Friday, June 27, 2014


MY 2014 GOAL

1)   Abundant Thinking "Achieving the Rich Dad Mindset" -
I am currently reading it today - it teaches how we should appreciate what we have in life today instead of bemoaning on the things that we lack & still focus on improvements.(6-28)

2)   Success Mindset- Thoughts to ponder-"Positive mindset tend to find opportunity in every problem". Emotional balance is also important. (6-30)

3)  Money Management - it tackles the role of money in our lives & how we see it.(6-28)
4)  Success Book - Strive more . (7-2)
"I commit to learn more,
thus I'll serve more,
thus I'll build more,
thus I'll earn more,
thus I'll save more,
thus I'll be able to bless others by giving more."

5)  The Richest Man in Babylon – George Clason
"Part of what you earn is yours to keep."
Seven Cures for a Lean Purse:
1) Start thy purse to fattening.
2)Control thy expenditures.
3)Make thy gold multiply.
4)Guard thy treasures from loss.
5)Make of thy dwelling a profitable investment.
6)Insure a future income. 
7)Increase thy profitability to earn.
6)  Rich Dad Poor Dad - I already read this before but I cant remember the exact story I want to re-read it again unfortunately I can't download it anymore in my cp.

7)  My Maid Invest in a StockMarket -
I just finished reading it again today (6-28) very inspiring but i still can't jump into stock market investing, I need to learn more.

8)  The Secrets of Being Wealthy - my favorite keep re-reading it....(7-1)

9)  Think Grow Rich (Summary only)- "Anybody can wish for riches , and most people do but only a few know that a definite plan, plus a burning desire for wealth are the one dependable means of accumulating wealth." (7-2)

10) Destination Success -  very simple instructional book to success.

These are free ebooks I downloaded in my cellphone. 

Thursday, June 12, 2014


My short term goal updates :

1.)  Go to church every Sunday. 7-1 ( so far so good )

2.)  Be healthy - fruits & veggies / day and at least 3 liters of water a day.

I fail with this goal coz  there were times that I was able to drink less than 2 liters a day & there were days that I was not able to eat fruits – I will try my best again.

3.)  Exercise, Exercise Exercise !!! 15 min. to 30 min.walk  /exercise .

I know that I am able to maintain this coz I’ve been counting more than 1,000 steps daily just to save from 8 to 16 pesos daily.

4.)  Have a health insurance - at least short term/1 year check up---done with it.

 I was able to use my consult to the max card  for check ups six times already & I have used my womens health card too.

5.)  Kill Debt - one of the most difficult thing to do - not to use credit cards.

I was able to zero in some credit cards but due to unexpected turnarounds I was out of control again with my 3 credit cards but I’ve been managing my credits balances thru cash loans to prevent a higher accumulated interests. 

6.)  Budget, Budget, Budget - Live below means. ---- 

I was able to live below my personal means  unfortunately I can’t control the unexpected expenses.

7.)  Have my 365 method short term savings--- 
I was not able to save my ideal 365 format every payday but I’m still continuing it & I’m on my 42nd set of my 365 saving method.

8.)  Have an emergency savings fund – ( for my health / family).

I really failed on this goal but I will really catch up with this, I'll start saving again.

9.)  De- clutter my mind / simplify things --- 

I’m okay with this, I am now more focused, even if there were times I feel like giving up I always go back to the goals I have set this 2014.

10.) I will learn to cook ---- ang hirap ng hindi marunong magluto--sinaing lang sunog pa, hehehe
kidding aside ---promise I will start to learn how to cook every sunday.

I am a failure in this waahhhh.

I will do all my goals here this 2014!!!

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