same experience.

Today, we just kept intouch once in a while through yahoo & facebook chat since our work schedules are opposite, "Pang-gabi sya, pang-araw ako pero kapag nagkaron ng tugmang oras, we watch movie or we dine out." And as I received a good news yesterday, I really feel thankful that God is continually healing me.

After the check up, we went to our office for some inquiry before heading to Pagibig as I plan to open Pagibig II savings but I think there were still some problems with our contributions so I decided not to pursue my plan for now.

Feeling so thankful to God, my mother & I decided to drop at Greenbelt church afterwards then proceeded with our usual bonding activity @ Landmark, Glorietta & SM. We have a very tiring & beautiful day because my mother & I, both have a new beautiful blouses (oh well, one of my goals need some redirecting, hahah). Would you imagine how many times we went to fitting room just to find a beautiful blouse/dress that would really suits our not so perfect but beautiful body, hahah:). That's how we bond and my mother & I really enjoyed that day.

Yes, I do have financial plans but my health & my family always comes first.
As the simple saying goes, "Health is wealth" & "Family should always be our priority."

Have a blessed weekend!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

My New Notebook

This is my new budget notebook 2015 which I bought at P20.00 @ Bente Store last year (obvious naman ang price di ba, bente store kasi e, heheh). I have develop a habit of writing down all my expenses in a notebook last year so I can easily sort & track down my daily cash expenses.
On the first part of my notebook are my daily expenses-from transportation, food, personal, home, & other daily miscellaneous expenses that I regularly encounter everyday. I uses a code each so I can accomodate all of it in one page.
1st Part
The first panel is for Dates.
& next is For TRANSPORTATION : M=morning & E=evening.
Then For FOOD : L=lunch, S=snack, D=dinner
Then For PERSONAL : He=Health, CL=cloth/Hy=hygiene, Lo=cellphone load
Then For MISCELLANEOUS : Ho=home, EF=emergencies, Etc=etc.
The last panel is for the total expenses I had for a day.
(Last year I was able to total my yearly expenses for transpo, food, & misc - I just forgot to bring my old notebook today).
2nd Part
The second part of my notebook is for my 365 days church/serve goal. As part of my goal this year, I made a chart again so I can track down If I completed it or not. Notice that I have an amount on the rightmost part panel, that's for emergencies sometimes our relative from the province ask for some financial support, if I want to donate some amount & the weekly obligations to church.  I already set aside little portions of my money last December for church/serve goal.
Third Part
The third part of my notebook are for my personal expenses, I want to know how much I spend on every personal hygiene & other personal stuffs expenses I spend for a month or a year.

I have a monotonous lifestyle routine. I do have an android cp & a tablet where I can easily look for a budget template & download it in a playstore but I cant find the right one that suits what I want or I can have an excel file for it but like I said before I'm an idiot to excel software (parang nakakalito kasi ang excel, I'll probably ask my officemate to teach me some basics). So I resorted again to an oldskul way - writing down on my notebook. I'm a bit outdated to use a notebook especially nowadays where gadget for every Filipinos are already a common part of our daily lives but as long as it's an effective tool for personal finance I'll continue doing it.

I'm not feeling well (parang may lagnat sa loob) but I'm still working today, already took biogesic pero ayaw pa rin akong pawisan kakainis, good thing I decided to write a blog, medyo nabaling ang isip ko, instead of thinking that I'm not well. Just waiting for few more jobs to be delivered & I'll be heading home.

Have a great day everyone! God Bless :)

Monday, January 5, 2015

Productive days @ home

January 1, was spent entirely inside our house with the family while January 2, was spent more with my mother bonding @ Market Market Mall.
January 3, I was inspired to be productive when we went to palengke to buy some ingredients for our lunch meal. As we crossed every house everyone's busy doing their own stuffs - some are sorting/packing "uling" charcoal, others we're doing stuff toys, while some prefer selling either clothes or cold drinks & other street foods just in front of their houses, plus garbage collectors were sorting some plastic bottles & newspapers that can be sold in a junk shops. Hey, Filipinos are hardworking naman talaga, di ba? When we reach the wet market- everyone's busy with their products- from the fruit stand, to the fish, meat & vegetable store, to the vendors of bigasan, sari sari store, carinderia,etc" siguro ang aaga nilang magising, dapat ganun din ako- productive." Even if my vacation leave is paid by the company as part of their benefits, the opportunity to earn again is still there.
So in the afternoon I decided to hit the pedal of our sewing machine and in the evening I finished sewing 5 kilos of rugs, e di kumita na rin ako ng P225.00.

