Thursday, October 30, 2014

Update on my St. Peter Life Plan

I went home a little earlier yesterday, I was inside my room fixing some "kalat" in my table (billings, receipts, & scratch papers) when I saw this receipt.
Yes, this is a receipt from St. Peter Life Plan that I took almost five years ago and it reminded me that I'll finish paying this 5 yr plan on December, yeheey matatapos na ko sa pagbabayad......
Why am I excited, its a St. Peter Plan? While for some they are afraid to talk about death, I'm excited to share again the memorial life plan I took in St. Peter, hahah......
I've written a blog post last July about the St. Peter Life Plan I took year 2009.
Here's a quick overview to summarize the coverage of the 30k St. Dorothy plan, a 4in1 plan as what the St. Peter agent calls it.

1) A Memorial services worth P 30,000.00 - I'm not going to elaborate it again, we all know what it's about.
2) Accidental & Dismemberment Cash benefit - cash benefit equivalent to the pre-need price if the event happen within the paying period.
3) Life Insurance - beneficiary will receive additional cash benefit of P 30,000.00 if the planholder dies within the paying period or within 5 years after full payment and the plan holder has not reached the age 65 upon death. That only means I'm still insured for another 5 year after full payment .
4) Money Back Guarantee -this is the benefit that I want here. After paying P550.00 per month for 5 years, another 5 years of waiting and the P30,000 will be given back to the plan holder, 20% of the contract price every year will be returned to the planholder on the 11th,12th,13th,14th & 15th year.The amount maybe not be much (it's only 6,000.00 per year) but hey, pera pa rin yan di ba? After all hindi na rin talo since I'll definitely use the main purpose of this plan "pag oras ko na talaga" hahah.....ang morbid ko noh?

Note: The memorial services is assignable too but not the 3 other benefits. The money back, life insurance & the accident insurance benefits are for the planholder only but once the memorial service plan is transferred ,the planholder will lose the other 3 benefits also.

Just two more months I'll be done paying on this plan, I can add this to my portfolio and I think I'll reach my magic number on December. TARGET 100,000.00 NETWORTH THIS DECEMBER :)

PS. I'm not connected or promoting St. Peter Life Plan, this blog is just my personal knowledge of the plan I took from them 5 years ago. I think St. Peter Plan already change the contract price & the terms for their Life plans with money back, just visit their website or ask their agents for further querries.

Happy Holloween!!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

My Bente Story

Few months ago, after our sunday strolling routine @ the mall we were on our way home my mother & I decided to take a walk instead of riding a tricycle. A bit tired and impatient waiting for those tricycles to arrive, my mother suggested " Tara lakad na lang tayo, maaga pa naman "- it was almost 7 pm that time. After few minutes of walking & kwentuhan, we we're one block away from our home with a street light near that area, I saw an orange paper crumpled on that street, I decided to pick it up but as I bend my body to pick up that paper the dog inside the gate barks so loud that made me jump into my feet & run. We we're laughing until we arrive @ home. When I looked into that orange piece of paper that I picked -- It's a TWENTY peso bill, "nakatipid na ng twenty five peso (tricycle fare) , nakapulot pa ng  bente pesos, yun nga lang ninerbyos ng husto sa tahol ng aso :)
Few weeks ago, in our office- a client went inside our office to pick up his job (he was a former co-employee). My other officemate too arrived that time also. They we're both passing through my area since I'm sitting near front desk area in our office. I noticed again an orange crumpled paper on the floor, I pick it up and shouted " Kaninong bente to?" Nobody claims for it. I tossed it in my other officemate, pandagdag meryenda na lang natin walang umaangkin e, hahah.
And today I was browsing the internet and saw zodiac sign in the other site. I decided to check my capricorn sign and a forecast on my chinese horoscope sign (year of the tiger) just for fun.
Though my year of the tiger forecast says I'm lucky this 2014, I still don't put that thought in my head. I know I am not "maswerte" when it comes to numbers, games, raffles, playcards etc. I don't even bet in lotto. I sometimes envy my brothers because they often win raffles during christmas & anniversary celebration in their respective companies and I don't. I don't believe in luck but today when I saw that forecast it made me smile and wonder if it has a connection with my 2 previous story. I still believe in hardwork and God's will. Now I'm in a process building and strengthening my internal locus so I can be more focused in fulfilling my goals. If that forecast is true I should have found a $ 20 dollar bill on the sidewalk instead of a P 20 peso bill.......Wish ko lang, hahahah........
How about you, do you believe in luck?

