Friday, October 28, 2016

"Feeling Sad"

"Feeling Sad" - parang reaction lang sa fb but seriously I really feel sad this past few weeks.

Notice that I have been posting a lot of tidying, fixing and arranging stuffs lately. It's because I was feeling so down and I am trying to counter it by making myself busier than the usual.

Yes I'm feeling depressed lately because our boss formally announces that he'll be closing down the company. He said he can no longer sustain the financial needs of our company and that he cannot find any means of surviving it. I am lonely not only because of financial reasons but I somehow feel like I will also be losing a family - a company which I consider as my second home.

I've been working in this company for almost nine years but I've learn to love my job regardless of the salary I'm receiving. I love working in this family environment company where your boss is like your parent and your colleagues are your brothers and sisters. I love working in this company because laughter is always present everyday. It is a company where I feel accepted, connected and be at ease with everyone else. "Alam na namin ang saltik at sumpong ng bawat isa."

There were lots of times when I feel pressured and fed up by the complaints of our clients and the only reaction I will receive from my co-worker is "e di wow". There were lots of times in my early years when green jokes were often thrown at me and I always pretend that I cannot relate to them, now I'm the first one to laugh at their jokes. I will miss my boss who always greets me with - "Grasya, mag-asawa ka na" and I will simply smile and answers her back, -"Ma'am, di pa kami ready ni Papa Piolo." Later on she upgraded it with a new version - "Grasya, ilang taon ka na - mag-anak ka na lang." and again I will answer her - "Break na po kami ni Papa Piolo e."

Though there were times of misunderstandings and conflicts, days will pass by and later on it will just be part of our daily "asaran". And even if I don't drink San Mig Lights or Empi Lights with my boss and my co-workers during weekends and occasions, I love listening to their jokes and their funny drunk moves. They have an exceptional talent in cracking jokes when they are drunk and believe me your jaws will surely lock up laughing with them.

These reasons maybe shallow for choosing to work as a minimum wager in that company but these are the reasons that sometimes cannot be measured by the amount of salary alone. Surely I will miss nine years of  morning rush, arguments, deadlines, job orders, numerous phonecalls & emails but I will definitely miss nine years of "asaran", "laitan", "sagutan" & "katwiran", "sablay" and "kulitan" in our office.

Pardon me for being too sentimental, I just want to reminisce those treasured moments today. I am conditioning myself to be prepared so that in one, two or three months time I'll be able to convince my mind to relax and stay put for a while. I am still working today but I can't help but feel sad. "Isipin ko pa lang na wala na akong trabaho at di ko na makakatrabaho ang mga ka-officemate ko, nalulungkot na agad ako."

Right now we are still working and enjoying the remaining time and days in our company but we are also waiting for the decision of our boss as to when will be the final date of closure. When that day comes, I know that it'll be hard for me to adjust physically because of the daily routine I have for nine years but I know that it will be harder to adjust mentally and emotionally too. It will be hard but I know that I'll be able to get through this kind of emotion because I know that God has a better plan for me in the future.
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Just pouring my emotions here.
Till then.
Have a great week ahead!
God Bless.

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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Weekend Main Task: Watch Repair

It's Saturday once again and a new day to start my "to do lists task." After breakfast, I begun replacing my beddings and arranging it afterwards. "Para kasi akong si Alden Richards may pagka-OC pagdating sa kama". Then I proceeded with my laundrying & cleaning of my shoes. "Alam nyo naman kapag umulan, harabas sa ulan ang sapatos kaya kailangan linisin."...and the rest of the day was spent again entirely with my nephew.
(Repair Task - 2)
My main task this week is to replace the battery of my watch. I already did it last week but the spare battery they gave me is not working anymore. (Note, I bought this watch for only P150 as an alternative last December and they gave me a spare battery for it.). Good thing I saw this (10 pcs) battery at bente store in Market Market and bought it for only P 25. With a little help of my cutter & twissors I was able to replace its battery again. Yes I did it, I'll mark this date again for another repair achievement, heheh. "Ang babaw ko no" but I'm happy - proud owner of another repaired watch. 
I was not able to finish all the task I have set but I find it fulfilling to see my main task goal done every week.

Just sharing again.
How 'bout you? What are your weekend tasks goal?
Have a great  week ahead.
God Bless.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Weekend Tasks: Laundry, Baby Sitting & Repairs

My "To do List" strategy last week was effective so I decided to do it again today.
I've listed few tasks only since I've already arranged some of my things last week.
To do list
My plan was to study online first but my mother reminded me that we will be going to Tagaytay with my brother so I decided to skip some of my routine task and just finish what I have started - laundrying & fixing my room.

