Saturday, March 28, 2015


Yes, I overspent last week and it's clearly shown in my daily tab list and my daily allowance must only be P160/P140/P100.
March 13 was our salary day & since my daily allowance is a bit tight I ended up spending some foods & transpo expenses from my present salary.
Though I was able to list down all my expenses I was not able to check & sum-up all of it because my mind was occupied with my work and that made me wonder why I only got P500+++ left on my wallet after my mother & I ate @ Chowking last Sunday March 22. (Hey, I've set aside P 2,500 last payday for my daily allowance.)
So I tracked down & summed up all of my previous & unplanned expenses & it tallied.
Some unplanned expenses I made last week
So next move I did was to find a solution to this question -
"Paano ko pagkakasyahin ang 500 plus for 8-9 days?"
The solution - "pack some lunch & use my emergency cash on my wallet".
So for 3 days I packed my own lunch, meryenda & dinner but decided to eat outside on thursday, friday. And today I'm happy to say that I still have P200+++ on my wallet, yeheey abot pa ko next week :)

I tried not to make a daily budget last  payday because I thought I can already handle it unfortunately I still can't. So I guess next payday I'll be going back to my previous budgeting style so I will not exceed on it.
My 1000 peso weekly budget
Why am I writing these stuffs, ang babaw ko no? Blogging is my way to discipline myself, to stick to my plan & to re-organize myself again. But I have no regrets with my unplanned expenses, I'll surely be needing that rechargeable flashlight since Meralco has announced that there will be an scheduled brownout & the earphones --- ang ganda kaya ng tunog nya, :), hey, I'm an 88 & 66 buyer addict @ Japan Home Centre & Daiso Stores.

Just Sharing!
Have a blessed weekend guyz!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Mutual Fund Seminar @ Rampver

I received another invitation through email last March 20, 2015 and the subject:
The schedule is perfectly suited for me since my overtime schedule is Monday-Wednesday-Friday, automatically I replied, Yes Mam Tina, I will definitely attend on that seminar.
And so I did, yesterday after my work I went directly to Rampver Head Office. And though we were only few who attended yesterday, still Sir Jason started with his presentation. We were given first some brochures & samplers first about Rampver, Soldivo & some list of the other mutual funds they offer.
I'm not going write here most of the topics that were presented there because I'd like to encourage everyone attend on that seminar and for more than an hour you will definitely learn the basics of mutual fund, how it works, its structure & its advantages. Hey it's free, there's nothing lose especially if you are in Makati area, just 1 1/2 hour to spend there and you will know more about investing.

Anyhow, I prefer to write some tips & topics that are new to my ear.
When the topic went to "Why invest now"
It's because Philippines has entered the "DEMOGRAPHIC WINDOW" already.
Sounds new to me, so I googled the definition to back up the information I had during the seminar.
"Demographic window is defined to be that period of time in a nation's demographic evolution when the proportion of population of working age group is particularly prominent. This occurs when the demographic architecture of a population becomes younger and the percentage of people able to work reaches its height."

In other words, "mas maraming populasyon ang nagtatrabaho at kumikitang tao ngayon".
Sir Jason explained " less than 15% of the population in the Philippines are 64 yrs old & above while 15 yrs old & younger falls below than 30% so the population of the working class are prominent today not only here in the Philippines but to all of the Filipinos around the world. Now I'm beginning to understand its correlation to the economy.
According to this post last 2012, demographic window is expected to begin in 2015 and last until 2050 & Philippines will be joining the strong Asia economies that had previously entered the demographic window. It said Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, China, and Thailand experienced growth rates following their entry into the window.

Tip # 1. So if you're planning to do business or you plan to invest "NOW" is the perfect time to start so we Filipinos can enjoy the "sweet spot" in the coming years.

Another topic that caught my attention was when Sir Jason gave some backgrounds about the 5 mutual they cater - FAMI, Philequity, Philam Asset, ATR Keming & Soldivo. Each has their own style of investing. Philequity has been consistent with their performance & Wilson Yu their fund manager is consider to be the Warren Buffet of the Philippines, ATR Keming is associated with Maybank which is a big bank industry in Malaysia, FAMI was established by FMIC, Philam Asset is wholly owned by Philam Life Insurance & Soldivo is an alliance of Rampver Financials & Philam Asset Mgt.