Just in the mood of sharing! Happy Weekend Guys!!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Hanggang saan aabot ang bente mo?

I am really amuse with this ice cream commercial, it's very funny & catchy. Yesterday, after my weekly laundry schedule I took a little rest watching the noontime show when I saw this commercial again. Imagine the delicious taste of an ice cream & the satisfaction it brings for just twenty pesos but the idea of this commercial brings emphasis to the value of our money today- of what the power of twenty pesos has today . Its just twenty pesos anyway , the lowest peso denomination in the Philippines. For some " barya na lang sa kanila ang bente" even the child today knows the value of that twenty peso bill. But for me twenty pesos is a big deal already just add coins to that twenty peso bill & I'll have the power to survive some basic stuffs in my life.
For Food
For Breakfast (@home- 10 pcs. of pandesal cost P 20.00 or 1 pc of small tasty bread is P18.00, 3 - 4 pcs of eggs is P18.00 - 20.00 or 1 pack of tuyo is P 20.00 ( can be paired to sinangag, saraap).
For Lunch @work- my budget is 25.00 ( rice- P 10.00 + ulam gulay - P 15.00 )
For Meryenda@work/ Dinner - P 15.00 / P 25.00
Fruits@work - 2 pcs of banana or 1 pc of apple is - P 20.00
For Transportation
Morning - P 25.00 ( I'll be in our office just need to walk from our house to c5)
For Safety
Evening transpo (from c-5 to our house) - Tricycle special fare - P 25.00
(If I arrive in C-5 after 8:30 pm I should the ride tricycle instead of walking, safety should always be my priority that's what my mother always tell)
Last Sunday after the Sunday Mass, we went to the palengke to buy ulam for lunch, monggo is our ulam that time, I insisted on buying fish - tawilis just 1/4 kilo of it for the price of P 27.00.
The galunggong now cost around P 140.00 /kilo -- 1/4 of it is now P 35.00 o di ba mahal na rin :)

Going back to the question "Hanggang saan aabot ang bente mo?" aside from the above basic list needs.
Syempre pinaabot ko sa bangko-- I deposit P 365.00 to Wealthbank last Sunday, before we roam around the market market mall. I already have P 1,400.00 in my savings account :)

These are some of my excess daily allowance that I have set aside, everytime I have an extra coins or twenty pesos I put it in that orange jar & after completing P 365.00 I deposit it.
There's no excuse not to save even if we are poor - " Kung gusto may paraan kung ayaw may dahilan." As what fitz villafuerte says " Every peso you save today makes you richer than yesterday".

Kayo, hanggang saan na umaabot ang bente pesos nyo?...........

Just sharing some thoughts! Happy Saving!!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Figuring out what to do next

          I'm a newbie in a world of investing. It was last year that I started reading  financial blogs. And through reading I've learn to plan & set some goals. But if I'm going to summarize all my goals, there are only 4 particular goals that I want to achieve before year 2014 ends.

First. Set an emergency fund. 30,000 is my minimum target - okay done with it.

Second. Open a mutual fund - Balanced fund first - done with this too, opened @ FAMI.
So, why Balanced fund? I'm not a risk taker based on profile test I took that's why I choose a moderate risk investment plus my time frame is about 3 to 5 years before I liquidate my investment. What I like about mutual fund is I can make additional investment anytime or stop anytime, without the fear of getting charges/penalized if i failed to add either monthly, quarterly, semi annually, or annually for as long as your not withdrawing the amount within 6 months no fees will be imposed  ( but it is always best to have a regular top up on investment).The only fees that is deducted is the sales load or entry fee in placing additional investment & the management fee every year.
(Note: This is Fami rule only- Sales Load 2% for 1,000-99,999 investment, Exit fee 1% first 6 months, Annual Fee - 1.75%).
Every mutual fund company has their own sets of rule so it's better to read company prospectus first & check their websites before investing).

Third. Open another mutual fund - but this is for Equity fund- not yet done with this.
I want to take a little dipping toe test on what it feels like to have a high risk investment. I know that the return for this kind of investment is higher in 5 to 10 year range.
I want to apply to Philequity fund for this but I need to apply personally to their office first before I can open an account based on my phone inquiry I did last month. The problem is I cannot be absent at work because of the workloads we have these days. The easiest way is to just deposit again to FAMI for an equity account but based on historical NAVPS I'm reading on their websites both Philequity & FAMI, I think Philequity has a better performance in Equity Fund.

