Thursday, April 30, 2015

Cash Loans Cleared

Finally, all the cash loans I made last year were all cleared. I just paid the last installment on my cash loans last week, yeheeeyyy!!!
These were the loans I made last year, the financial diskarte 1financial diskarte 2  posts I did to solve some of the unexpected financial problems, to help my kuya with his small business & a start up puhanan in lending. Yes, all of it were from my cash loans.

I am so thankful that I own a credit card that really helped me during those difficult times.
And I can say that I benefitted from those loans because aside from the lending interest I gained, I was able to save the dividend shares on my amwslai account from being forfeited last year & complete my emergency fund.

Though there were some setbacks from my cash loans because all of the scrap materials for basahan I bought last year were stocked up in our house because of miscommunications we had from the supplier to the buyer I still consider it as a learning experience, ika nga "may mga lugi talaga paminsan minsan sa business". Anyway, all those scrap materials can still be converted into cash just waiting for the right buyer, so wala pa rin "lugi".

Another 10k cash loan was made last January payable for 3 months which was used for lending. The last installment was paid last month & I earned P 1,400 from it.
And though I made two-10k cash loans last March for lending again & last April for my tuition fee, I have calculated the interest from the credit card vs the lending interest, still I got a positive result from it. "May tubo pa rin ako kahit papaano" :)

Just sharing some info on how to compute fixed add on interest on cash loans, balance transfers & cash conversions on credit cards

I guess you may be wondering why I keep on making some cash loans even if I do have some extra saving already. That's because I easily get frustrated & disappointed when I saw withdrawals on my savings account. "Am I the only one who has this kind of attitude?"

I do not want to lose my momentum in reaching my financial goals. So as long as I can earn the add on interest that the credit card will charge me from the cash loans I made I will continue to do it whenever I need it. For now, my credit card act as my second back up emergency fund.

I think "knowing yourself first" really plays an important role in reaching our financial goals.

Just in the mood for sharing!
Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Saturday Morning Activity

Thank God its' Saturday again.
I have been wanting to spend my Saturday morning jogging around & working out since our company decided to a no working day on Saturdays starting April but I was too tired to get up early.
And last week I finally did it.
I woke up @ 5 AM, took a quick shower & put on my jogging pants & shirt.
Grab my cp, purse, bottled water & towel and in just 15 minutes I'm out in the streets walking.
@ 5:15 am - still dark outside & the streetlights were still on.
And another 15 minutes of walking I'm already here in my jogging site.
Here in front of Heritage Memorial Park
 But just outside the Memorial Park
Where people gather, jog around, do some workouts, play badminton and walk their pets too.
Yes, they bring their dogs here.

And even a pig.....
Yes, it's a pig and kids were so amazed when they saw it.

After few rounds of jogging in that circular area, I took a rest and eat the bibingka & taho I bought there. (My budget friendly breakfast - Bibingka & Taho )
Bibingka @ 12 pesos & Taho @ 5 pesos
....and while watching those people jog around the area & others were doing their exercise routine I took some time to have a selfie shot.
Selfie tym :)

At 7 am, I decided to go home. have a little moment with my one & only nephew.
Baby Kenji & I were having some little conversation here.
So there goes my Saturday morning activity.
Hopefully next Saturday, I'll be jogging @ Heritage again,
"Lumalaki na kasi talaga ang bilbil ko ngayon".
I really need to exercise regularly.

Just sharing again!
Have a great day!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

My Top Up Diskarte

          I confess... I'm not a disciplined saver & I don't follow the principle that most of the financial experts suggested because I simply can't. I tried to do it last year but I failed.

But I save... I save and invest now regularly in my mutual funds.
I save as much as I can, whenever I can, and in every possible way I can.
But this time I do it and think of it as a challenge and not an obligation.
Why?.....Simply because I have a TARGET GOAL to reach.

          It was last year that I opened 2 mutual funds since then I have been committed to make monthly top up on it and already set a specific goal in my FAMI & Philequity Fund.
          And through my magic orange plastic can here, that has a lot of gold inside (just kidding I just placed some of my 25cents there), I was able to save continously (hindi po yata ako maswerte sa alkansya or maybe just a coincidence that something bad happens when I save money in a coinbank/alkansya).
This is where I put all my extra earnings I made & allowances I save.
And every payday I add some of my salary to complete my 1,000 monthly top up.

So whenever I have an extra allowance, I put it there.
Whenever I received our company monthly incentives I put it there.
Some of the cash rebates & cash reversals I had from my credit cards,
some of the cash gifts I had last December, some extra earnings I made,
and some of the income I had from the lending racket were always put inside that orange can.