January 4, after we attend the Sunday church mass, I again sit in the corner area of my room & make some "hinurma" for the rags that I'll be sewing afterwards & in the evening I finished sewing another 5 kilos.

This will be stocked for a while as I intend to set aside my basahan earnings for my philam life insurance. I've already talked to my brother to pay me for the finished rags on February, where my schedule for the next quarter payment is scheduled.

Just Sharing lang po!
Have a productive day ahead!

Year end Review on my Goals

4th Qtr Goal Updates:
1.)  Go to church every Sunday -missed out some Sundays on the last two months of 2014.
2.)  Be healthy - fruits & veggies / day and at least 3 liters of water a day - drunk 2 liters only / day / missed out some fruits daily.
3.)  Exercise, Exercise Exercise !!! 15 min. to 30 min.walk  /exercise - average of 700 steps were achieved here.
4.)  Have a health insurance - at least short term/1 year check up -done with it.
5.)  Kill Debt - finished paying for the bad debts while there are still remaining good debts to pay.
6.)  Budget, Budget, Budget - Live below means - target reached.
7.)  Have my 365 method short term savings - finished total of 123 sets here (P 44,895 both used both on savings & investment) :))
8.)  Have an emergency savings fund –done with it.
9.)  De- clutter my mind / simplify things - more focused now.
10.)I will learn to cook - a little boost we're done last december, already started my interest here :)

4th Qtr MIDYEAR Goal Updates:
(Follow Up Goals)

1)  Read & write 365 bible verses -  on process-  failed (wrote until May 2 only-continuing this 2015
2)  Read  Ten (10) ebooks on my cellphone. done with it
3)  Read Three (3) Inspirational Books.----finished reading 2 books, 1 book to go. 
4)  Read Two (2) Spy Books - haven't started this- FAILED
5)  Have a cervical vaccine - done with it.
6) Open FAMI SALEF Account or Philequity fund - done :)
7) Open FAMI SALBF Account --- done with it.
8)  Open a time dep or UITF.-- opened special saving account already.
9)  Open another coop account at vab.--- result of my inquiry is not good here - don't want to pursue this.
10) Invite atleast 5 person to a financial seminar as I promised my friend - still planning who's to invite.---FAILED HERE.

Summary :

Almost half of my goals were finished as planned, while I have'nt even started with my 2 goals here (read 2 spy books & invite 5 person to a seminar - hard to convince anyone here).
Honestly I feel bad about not completing 52 churchdays & the 365 written bible verses on the last quarter which should be my top priority of all the goals I have written here. This 2015 I'll focusing more on my spirituals goals above everything.
Secondly, I'll be giving more emphasis on personal improvements. Now, with all the written goals here I can now give emphasis on my weak points & focus on improving my strengths more.

New goals were already set as I now started to discover the real Grace inside me this year.

Full of Hopes this 2015.
Have a great day everybody!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

"You can succeed" my favorite book

This book has been my constant guidance in fulfilling my goals last year - from setting a goal, dealing with failures and finally achieve total success. Though I'm not good in making book reviews I'll try my best to share what I have read. Seven steps were given here in achieving success:

1. Setting a goal - From knowing yourself, hitting the mark of every goals, to finally committing your life to your goals.
"In this game of life, goal setting is not just about reaching a destination, it's also a journey of reaching one goal after another."
2. Constant learning - because learning is the key to personal goals and as we learn we progress.
"Psychologists generally agree that no acquired memories last forever. Instead, any effective repetition must be based on active recall. This simply means that your brain must always generate the answer. It cannot just passively process it."
It is also through this chapter that I decided to constantly write a blogpost.
"Writing is one of the best ways to develop your mental skills".
3. Rise every failure - this is my favorite chapter because I easily give up whenever I fail but through this chapter I was able to rise up in every failed plan I had last year.
"Make the most out of your mistakes by learning to turn each failure into a stepping-stone to success."
4. Keep yourself constantly motivated -Regardless of all the obstacles we encounter, we need to continue to pursue ourselves in achieving our goals.
5.Build on your relationships - Yes, it is important that we strengthen our relationship with our family, relatives, friends & others .
"As one changes for the better, so do the others. And as you succed, they too succeed. Grow with those who help you grow. For in the very end, only those with a hand to hold will truly be happy".
6. Never, Never Give up - It was in this chapter that I learned about having an "Inner Locus of Control" & the importance of it.
"People with a strong inner locus of control believe that success depends upon their own behavior while people with a strong external locus of control believe that success depends mostly due to luck or chance and that their life is generally controlled by others behavior."
7. Achieve Total Access with Spirituality- Because all things are possible to those who believe in Christ, no better way to describe but to have faith in God as our final step to success.