Fourth. Open a Time deposit account/Special Savings Account. - not yet done with this. Still on the process of saving P 10,000.00 for my second emergency fund.

Another option I have is to open a Sunlife Flexilink account, I'm studying the proposal I got. I think it's good but then I need to reevaluate my financial capacity. First is that, I have another plan next year ( planning on studying again) and I don't want to add another financial obligation. Second, considering the stability of my company, I still don't know how long our company will run. Third is that, our company is turning over to us the obligation of paying for our Life Insurance that we have @ BPI-Philam Life, just two years left to finally complete the 8 year plan they took.

          I'm interested in stock investing too, but I still need a lot of learning here before I finally enter the next level of investing which is to invest directly @ the stock market.

Guys, please do give me some advise here, if you know other ways on how I can open an account @ Philequity Fund without personally applying in their office.
Or you may correct the information I've written here if you happen to see some faults.

Have a great weekend !!! God Bless!!!

Mission Frugality 101: Empty the bottles :)

Sunday is the most tiring day in all the days of the week but it is also the happiest day as well. It is day when all the family members are complete but it also the day when we are all busy doing our weekly household stuffs.
After laundrying all my clothes, my next activity is to clean my room. I was fixing my things inside my cabinets I decided to take out all the bottles there. Here are some bottle stuffs that I gathered:
And my mission--- Empty these bottles!
First- I transfer the remaining alcohol to the empty facial cleanser bottle.
The remaining enchanted cologne was transferred to small bottle of cologne.
I still got two zenzest cologne- one is from my mother (she doesn't like the smell-amoy air freshener daw) while the other one is my favorite powder scent cologne.
I'll be using the bench powder that I've almost forgotten because I bought a Johnsons Baby Powder two months ago.
Lastly the facial mask, I've been so busy with my work that I forgot to take special care on my face, I'll be pampering myself tonight with that mask plus a little moisturizing using petroleum jelly.

Konting tiis na lang , just two more goals and I'll be revisiting letsfaceit skin clinic, the only "luho" I got, I missed that "facial cleaning with lazer & vacuum" activity - just P 245.00 and I'll be enjoying 3 sessions of facial cleaning. Cholesterol & whiteheads are appearing in my face already but I need to prioritize my goals first.

Happy Weekend Guys!!!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Analyzing my Family's Financial status

I’m still in a worrying state today about the news I received yesterday. But as I was reading a book this morning on my way to the office, I came across these words in the first chapter of the book.

“Know yourself, understand the kind of person you are”, “You cannot master yourself, if you don’t understand yourself”. Hmmm, I think I know what to do with myself..........Diversion!
Instead of beating up my mind for a problem that has no solution yet, I think I need to divert my focus now. I should focus on things that I have control not on the things that I don't have no control over with.

For that matter, I think my family is the best subject today. I made a table to analyze the financial status of my family now.
Our monthly financial income / expenses
Our savings / investment / health insurance status
We are six in the family, my younger brother is the only one who separated from us because he got married last February. My father is a sss pensionaire but he had a stroke 4 years ago that's why he's taking a maintenance medicine. My mother doesn't have a pension, it's one thing that I regret that I didn't pursue paying sss for her and she's also taking maintenance medicine but it's more expensive than my father's medicine.
My kuya doesn't have a job and no matter how hard I tried to explain to him the current situation of our family's financial status I always end up being the bad one. It's a good thing that he's maintaining his little business for his personal / medicine expenses ( he's also taking maintenance medicine already)but I still wish he'd do more effort to earn.

My youngest brother is working in a government inst. but every six months he'd pray that the gov't will renew his contract, fortunately his prayers were always granted but if not, I don't know his plans.
Based on the chart above: the question is -Am I be worried? Yes I am....
Am I just overacting? I think No, seeing the chart above you'd be the judge...... I keep on telling them, "Ayusin nyo ang SSS nyo?"
"Lakarin nyo ang Pagibig man lang- 200.00 lang naman"." Mag-ipon naman kayo".
Last year I was so paranoid about this matter - it came to point of an argument with my kuya, still no solution was made. I respect my kuya, it's just that he has a different perspective in life. Maybe my approach is wrong, maybe my words are not convincing or maybe I just want to escape a responsibility.

Looking at the chart above, I cannot just ignore the fact that we really have financial problem and I must act on it again. "kahit lumabas na masama ako".

I've threaten my youngest brother to have a savings account otherwise I will cut down his credit cards.
I've also talked to my eldest brother to continue saving on the savings account I've open for him last year ( just maintaining balance is in that savings account).
Probably next year I will push them to start their SSS & Pagibig fund contribution.