He then said that FAMI's been doing well on the first 5 years but if you have noticed their previous year's performance was a bit lackluster that's because their fund manager transferred to another mutual fund company. And now that they have a new fund manager I think FAMI will bounce back to its original performance.

Tip # 2. One of the key factor in choosing the right mutual fund company to invest in is their fund managers.

As he was explaining the different types of mutual funds - equity, balanced & bond fund, he mentioned something about bonds.

Tip # 3. Bonds will not be performing well in the next few years - so I think I'll redeeming some shares in my FAMI balanced fund & transfer it to my FAMI equity fund.

Tip # 4. Invest regularly but always have an extra saving that you can use for additional top up when the Nav per share is low.

And lastly, it is only last Thursday that I understand the rule in redeeming shares & exit fee policy - " The FIRST IN & FIRST OUT Policy is applied, so if you are investing monthly & if you want to redeem your shares, check the dates of your deposit, payment slips, & additional investment forms  first to avoid the exit fee charge. "syunga ko no, ngayon ko lang nalaman,heheh" :)

That's all for now, If you see something wrong with my post today, please do correct me as I am still in the process of learning here.

God Bless everyone!
Happy Weekend!

Friday, March 20, 2015

First Time to attend PhilEquity Investors' Briefing

It was last March 2, 2015 when I received an invitation that there will be an annual briefing/market outlook on March 14, 2015. I even saw this image whenever I go to Philequity site.
My initial reaction, "Ortigas ang venue, malayo & may work ako pag saturday, malabo to".
Then another email reminder came last March 6 but I ignored it again.
March 7, I saw again their reminder so I register but said to myself, "papasok pa kaya tong reply/registration ko march 7 na?"
March 10, I received a confirmation 1 seat is reserved for me, "wooh, walang atrasan to confirm na", so the decision was made & I immediately filed a leave that day.

First Experience
It's my first time to attend to this kind of seminar, still unfamiliar with Ortigas area since I only have a  Makati-Taguig daily routine, I asked my officemate where the Meralco theater is, and she answered "Basta sakyan mo lang Ortigas Ilalim na bus, baba ka ng Robinsons Galleria at lakarin mo na lang papunta sa Meralco Theater para mas madaling hanapin.", so I proceeded with my plan.
Saturday, March 14, 2015 after few minutes of walking from Robinsons Galleria, atlast I am finally here in front of Meralco Theater.
After presenting the printout copy of my registration & ID, I headed directly inside, but what amazes me is that I've been seeing a lot of ordinary people there and it only means that a lot of Filipinos are investing & are becoming more financially aware today, I just wish I knew somebody there that time, "medyo mahiyain kasi talaga ako e". And after few minutes I went inside the theater.
When I enter the theater, these words came in my mind - "Wow, Ibang level na to." and "Wooh, kasama ba talaga ako dito?" because as I sat on my seat, those people infront of me were talking about buying properties in Pampanga while two girls beside me were talking about their investments & the guy on the other side was computing in his cellphone, I even saw Francisco Colayco there.
Then the briefing report started, another question popped in my mind, "Wooh, ano bang ginagawa ko dito?" --- because I honestly don't understand what they were talking about, what the bull market is, what the euro, dollar, yen currecies have to do with the market, the status of the economy of US, Europe & other countries and I honestly don't know what the PSEi means (hey I'm a slow learner talaga, but I made some research about PSEi yesterday thru the post of ritz villafuerte kaya medyo naintindihan ko na ng konti).
But after the briefing we were given some few minutes snack break - Jollibee burger, bottled water, coffee & some Jack & Jill Calbee snacks were given free outside.
Q & A Portion
Then after few minutes they resume, it's the Question & Answer Portions, all the investors are free to ask about their concerns & this time I became more attentive as the panels infront tried to explained everything and again these words came in my mind again, "Wow, grabe ang galing nila", kahit hindi ako maka-relate, the more I become curious.
I was really amazed how Wilson Sy answered most of the questions, & when ask by Mr. Francisco Colayco--" he answered indirectly, ask me if the market is going up---Yes, if the market is going down, Yes....but ask me when I don't know so it's up to the risk tolerance of an investor. He even answered about the issue about the 2016 election & if it will affect the market if Binay will win or as to whoever wins the presidency, he answered---the foreign investor are investing in the Philippines because they are looking at the Filipino people, with all the corruption issues, typhoon yolanda & other calamities, our country is still growing. Filipinos are hardworking & easy to get along with & OFW's are all over the world that's why remittances are flowing.
A lot of topic has been discussed & answered, how I wish I were a good writer so I can share all my experience here, unfortunately " kulang ang vocabulary words talaga sa utak ko" so I'll just share some thru pictures here:
After the seminar, conclusions have been made:
1) I need to know more, learn more & research more about stock market before finally entering the world of stock market - hey, I really am a slow learner though I understand a bit how stock market works , I still believe I need to understand more what those technical analysis, fundamental analysis & bull markets are. In other words, "marami pa akong bigas na kakainin bago mag-invest sa stock market, hahah", kaya aral muna bago mag-invest.