          And the challenge is that every payday I need complete the amount to Php 1,000 so the next day it'll be deposited to FAMI & Philequity. No need to compute for 10%, 20% or 30%, just the thought of completing it encourages me to make a monthly top up.

My monthly top up visual
Yes, that's my monthly top up visual sample and I have been doubling my effort to save on my mutual fund just to reach the target 20k this year.
I'll be requesting for another cash rebates on my credit card this month (I think my points are qualified again).
I'll exchange my $10 bill tomorrow, kelangan mapakinabangan na, heheh.
I'll try to do some referrals in one of my credit card, my cash equivalent e.
I decided again to make some cash loans again for my lending so I can earn a little interest from it.
And I pray sana magkaron na ulit ng delivery ng basahan ang kuya ko, heheh.

My focus will be shifted next month if my plan to study will pursue.
Guys, I need your prayers, "Sana maaprubahan ako after ma-evaluate ang transcript of records ko para ma-ladderized to BTTE course". :) :) :)

Saving 10%, 20%,30% of income is good.
But when savings is treated as a challenge, it becomes fun and easier.
And since I have a target goal to reach, my mind is already set for it.
For the reward in reaching those goals is a brighter future ahead.

Just in the mood of sharing again!
Happy Saving & Investing!
God Bless Everyone.......

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

My extraordinary days @ Home

While everyone in facebook were busy posting their extraordinary vacation photos here in the Philippines and abroad, mine was just an ordinary one.
My four straight vacation days/holyweek season were spent entirely at home with my family and take note we are complete and that's extraordinary to me. Unlike during the previous years where my brother & sister inlaw & our bunso & his gf, my kuya & his barkadas would go to either resort/vacation places while me & my parents were left @ home, this year everyone chooses to just stay @ home.
Why?.....It's because of this cute little angel here that God gave us two months ago ( hindi pa kasi puedeng i-biyahe ng mga magulang kaya di sila nakapag-bakasyon, no choice sila heheh ).
My two month old nephew-baby Kenji
Every morning my mother will get baby kenji from my brother's house who lives just beside us, bunso & his gf will give baby a bath then the whole entire day will evolved around him making us all busy doing household chores while we alternately look after him.

Aside from baby kenji's attention, Holy Thursday & Good Friday were spent watching television for the "Siyete Palabras" mass & the "Ten Commandments movie". I have watched that "Ten Commandments movie" so many times and my father always has a side story everytime we watch it and these words were always used -"Nung Araw pinapanood namin yan sa plaza tuwing Holy Week at apat na oras yan kaya may breaktime kami sa pagitan."

I used to hate those words from my father who always has a repeated story with a starting words of "Nung Araw" but after he had a mild stroke few years ago I wanted him to be the usual talkative person again & so whenever he talks I become more attentive. I now come to realize the value of listening and enjoyed hearing those good old days stories from my parents and usual starting words of "Nung Araw".
I am really glad now whenever I hear them talk & reminisce their highschool days. And when my mother hears some old songs like "mony mony", "black is black" & the songs of beatles she would dance & tell a story how happy she was while dancing during her highschool days. Funny, how they talked about their lovelife & end up with each other even if they have different bf & gf before, hahah.

Then on Black Saturday, most of my time were used to laundry some of my clothes & arrange it afterwards in my aparador & drawers, while I got some spare time to sew, stitch & fix some of it & finally clean my room in the afternoon for it's been two months since baby kenji's invading my room and I need to arrange some of the baby stuffs scattered there.
Hindi po ako namamalantsa ng damit kaya puro tupi lahat :)
And while I was checking some of my old stuff inside my aparador I saw these--- $10 bill, 20 pesos inside my spare wallets that I haven't been using for a quite a while - hmmm..."Kailangan mapapalitan to at ma-invest sa mutual fund ko kesa ma-expire lang at mawalan ng value, heheh."

And on Easter Sunday finally we went out, my mother & I went to church and in the afternoon we went to market market mall to buy some groceries but hurriedly went home because my mother is missing her apo already.

These were just an ordinary & usual things we do @ home - from the homecooked meals that my mother prepared for us, the household chores that we were obliged to do, the usual repetitive stories from my parents to the simpleng kwentuhan, kulitan & asaran with my brothers plus the bonus part of my staycation was of course this cute little guy here whom I misses a lot when I'm at work --- these are all extraordinary & priceless moments for me.
who wouldn't miss this cute little guy here, o di ba?
We may not be as religious as others but for me what is important is that the Holyweek was observed by the whole family harmoniously at home giving everyone the time to think & reflect on the true meaning of Lenten Season.

Have a Blessed Day Everyone!
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