Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Budget Adjustment Period

Last week I received a salary of  P 3,255.24 and it's the salary range that I expected since I still have a cash advance of P 700.00 & a penalty charge of P 300.00. It was last month that I have trained myself to a hapit mode because I know that my salary will be stashed into half. With only 6 to 6.5 hours of work daily & no overtime, I know that I must live within my means & I should still continue saving & investing for my future. Though the market is down these days, I still believe that it will recover soon that's why I make sure that I set aside my monthly top up on my mutual funds.
My Income
And here's how my budget goes:
And though I was left with P 1,289.24, I can still file a cash advance when it's needed. The good news last week is that my boss noticed my undertime deductions & he called me " Grace, ang laki ng deductions mo, adjust natin ang time mo --- so official time was adjusted to 8am till 4pm, he included our breaktime (12pm -1pm) so I can still have a full 8hr/day salary.
God is really Good, he is touching other's heart to help me and I really feel so blessed and thankful to HIM.

Just sharing again!
Have a great day guys, kahit na maulan enjoy pa rin :)

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