You know whats really good about this book- A lot of known personality in the world were set as an example.

1. How WALT DISNEY established his mighty dream from creating mickey mouse & other characters, opening Disneyland in 1955 & leaving legacy to all the kids in the world.
"For what he believes " There's a child in all of us."
2. How MAHATMA GANDI freed INDIA in a non violent way.
3. How HELEN KELLER though blind was able to prove that her disability is not a hindrance in achieving her ultimate dream. She's the one who worked to established braille as the standard in printed communication for the blinds.
4. How an author JUNG CHANG who was born in China where books were burned , schools were closed & learning is scorned, struggle to pursue her passion in learning & finally awarded a scholarship in Britain & the first to received a doctorate in British University.
5. How BILL MARRIOTT become a successful restaurant & hotel owner.
6. Why MICHAEL JORDAN suddenly retired from basketball & started a playing minor league baseball but mad an equally surprising turnback afterwards.
7. How THOMAS ALVA EDISON pursue inventing telegraph even if he was already losing hearing. At the age of 84, Edison had patented 1,000 inventions.
As what Edison liked to say, "Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration".
8. How ABRAHAM LINCOLN, become one of the Americas most honored & revered President after 24 years of incredible repeated failure.
9. Would LEA SALONGA be a broadway star if she didn't follow the urging of her friends or if she didn't do her best in an audition.
10. How LEE KUAN YEW ultimately led & transformed Singapore.
11. Why HILLARY CLINTON gain respect inspite of the controversy before.
12. How NELSON MANDELA  fought the system of his country & finally gain freedom after he was imprisoned.
13. Did you know that WINSTON CHURCHILL took three long years getting through one grade school because he had a lot of trouble learning English.
14. How KONOSUKI MATSUSHITA  built his company - Panasonic, Technics & JVC brands despite of lack of formal education' meager resources & hardships.
15. How persistent HARRISON FORD of his dreams & finally be leadstar of star wars even if one of his director told him he would never make it big.
16. How yugoslavian lady named AGNES BOJAXHIU also known as MOTHER TERESA dedicated her life helping the poorest of the poor. What many dont know about Mother Teresa's inspiring story were the  difficulties she regularly encountered & yet she persevered with her objectives & ideals, with her spiritual source that gave her strength to carry on with what she wanted to accomplish.
17. How DR. MARTIN LUTHER showed that peaceful action could bring about change & by 1964 President Lyndon Johnson  signed the civil rights acts into law-giving equal rights for all people in his country.

Finally, we know the story of a man even who was persecuted & crucified transformed the lives of billions of believers. Jesus Christ gave us the true meaning of our lives. Jesus Christ was & still is a great symbol of success.

Amazing how this 1/4" thick book was so full with wise words  that can really change & guide a person in achieving my goals.

Just like all the examples given here, let us all move forward,  take action on our goals & be the best that we can be as we start our journey this 2015!!!!

Just sharing again!
Have a great day ahead!