No matter how hard I tried to establish my own financial goals, family will always play an important factor in pursuing my goals to financial freedom.

Now I'll adding these factors on my goal list next year......

Have a great day everyone !!!!!!

Monday, October 13, 2014

The biggest risk I took 14 yrs ago

I just received a not so good news today regarding the status of the lot area where we are currently living and my mind keeps on thinking about it this morning on my way here at the office. We’re on the brick of becoming homeless again because the Supreme court & Malacanang has given its favor to give the preferential rights to the tenant – where we bought the right of the lot where our house is built today. One of our neighbor says that he’ll be asking for a 30,000/sq meter on all those people who’s living on that area. For a 77 sq.meter lot multiply to P 30,000 minus the P231,000.00 (the amount we paid for the right 14 yrs ago) equals P 2,079,000.00--that's a huge amount. Where the hell on earth am I going to get that 2M+++? He had sold millions already in our place just for the right, yes just the right that the government has given him. It is not awarded to him yet. Didn’t those in authority saw the situation, pinagkakitaan na ng husto ng isang tao ang isang gobyernong lupa, pagkakakitaan ulit ngayon. He asked for a good deal of amount ( P231,000.00) almost 14 years ago for a promise of possibility that land will be ours for future and now he is changing his conditions & spreading out his plans. From what I’ve heard he has connections , somebody is backing him up. It’s in the last stage of deliberation in our municipality. Whatever happens I have to be prepared emotionally but financially, I dont know.

It gives me a headache whenever I think of such matter I cannot write down the complete details here. Anyway I don’t want to beat up my mind on that issue again, it’s really a torture & migraine will be a result after long hours of thinking of a solution there. It’s outside my control already. What to do next – I don’t know. Just praying & hoping that those in the position be enlighten.

Trying to compose myself here today!

Back to work again!!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Sunday Strolling @ Market Market

I'm a Bicolana and being "gastador" runs in my blood. As much as I wanted to save the longing for spending still lives within me. Plus the need for us to unwind every week added in my budget list. Yes, my mother & I loves going to the mall. We both enjoy going to the department stores just fitting some of the dresses in just one room, looking at the jewellries (ooopps, bawal muna kami dito, heheh) and roaming around those tiangge section inside Market Market Mall.

Last Sunday before going to our favorite activity inside the  mall, I first went to bank to deposit P 740.00 on my savings account while my mother went to mercury drug to buy her medicines. Then afterwards we proceeded inside the mall for a little strolling around. She saw the thermos inside the dept store & requested me to purchase it.
Then we went to the tiangge area to my favorite store ---the "Bente store"---yes all the items there were P 20.00 only.
Just some kikay's stuffs Plus notebook & ballpens
The bad thing is I've spend P 120.00 there but the good thing is - it is within my sunday budget allowance. " Babae lang po may pangangailangan din magpaganda paminsan minsan, heheh". I also need to reward myself a little, anyway I already deposited on my savings account :)
The tinkle shaver is sharp, the twissors is not working heheh, the eyebrow folder is good-tried it already, the face powder is okay (my skin is not sensitive), the black notebook, plus I bought 2 ballpens ( I gave the other one to my officemate).

Then aftewards, my brother texted us & treat us a dinner in BonChan. We had a great Sunday!!!!
It was my mother who shouldered our jeepney fares, heheh. kuripot ko talaga noh, heheh. We both enjoy our Sunday Bonding there kahit pagod kaiikot.

Just sharing again today. Have great weekend!!!!!

Friday, October 10, 2014

My Quarterly Goal Updates

My 3rd Quarter 2014 Goal Updates:
1.)  Go to church every Sunday - updated here
2.)  Be healthy - fruits & veggies / day and at least 3 liters of water a day - 75% successful here.
3.)  Exercise, Exercise Exercise !!! 15 min. to 30 min.walk  /exercise - 75% successful here.
4.)  Have a health insurance - at least short term/1 year check up -done with it.
5.)  Kill Debt - 70 % successful here but now I'm using only 1 card for purchases.
6.)  Budget, Budget, Budget - Live below means - target reached.
7.)  Have my 365 method short term savings - I'm on 63rd set here.
8.)  Have an emergency savings fund –done with it.
9.)  De- clutter my mind / simplify things - more focused now.
10.)I will learn to cook - this is the hardest goal for me I don't know If I can do this still not losing hope 2014 is not yet over.