2) I still don't have the guts, the courage, the knowledge & the ability to directly invest in stock market so I'll be entrusting my investment to the experts - with all the expertise shown in their past performance, their research teams & the best fund managers & staffs I know that Philequity will take care of my investments, "ang yabang ko noh, 10k pa lang naman ang investments ko sa PEMI, hahah but seriously I know I'm in good hands @ PEMI.

Some few words that caught my attention during the seminar:

"Ten years from now, you'll be ten years older.
But if you invest today, ten years from now you'll be ten years older but RICHER."
.........Hopefully, when I'm fifty I'd be 1million richer already, take note the word is Hope not Wish. Think Positive :)

"Time is your greatest ally when your young but your greatest enemy when your old."
So it's really an advantage to invest early. 
.........Bakit ba ngayon ko lang ako nag-start mag invest kung kelan forty na ako, but then better late than never di ba?


Just one frustrations I had there, "Wish I knew someone there or wish I had the courage to ask someone to take a picture of me in that event" but my overall experience that day was totally amazing and the more I thirst for new knowledge in the world of investing.

Just in the mood for sharing today!
Have a blessed weekend!

Ps. Di kasi puede ang cellphone ko for selfie, di maganda ang quality, heheh :)

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Recollection day 2015

After the Philequity Investors Briefing yesterday, I went home took a few hours of rest then head to Sto. Nino Catholic Church  for the Recollection.

It was the new Parish Parish Priest - Father Daniel who delivers the message that is very entertaining & enlightening too as it spells---

For letter G - which stands for GOD NA = means GOD first, as we wake up in the morning, we should pray & thank God for giving us another brand new day.

For letter A - stands for ADMIT NA = means we have to admit that we are sinners & that we should repent & ask for forgiveness as we pray to God.

For letter M - stands for MEDITATE NA - this lenten season we should meditate as we prepare ourselves this coming HOLY WEEK.

For letter E - stands for EXPRESS NA = he also advises that we should express our love to our friends, family & most especially those people whom we are not in good terms with.

For letter N - stands for NO to Sin - yes, we need to reject sin in our lives so we can have a better relationship to God.

For letter A - stands for ACTION NA - finally it's time to take action, with the all of the above instructions.

The atmosphere inside the church we're so alive & everyone is so attentive as the parish priest tries to deliver every topic with fun & cool examples but meaningful & practical messages applicable in our daily lives and ended his sermon with these powerful words,

"The biggest challenge in recollection is how we apply it in our daily lives after the recollection." now let the challenge begins---GAME NA.

Have a Blessed Weekend Guyz!!!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Excited with my New Mutual Fund

Yes, I got a new mutual fund this year, The SOLDIVO Strategic Growth Fund that I opened last January 29, 2015. I have been reading about this new mutual last year. It was only launched last October 2014 and it's a partnership between Rampver Financial Advisor and Philam Asset Management, Inc, two reputable companies in the field of financial services and  fund management.

This finally completed my mutual fund list. I am also fortunate that Ms Tina of Rampver Strategic Advisor assisted and explained to me the advantage of diversifying and since the share is still below one peso - it has more potential for a higher earnings in the future.
I bought some shares at a NAVPS of .9738 last January 29 and last February 29, 2015 it already breached the Php 1.00 level. And today March 13, the NAV price is again Php 1.0050, o di ba moving na rin sya :)

Here are some important informations about this mutual fund:

Minimum Initial Investment - Php 5,000.00

Minimum additional - Php 1,000.00

Entry Fee - 3.36%

Exit Fee - 1.12%

Holding period - 6 Months

Partner bank for deposits/top-up - BPI

I'm still waiting for their the PAMI's passcode but I was advise that their online facility is still on progress.