Saturday was spent almost entirely with my nephew in Tagaytay & Sta. Rosa. I was not able to take any picture of the place because I was so busy looking out for my nephew, "ang likot, grabe, nakakapagod humabol." I was so tired that day and that made me sleep for 9 straight hours. Now, I understand why my mother had no time for "chikahan" at night, heheh.
my nephew's hand - taken while he was asleep, trip lang
(Repair Task - 1)

One of my main task goal this week is to fix my umbrella. I lost my 2 yr old "fibrella" umbrella few months ago and because I have no extra money to buy for a new one, I decided to look for my old damaged umbrella and have it repaired for P 30.00. Its' broken frames were replaced but its stitches were not properly done so after using it for few months its frame breaks out of its position. So I have to sew it again to strengthen its connection to its frame.

So there it is - I now have a new repaired umbrella. I'll mark this date again because I'll be repairing some of my broken stuffs during weekends.

Though I was not able to finish all my tasks, I still find it productive to repair some old stuffs instead of buying new one. It's my way to save money and a great way to be happy.

Just sharing again.
Have a great weekend.
God Bless.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Weekend Tasks - To do list style

Procrastination is one of my problem during weekends.
I plan a lot on weekdays but I always fail to execute it every weekends.
Maybe because of tiredness, laziness and my excitement to take care of my nephew always led me to unfinished tasks & frustration.
Yesterday, I decided to write it down. I woke up at 7am, earlier than my usual 9am wake up time and one by one finish all the tasks I have written down on this piece of paper.
 And I think it's effective. Sixty-seven percent (67% or 8/12) of the task I have written was done yesterday.

#1 I've finished reading one topic in Psychology in Alison courses after I wrote down my task yesterday. It was only last year that I've discovered my interest in this field and I was lucky to discover that there free online courses here -
#2 #3 #4 #5 - Arrange / fix beddings, clothes, school stuffs, gadgets/chargers.
Plus I made this platform near my bed as my charging station last week then organize my stuffs yesterday. "Humingi lang ako ng piraso ng plywood sa office at bumili ng bracket sa hardware (P 40/pair). Nakakainis kasi yung kung saan saan ka pa naghahanap ng sasaksakan ng charger."
#6 Laundry Clothes. I usually laundry my clothes every Sunday & I always feel tired every Monday. Finally yesterday, I was able to do it. Sad thing, it rained outside & I needed to hang it inside my room to dry them all.
#7  Haircut - cut my bangs. I did it on my own to save P50, heheh . Sorry I have no photo of it right now.

#9 Arrange cord extension to outlet. After relocating the cord extension. I decided to have it in fixed position. I don't want any hanged extension cord inside our room.
And because I was too tired after those task, I decided to sleep afterwards. Then my mother & I went to the mall at 4 pm and went back home at around 9pm.

I was not able to do my # 8, # 10, # 11, #12 because I was so tired in the evening. But nevertheless I'm still happy that I was able to fight my lazy Saturday habit and finish most of my task yesterday. I think its good to have a written guide to battle procrastination.

How about you, do you have unfinished task during weekends?
How do you battle procrastination?

Just sharing my thoughts again!
Have a great week ahead.
God Bless.

Ps. the remaining tasks was done today! Mission accomplished :)

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Last Scholarship Grant Received!

Last July, my classmate reminded me again - "Ate grace, nakapagpasa ka na ng requirements sa scholarship, last week na ngayon para sa second batch." So I hurriedly gather all the requirements and submit it to Cayetano Highschool.
Would you believe that in less than a month a confirmation letter arrived and its distribution is already scheduled. "Grabe, ang bilis talaga ng service nila. Kudos to our Mayor, her councilors and to all her staffs who took an extra effort on this program."
I received P 7,500 for the Basic Plus scholarship. Afterwards, I went to WEALTHBANK & open a special saving account. I added P 2,500 from my passbook account since the minimum required amount for it is P 10,000.
This is the third & last claim and I need to set it aside as my education/graduation fund. I need to be prepared financially because of the possible unemployment I might experience next year.
Because of the financial difficulties that our company is experiencing, I have been contemplating a lot these past few weeks if I'll be resigning or not. Most of the advises I got was to stay put & it was also the advice I got from my classmate since most of them regretted resigning from their work. So my decision for now is to continue to work (regardless of the salary I am receiving) until I finish all my financial obligations - my laptop, my insurance and my credit card bills.

Overall, I am really thankful that God is assisting me with these kind of financial blessings through the services our local government here in Taguig. I really admire them for their advocacy and their mission to uplift the lives of the future generations of Taguig.

Just sharing my experience again.
Have a great week ahead.
God Bless.

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