Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Simplified Goals

          Our company is on the verge of closing down but my boss still does not want to give up. We were advised with the current financial situation of our company so we'll be aware what's been happening around -why our salary is always delayed and why it is given in installments. We were also given a memorandum about the cost cutting measures he want to implement next week. These are the reasons why I decided to revised my goals today - I want a simplified goals this 2016.

          EMERGENCY FUND (priority goals)
          Yesterday, a wealthbank staff called up to notify me about the maturity of my special savings account and to confirm also if I will be renewing it again. So I went there last week and set up four special account for specific emergency fund from the capital contribution fund I received last February. Since I am experiencing a lot of financial difficulties today - I need to be prepared both on expected and unexpected financial problems.

1. Personal emergency fund - target is to have atleast 20k before 2016 ends - done with it.
2. Family emergency fund -  another 30k before the year ends - working on progress.
3. Health emergency fund - reach another 20k before 2016 ends - on progress.
4. Renovation fund - I split my personal fund and set another fund for my "paupahan".
Should my brother decided to leave the house, I plan to enhance the house so I can have it rented to a higher rental fee. "Mahal na raw paupahan ngayon sa lugar namin."

         My plan to open a whole life insurance in Paramount will be put on hold for a while until I finish paying my Philam life insurance.

5. Finish my Philam Life Insurance - last month to pay February 2017.

          I plan to redeem my shares on FAMI Salbf and Soldivo growth fund this year and focus only on Philequity & FAMI Salef. I don't want to complicate things since I have a lot of problems to attend to these days. My target 100K on mutual funds - 40K on FAMI & 60K on Philequity or vice versa.

6. Have a total of 40k in FAMI SALEF.
7. Have a total of 60k in Philequity.

          Lastly, I  want to reach my 300k target goal (both savings & investments combined) before this year ends. This is still my target this year.

          These are my revised financial goals this year. It may seem unreachable for now since I am really experiencing financial difficulties today but what is important for me is that I have set a clear goals to reach. "Mahirap man ang buhay basta may direksyon, challenging pa rin" and that makes it more exciting, di ba?

How about you?
What are your financial goals this year?

Have a great day ahead!
God bless.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

My Goals - May 2016 Update

          It's been a while since I last wrote a blogpost. I stopped writing for two months because I needed to focus more on my studies first and let my mind rest afterwards. I really miss writing about personal finance so I decided to review and update all my goals today.

Here's the goal list I set last January:

1. Have a total of 20K Mutual Fund Purchase in my FAMI EQUITY Fund - DONE

2. Have a total of 30K Mutual Fund Purchase in my PHILEQUITY Fund - DONE

3. Have a total of 15K Mutual Fund Purchase in my FAMI BALANCED Fund
4. Open another Life insurance in Paramount Direct

5. Continue my Philam Life Insurance - updated on paying.
6. Complete my 30K Personal Emergency Fund in Wealthbank Special Savings Account - DONE
7. Complete my 30K Family Health Emergency Fund- just need 8k to complete it.

8. Have a total of 30K Mutual Fund Purchase in my FAMI EQUITY Fund
9. Have a total of 40K Mutual Fund Purchase in my PHILEQUITY Fund
10. Have a total of 20K Mutual Fund Purchase in my FAMI BALANCED Fund
11. Have a total of 10K Mutual Fund Purchase in my SOLDIVO Growth fund

12. And before this year ends,  I want to reach my 300K TARGET GOAL

          Among the 12 goal list I wrote last January,  five were accomplished already. Not bad for a working student like me. But since my financial life is really not doing well this year I will be revising it soon.

         I am really experiencing financial difficulties today because of my studies and the delayed salary I am receiving these days but I believe I'll survive it & I know that God has a greater plan for me.

 Have a great week ahead!
God Bless!


Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Reminiscing Bicol Trip Part 5 - Pasacao Beach

Yes, I admit I have a faulty memory already. While exploring some of my personal files in my computer here in our office today I stumbled upon these photos in another separate folder .

...and I just remembered that we also went to Pasacao beach on our first day in Bicol too. That's the reason why, I labeled it day 1 part 2. After CWC, we had our lunch in Biggs Diner in Pili Camarines Sur.

After our lunch, we went straight to Pasacao Beach which is almost a two hour drive from Pili since we are not yet familiar with the place. It was only through the help of waze, an iphone apps which serves as my brother's guide for direction that we were able to reach its location.

I cannot remember anymore how much is the entrance fee, the cottage fee, the room rent or the prices of foods / snacks there. What I do remember only are the experiences that we had there & the photos of it as a proof.
This is my first time to actually step on the sand and water. Oh, did I mention that I don't like going to the beaches because I do not know how to swim & I have a fear that I might get drowned? That's one reason why I'm not fond of traveling but since I'm with my brothers & they like adventures I had no choice but to follow where they lead us.
They were a bit curious and they wanted to go to that island but since our mother is with us, she did not allow them. She does not allow us also to swim far from her, we know she got nervous seeing us far so we  just enjoyed in the waist deep area of the sea. What I do enjoyed in that experience was seeing a fish swimming near my feet, hahah -" ang babaw talaga ng kaligayahan ko noh?

It was also my first time to witness & enjoy the lowtide event of the sea.
The land bridge appears on the left side and it almost connects to the island and my mother & brother enjoyed their acting there while I sat on that boat.
...plus I was able to write on the area where the sea water left its place.

Then at around 6pm, we decided to go back to my father's place in Nabua Camarines Sur.

This is the last part of my reminiscing posts. Overall, our bicol trip was tiring but pleasurable for me. It was all my first - first to see Majestic Mayon - "a dream come true for me", first to see an actual wake boarding event, first to set my foot on the beach and on the seawater and all other experiences we had there. And because they were my first - they were all memorable to me. That's the reason why I wrote these blogs.
Have a great day ahead.
God Bless.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Reminiscing Bicol Trip Part 4 - Tiwi Spring Resort

Day 3
On our third day, we decided to go to Tiwi, Albay because we were all curious about hot springs. Who wouldn't want to actually witness that hot spring flowing right in front of your eyes where you can see shrimp that look like a cooked one already. At least that's what I remembered from the stories of my mother before. So we searched for Tiwi hot spring, unfortunately that Tiwi hot spring is long gone already. We were told that the hot spring from Mayon volcano was already diverted to the geothermal power plant so we had no chance of seeing it and we had no choice but to look for a nearby resort.

While looking for a nearby resort, we've enjoyed seeing these things - the rice fields, green mountains, the typical native houses, dried "palays" along the highways and lastly, the smell of fresh air - "ay ang sarap ng greens sa mata at ang sariwa  ng hangin talaga".

After few hours of searching we landed here - Tiwi Spring Resort.
General Lounge where people can occupy the tables for free
The place is nice and the entrance fee is only P 50 per head.

Foods are reasonably priced and I decided to occupy the free tables inside (kuripot me again) and not the cottages that can be rented. Hey, its more fun to stay in a place where more people are enjoying.
They also have two swimming pools - one kiddie pool with slide and another pool for adult.

Though we're a bit frustrated not seeing/ experiencing hot spring, still we've enjoyed our bonding moments and I can say that our travel there is worth it. 

At 4pm we've decided to head back to Camarines Sur again since it took us almost 3 hours to reach this area. 

This ends our day 3 trip.

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