I am still in a state of exploring this year, as I feel that I haven't found the perfect financial vehicle that will definitely suit me.  And even if there we're times that I'm financially down, my spirits are still high because I have goals that are clearly written in my head.

Just in the mood of sharing again :)
Have a blessed weekend guyz!!!!!!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Revising Some of my Financial Goals

1) Have atleast P 5,000 on my Wealthbank Passbook account on the first quarter of the year ( need to start saving for my tuition fee ).
2) Have atleast P 3,000 on my Wealthbank ATM account on the first quarter of the year.
3) Have atleast P 2,000 on my BPI ATM Account.
4) Reach a total of 200K on mysavings / investment - FAMI, PHILEQUITY, AMWSLAI, ST. PETER, WEALTHBANK Spl Savings Account & PAGIBIG FUND. I'll be verifying my updated contribution on PAGIBIG this January.
5) Get another St Peter plan - need to talk with my brother about this.
6) Continue my Philam Life Insurance Plan.
7) Have a total of atleast 20k on FAMI, 20k on Philequity, & 20K on my wealthbank before 2015 ends. ( done with 10K each last year ).
8) Open either a Soldivo Account or a BPI UITF account.

These are my original financial goals I have written in my post "New focus new goals" last January.

But last week I decided to revise some of it & change first one posted on my wall.
Why, because my focus is shifted as I looked on my long term goals also posted beside it.
I want to achieve most of my financial goals as early as I can so I can concentrate more on my priority goal this year.
My first 3 goals are just 2,000 each account which I think is reachable on the second quarter of the year. It will serve as my emergency pocket money.

The next 2 goals again are just 20k total invested amount on FAMI, PEMI  before 2015 ends, I already reached 10k last year so I'll be aiming another 10k top up this year so I can have a 20k total amount invested.

My 6th goal to have 20k total on my WB Special Savings Account before 2015 ends, I already have 10k last year , again this is for my safety / contingency fund.

My 7th & 8th goal is to open a Soldivo account & to reach 10k total amount invested before 2015 ends which I think is still reachable.

My 9th goal is my favorite "I need to reach a total of 200k" this year.

And on my 10th goal is to continue my Philam Life Insurance which I am determined to finish by 2017.

So there it goes, I hope & pray to achieve half of it by midyear & all of it this 2015.

Just in the mood of sharing my goals today!
Have a blessed weekend! God Bless!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Visualizing my Long Term Goals

These are my goals..........again they are posted on my wall just like what I did last year.
I've written down some of my short term goals & I choose only those specific ones with a target amount. These short term goals have a deadline of one year range so I must achieve them before 2015 ends.
Plus I added a new goal list on my wall.........MY LONG TERM GOALS.
These are my dream goals that I must achieve in two to five year range.

#1. Renovate my house by year 2020.
I picked up this flyer inside the jeepney & when I saw the image of the house, I fell inlove automatically with the simplicity of the design so I brought it home, cut it out & paste it on my list. And though the status of the lot in our area is still uncertain, I still believe it will eventually have a positive outcome. As what mam jill of frugal honey advises, read the terms in your waiver & after reviewing some of the documents last month I felt a little bit of sense of security as to whatever happens in our my plan to renovate our house in the near future remains :)
I'm still thinking which design looks better, hahah---o di ba bongga ang mga design :)
#2. I must finish my study of BTTE by 2016-2017.
Yes, I plan to study BTTE (Bachelor of Technical Teacher Education) & finish it by 2017. Though my querries are still partial, I'll be going back to TUP next week to inquire on the complete requirements of the course since the start of the school year will be on last week of May.

#3. Be a Teacher by 2017-2018.
I must pass the NCE examination after finishing BTTE & finally teach the elementary students before 2018 ends.

#4. Reach my Magic Number before 2020 ends.
I must have a total of 1 MILLION both on my savings & investments before 2020 ends.

These are just some of my long term goals as of today. I still have some plans in my head but it is not yet concrete. For now I'll be concentrating on those lists first and posting it on my wall will really help me focus on it. And hopefully with God's grace, He will guide me & help me achieve all of it.

Just in the mood of sharing!
Happy Weekend Guys! God Bless!!!

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