Thursday, November 10, 2016

Feeling Blessed & Thankful

I woke up with a light hearted mood this morning.
Maybe because of the sunrise, the song & noise from my father's favorite radio station or the board posted on my wall.
Yes, I made my own board where all my goals, bills & installments are listed. It's my way of battling and motivating my own self to get up and have a productive day.
And I saw my pledge list - a pledge that my mother and I signed for the propose parish formation center & retablo in our Sto Nino Church last August.
Then I remember the homily from the Sunday mass last August. It was about the ten men with leprosy healed by Jesus. Out of the ten lepers only one came back to give thanks to Jesus (Luke 17:11-19).Our parish priest first gave us a story before he delivers his sermon and here's how it goes. 
(Tagalog na lang po para masayang ikwento).

May isang kaluluwang lalaki ang pumunta sa langit at winelcome ng mga anghel.
Sabi ng isang anghel - " dahil dito ka na sa langit ito-tour muna kita."
At nagtour sila sa tatlong malalaking building.

Sa unang building - pagpasok nila parang call center, napakaraming anghel at lahat busy sa computer.
Nagtaka at nagtanong sya sa anghel "Anong lugar to?"
Sagot ng anghel- "Ang tawag dito - Receiving Department"
Dito tinatanggap lahat ng prayer request ng mga tao.

Sa ikalawang building - pagpasok nila parang giftwrapping center, napakaraming anghel ang nagbabalot dito.
Nagtaka at nagtanong sya uli sa anghel "Anong ang lugar to?"
Sagot ng angel - " Ang tawag dito - "Releasing Department'
Dito naman inaayos para ipadala sa mga tao lahat ng request nila.

Sa ikatlong building - pagpasok nila nag-iisa lang ang anghel at walang ginagawa, nanonood lang ng TV at palipat lipat pa ng channel.
Dito lalong nagtaka at nagtanong sya ulit sa anghel " Ano naman tong lugar na to?"
Sagot ng anghel - " Ang tawag dito - "Thanksgiving Department".

Just like the simple story above, our parish was able to correlate it to his homily. True enough, we often forgot to give thanks to our Lord for all the blessings he had given us and for all prayer requests he had granted us and I felt guilty about it. I was consumed by my sadness last week that I forgot that I have a lot of blessings around to be thankful for. The sunrise that woke me up this morning means that God reminds me that I have a brand new day to live. The usual songs & noise from my father's radio reminded me that I have a home & a family where I belong. I have a lot of things that reminds me that God loves me & that there's no reason for me to feel sad. Its a simple realization that really made my day today.

Just sharing my thoughts again.
Have a great weekend!
God Bless.

...and that DIY board on my wall are my challenges - Go for the Goals pa rin ako :)
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