Thursday, September 22, 2016

Last 2 Subjects Enrolled!

Yes, I finished enrolling the last two subjects required for my course - Practice Teaching (major subject) & Filipino 2 (minor subject). "Konti na lang, Push ko na to."
Last week of May, I enrolled the last major subject for my course - Practice Teaching. It's like an on the job training requirement for BTTE student. We were required to undergo a total of 400 hours, 200 hours for in campus teaching and 200 hours off campus teaching. It was hard for me to teach in campus because I know that teaching in university requires mastery of the subject unfortunately I had given up on my field 22 years ago. Aside from the fact that I was not able to practice it, technology seems to have occupied most of the curriculum of the school. And lastly, we were always reminded by our professors that we are now dealing with millenials. True enough students today are all bright & quick learners. " Isang turuan lang ng Autocad, kuha agad nila - first sem lang hataw na lahat sila sa plates." Good thing, our professors who are engineers & architects only allowed us to assist them. I am not confident enough to face the students knowing that their knowledge is more than mine but still I need to be present there so I can reach the required hours needed & continue to learn the technique and styles in teaching.
Two weeks ago, I enrolled for Filipino-2 subject, the very last minor subject I need to comply - bukod tanging sya na lang ang naiwan. My only problem today is my work schedule because my officemate who handles my responsibility at work when I'm at school plans to leave our company but she's kind enough to let me enroll first before she pursue her plan. If her plan continues, I'll just make an special arrangement on my work & school schedule and probably next year I'll have to decide then if I'm going to resign & concentrate on practice teaching or continue to work & stop studying/teaching.
Well, whatever happens I know that God will lead me to a better decision.
Another problem, another challenge accepted.
Till then. Have a great week ahead!
God Bless.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Sembreak, Working Student Blues & Triumphs Re-post

This was my blogpost last May and after reading it again today I decided to re-post it because I love how it reminded me of my last crucial days at TUP. And because I treasure this post let me share it again.

At last ... third semester is over!
I survived the third and final semester of my course in TUP. Last two weeks was really tiring.
(Now I know why our department head was hesitant to sign my request for 3  additional subjects - 24 units equals 8 subjects in one semester for a working student, overload na daw ako- still I beg for it & thankful he allowed me. But I didn't realize that it will be this hard -"ganito pala kadugo ang third sem" )
Unit exams, term test and final projects lined up last week. I needed to take a leave for one week in our office so I can focus more.
Yesterday, I submitted the draft of my thesis. It was the last and the hardest project I attended to.
But all my tiredness fades away after I handed over the draft & presented it to my professor because finally its all done. It really felt good to know that I surpass the challenge I set to myself last year. And now, I'm back to my original "bahay-trabaho" routine, ...and back to blogging arena again.

Few months ago, I stopped blogging & "pouring my emotions" here because I felt that I'm adding up too much negative emotions here so I decided not to post and just delete some of it. Here's a part of the blog I wrote last month but decided not to post it.
photo courtesy of
"I tried to be optimistic everyday, always looking for the brighter side of everything...but not today.
As what my psychology teacher once told us, sometimes we have to release our true emotions so we can release whatever it is that's been hiding inside - the anger, the loneliness, the frustrations & the expectations I have not met. These are all about me and not the people around me. I just felt that I'm in a "bottleneck" situation again, problems kept on piling again and I felt like I was draining myself again not only financially, but mentally as well. I'm on the third & final semester again and I needed to allot an extra time for my studies but our company also demands my presence at work. There were times I feel that I must dedicate most of my time at work but then I cannot sacrifice my school days since I'm in the most crucial stage of my studies. Financially, I am really not in good shape these days - not only because of the delayed salary we experience at work but my supplementary cardholders are also adding some financial burdens to me as well..."

There will be lots of time that I'll be having these kind of mood, especially now that I am having trouble with my finances. What's important is that I can now deal with it with open mind. That I think is maturity, that kind of attitude I want to possess now that I'm in my forties.
Today, I am really happy that I survived this semester. I just need few months or 400 hours of practice teaching & one more subject to finish this course.

Till then. Have a great day ahead!!!
God Bless.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Rainy Season - Flood, Traffic and Commuter's Dilemma 1 (Late Post)

There's this saying "When it rains, it pours" but in the Philippines it really pours when it rains and floodwater is almost everywhere. The next thing that will happen - heavy traffic - "grabe malala na talaga ang trapik sa Pinas".

AUGUST 12, 2016

Getting stuck in the traffic is a normal scenario in my daily school-work activity but last Friday - August 12 was really exhausting. One hour of traffic or one hour of walking is bearable for me but two hours is not. I got stuck in traffic for one hour before I decided to walk. I even walked through that knee high flood in Pasong Tamo so I can pass through it, ride another jeepney and finally decided to walk again for two hours. You can just imagine how tired I was after walking for two hours while carrying a bag with laptop inside, holding a book, an umbrella & wearing heeled shoes. I even walked bare foot because I can no longer stand the pain in my legs and feet but decided to wear my shoes back because of the "palaka & linta" on the sidewalk. Hay grabe talaga!!!

While I was walking, a lot of "if only's" popped in my head. If only I have saved more during my early productive years, I would have settled myself financially "hindi sana ako naglalakad ng ganito" - maybe I'll be just sitting in our sofa while watching my favorite series "The Mentalist, Walking Dead or Game of Thrones" or I would have own a car like "Mini Cooper or Aston Martin" today driving it to Vigan or Bicol and lastly I would have checked myself in a five star hotel and resting beside the swimming pool, "o di ba libre mangarap habang naglalakad". A lot of maybe's in my head but just maybe then If I do own a car today just the same I would still be stuck in that traffic anyway. - pero okay lang din kung "Aston Martin" ang kotse ko heheh.
gwapo ng dream car ko :)
Nevertheless, I cannot turn back time and redo the past. I just need to step, move forward & think of the future. Come to think of it - walking has its own advantage than riding in those stuck vehicles. It maybe tiring to walk but atleast every step I make I know I am moving forward to reach my dream destination - a paradise called home and my reward is waiting there - a dinner prepared, a comfy bed and a massage from my Nanay or my Kuya. "Hindi ko lang talaga kinaya yung palakang muntik kong maapakan at tumalon at yung lintang nasagi yata ng paa ko, ewww..."

Just like reaching our goals - it maybe tiring, difficult and slow but atleast were moving up one step forward in fulfilling our dreams.

Just sharing again.
How 'bout you?
What are your experiences during rainy season?
Have a great weekend!
God Bless.

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