Friday, February 3, 2017

I am officially 42 yrs old

I am a minimumwager & a breadwinner to my family.
I am a student and a practice teacher in TUP.
I am daughter and a manicurista to my father.
I am a daughter, a haircutter & a mall buddy to my mother.
I am a sister and adviser to my brothers.
and an auntie and sometimes a baby sitter to my nephew.

 I am a carpenter, repairman and a painter in our house.

and lastly I am a trying hard blogger, please pardon my grammar but I'll try my best to improve myself.
          This is my birthday post entry in this blog last January 17 and I accidentally deleted it today. I cannot recover the post and the comments anymore and since this blog acts as my diary/journal, I decided to just rewrite it. This blog and you guys out there are witness in all the problems & challenges I encounter, all the the changes & decisions I make and all the goals & dreams I reached and  I plan to keep this blog for five to ten years or more. I love to look back and re-read all my posts and realize the milestone I reach year after year.

Thank you all and have a great week ahead.
God Bless.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

On Leave

           I usually write about my financial goals on the first month of the year but this year my priority is shifted to my personal goals. I want personal growth and I want to focus more on my practice teaching in highschool.

         Unlike the schedule I had in TUP which is very flexible because of the consideration that my critique professor gave me, this time I need to follow the schedule that was assigned to me by the principal, department head and my cooperating teacher in Western Bicutan National Highschool. My schedule is around 11:20 in the morning and ends 6:45 in the afternoon. I do not have any choice since adobe photoshop is the only subject I am confident to teach in TLE department. I cannot sneak in my time at work anymore plus traffic is really terrible nowadays.

          I'll be handling six sections - one in grade 10 level and five in grade 9 level and each section consists of around 40 students so that's roughly around two hundred forty students. Good luck to my throat, I'm pretty sure that my vocal cords will be exercised regularly, hahah. Another thing is that, I was tasked to think of five to seven topics with hands on activity for the fourth grading period since all of the topics in their text book were already finished.

         I need to focus more with my practice teaching so I decided to file a leave of absence for one and a half month without pay. I told my boss, I will only be filing a leave without way not a resignation because of the unsettled contributions in SSS & Pag-ibig they had in our accounts. I know that our company is really not doing well and a possibility of closure were already mentioned the last time we had a  meeting. Anyway, they still have my four months salary and half of my 13th month pay so I'll just drop by in our office when necessity strikes in but it'll be much better if they gave it in full.

           I was a bit off track with my budgeting lately but I promise myself I'll get back on it after my practice teaching. Hopefully, I'll be able to pay all my balance transfer and my laptop and be debt free before I become unemployed this year. Yes, I know that I'm facing a possible unemployment this year as it was already mentioned to us. My only concern is our SSS, Pagibig, & Philhealth contributions and loan payments needs to be settled first before that closure happens.

          Though I know my mind is not as sharp as it was twenty five years ago I will double my effort to improve it more. This year I plan to arm myself with more knowledge and trainings and be ready as I enter this new chapter of my life.

Just sharing my thoughts and experiences!
Have a great week ahead.
God bless everyone.
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