New Focus & New Goals this 2015

It's 2015 - a brand new year for a new beginning. My whole day was spent entirely at home, my feet didn't touch the ground outside our door. Just spend the whole day inside, yes I'm a total introvert when I'm at home & inside my room just writing & thinking some of my new goals while doing some computations.
Last year was a blast - because of the discovery I made to myself, wow!!!! kaya ko pala, for a quitter like me, nagawa ko almost 75% of my listed goals.
The first half of the year was challenging while the second half was very fulfilling. It exceeded my expectations on my financial goals ( my plan was just to have at least 50k of both savings & investment but I was able to save 67k plus the 6k were use in my cervical vaccine ). But aside from the financial goal,  self realization was made.
"Am I on the right path?"
Will I be just  minimum wager for life?"
Am I on contented with my work?"
Is this all I can do with my life?"
These are the questions that triggers me as I was following every goal that I have set last year. And today as I start the year 2015, new goals are now set again.
1) Continue writing / reading 365 bible verse -
I only finished writing until May 2 last year (1 verse / day ).
2) Start my 365 church/serve goals - got my notebook prepared already. Honestly I didn't complete my 52 church goals last year, I was distracted & lost my focus on the last 2 months of 2014.
3) Walk atleast 1000 steps daily - I only achieved an average of 700 steps of walking / day last year.
4) Drink at least 3 liters of water a day - I only completed 2 liters of water a day last year.
5) Finish last shot of cervical vaccine - already set aside 3k for it.
6) Have a CVC / ECG check up - want to know the contents of my blood, hahah & if my heart is doing good.
7) Have a regular transvi/papsmear check up-every 6 months - need to buy womens healthcard again.
8) Have a consult to the max card - need to be ready for my health atleast free consultation is covered for 1 year.
9) Enroll / Study another course on the university where I graduated (priority goal this year ).
10) Learn/ speak atleast 10 Spanish Word & 10 french word - hey, its free on my android cellphone. (downloaded talking translation already)
11) Get a passport - though I have no plans on travelling.
12) Get a drivers license - though I have no plans on driving, hahah.
13) Cook atleast 5 dishes before the years ends - hey, I already started it I think It'll be challenging now.
14)  Wake up at 5:30 am & go to work @ 7:30 am - tardiness has been  my problem these past few months.
15) Stick to budget - I was bit lax in budgeting last december (need to  stick with plan again)
16) Use all consumable products before buying another ( last December was uncontrollable again - my buy this & buy that attitude came out again ).
17) Try my best not to buy any clothes, shoes, bags & other personal stuffs.
18 ) Read my two spy books - this is from my 2014 goals.
19) Read my last inspirational book - I only finish reading 2 inspirational book last year.
20) Read atleast one financial book - need to find one.
1) Have atleast P 5,000 on my Wealthbank Passbook account on the first quarter of the year ( need to start saving for my tuition fee ).
2) Have atleast P 3,000 on my Wealthbank ATM account on the first quarter of the year.
3) Have atleast P 2,000 on my BPI ATM Account.
4) Reach a total of 200K on mysavings / investment - FAMI, PHILEQUITY, AMWSLAI, ST. PETER, WEALTHBANK Spl Savings Account & PAGIBIG FUND. I'll be verifying my updated contribution on PAGIBIG this January.
5) Get another St Peter plan - need to talk with my brother about this.
6) Continue my Philam Life Insurance Plan.
7) Have a total of atleast 20k on FAMI, 20k on Philequity, & 20K on my wealthbank before 2015 ends. ( done with 10K each last year ).
8) Open either a Soldivo Account or a BPI UITF account.
1) Get womens healthcard for my mother.
2) Look for a healthcard for my parents.
3) Encourage/Update my two brothers with their savings account.
4) Inquire Pagibig fund for my two brothers again.
5) Learn how to be diplomatic in talking with the family members - not to be too straightforward but a little bit of self control is needed in dealing with some family problems.

Last year I have set 20 goals - I didnt finish some of it but atleast I managed to achieved more than half of it.
I got 32 goals written here today & hopefully fulfill them all this year though I'm not quite sure with my financial goals as I will be focusing on studying again & our company's financial status is not doing good also but then I need to be optimistic.

Looking forward this 2015.
Happy New Year everyone!!!!

A little bit of cooking @ home

December 29, Monday - My parents went to Cavite, our bunso went to   work, my kuya went jogging & I was left alone at home - after my cleaning routine (mopping the floor & washing the dishes) I saw some leftovers (some rice & pork). I decided to cook, finally I really decided to work on one of my goals--COOKING. Whenever I cooked, I often got a little bit an accident (natalsikan ng mantika sa mukha, napaso ng mainit na kaldero, nabuhusan ng mainit na tubig, nahiwa ng kutsilyo) that's the reason why I hate cooking and most importantly the outcome of my effort -unfortunately the taste is not quite good everytime I cook.
But this monday, I was left all alone at home, decided to have a little basic experiment on the leftovers, there we're 2 kaldero of rice both have half filled & 1/4 filled of sinaing (hindi naman panis kasi malamig) & there we're also some fried pork left too. So I prepared some garlic and cut the pork into small pieces and finally sautee it in a pan & added the leftover rice in it plus a little salt seasoning & voila I done it without injury hahah. Then I decided to make some scrambled egg, but this tiime I added some tomato, onion & sili. Finally I did it - and the taste - I dont know yet. That's the problem whenever I cooked, I had no appetite. So I just waited for my kuya to come & eat the breakfast. Afterwards my kuya went home & eat it, and the verdict, ok lang daw heheh, gutom sya kasi e (hindi maalat at hindi matabang).
In the afternoon, one of our neighbor (who just came from batangas-gave us some kalabasa & mangga). My mouth is watering when I saw the mangga. So I went to palengke nearby then bought some bagoong & cooked it. In fairness pinag-agawan ang ginisang bagoong ko - eto lang kasi ang kaya kong lutuin before, hahah.

I really feel good that I started a little touch of cooking & I think I'll be enjoying this activity now.

Have great day guys!

Ps. It was suppose to be posted last tuesday unfortunately we got a poor wifi signal here :(
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