MY 3rd Quarter 2014 MIDYEAR Goal Updates:
(Follow Up Goals)

1)  Read & write 365 bible verses -  on process.
2)  Read  Ten (10) ebooks on my cellphone. done with it
3)  Read Three (3) Inspirational Books.----finished reading 2 books, 1 book to go. 
4)  Read Two (2) Spy Books - haven't started this.
5) Have a cervical vaccine - done with it.
6)  Open FAMI SALEF Account or Philequity fund.
7) Open FAMI SALBF Account --- done with it.
8)  Open a time dep or UITF.
9)  Open another coop account at vab.--- result of my inquiry is not good here - don't want to pursue this.
10) Invite atleast 5 person to a financial seminar as I promised my friend - still planning who's to invite.

Summary :

Out of 20 goals I listed, 15 we're done /almost done while I'm still working on the remaining 5.
And the verdict I'm 75% successful with all my goals, I've got 2 months left to finish them all. Hopefully " finish them all" before year 2014 ends.

I'm stuck up with all my deadlines of all the jobs I received since yesterday, the ctp machine is still not working up to now. I cannot come up with a reasonable alibis with the client, I decided to have a little break & write this blog to freshen up my mind a bit.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

10,000 is my target number this October

I use the word " magic" because I need "magic" to figure out how I'll be able to trim down my monthly expenses to P 10,000.00.
I'm am now living with target-1000-my-weekly-budget and now my target is to come up with a P 10,000.00 monthly budget. I listed down the summary of my monthly expenses today so I can figure out what to do next this October.

This was my expenses last September just the basics, I didn't include some of my expenses especially those pawned earings I just redeem last month.

Total daily allowance for 30 days - P 4,300.00
(160,140,100 budget/day)

Rice (30 kgs / month) - P 1,350.00
(44.00-45.00 / kilo)
LPG Gas - P 750.00
Mama budget for palengke back-up - P 500.00
Utility Bills - P 2,000.00
(St. Peter Plan, Electric, Water,Pldt Internet Bill)
BPI Credit Cards (Groceries & Vitamins) - P 1,200.00
Eastwest Cash loan - P 467.00
Eastwest (BPI) Cash Loan - P 363.00
Gift - P 500.00
Total = P 11,430.00

Oh well, still my number here is eleven thousand, it's a good thing my salary was 5,600.00 & 5,900.00 last September 15 & 30th enough to cover up all my expenses. I need to figure out a solution so I can come up with my magic number this October.

I will be reading the electric meter & water meter this weekend to check how many kilowatt were already consumed. I told my mother we should not exceed to 300 kw / month (sobrang laki kasi ng talon ng bill pag lumampas ng 300 kw, tataas pa raw uli ngayon).

Thankful that my younger brother is still supporting my mother with her medical expenses though he has his own family now.
And youngest brother is giving additional panggastos to my mother and also shares almost half of the electric & water bill.
Thankful that my family is doing great today.
& most importantly Thank GOD for everything :)

Back to work now!

Have a blessed day everyone!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

My Fourth Top up on FAMI

I was about to finish the 15 kgs of rags last Monday which my brother paid for last week, I decided to take a picture of it before hitting the pedal of our sewing machine when my mother saw me….

“ Anak, pati ba naman yang basahan pinipiktyuran mo, e mahiya ka naman kung pati yan ipo-post mo sa facebook o instagram.” toinks :) parang mala – Donya Ina @ Anak na eksena ng BubbleGang to ha, hahah…..

Natuwa lang po ako kaya sinulat ko dito.Wala po akong instagram and look & like na lang activity ko sa facebook. Anyway, this blog is not about my conversation with my mother. I’m just happy today I was able to make another top up on my Balanced Fund.
kitang monggo + kitang mangga pinagsama
+ Co. profit + little savings = P 2,000.00
I took advantage of the legal holiday that the President declared last Monday to finished that 15 kgs rags plus the lending interest I accumulated in two months and profit shares I set aside last September and added another P 295.00 from my salary---gives me a total of P 2,000.00 that I just deposited today.
Target Reached --- P10,000 for Balanced Fund this October, yeheey.....
I'm still working on a target P10,000 monthly budget, I must stick to this P 10,000 budget rule I have in my head so I can continue my savings program.

Just in the mood of sharing my experience today, pacencia na po lagi ganito post ko. I just want to share & have a record on how I was able to make additional investment on my FAMI account.

Have a great day everyone!!!!!!

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