Saturday, August 13, 2016

Visualizing My Long Term Goals Again

This photo came from my Visualizing my goals post last year. This morning, as I prepare my lectures & lesson plan for my tuesday class next week I somehow felt exhausted with my school-work routine not only physically, financially but mentally as well.

"Minsan ang hirap pagsabayin ang pag-iisip ng budget dahil kulang na kulang ang sahod, ang pag-iisip ng expenses sa bahay at pag-iisip ng budget sa school expenses at lecture sa klase. Isa pa lang ang subject ko at section na tinuturuan ko ganito na ko - how much more kung napakaraming klase ang hawak ng teacher, di ba? Kaya saludo talaga sa lahat ng teacher at professor dyan".

Going back to the topic, the reason why I decided to re-read my post again is to be inspired & be reminded of the goals I have set last year. A challenge I have set to myself and plan to pursue no matter how hard it is. I only have four long term goals:

1. To build my dreamhouse - this will be put on hold for now since I've been hearing a lot of uncertainties about our lot but this goal still remains part of my dream goal.

2. To graduate - my priority goal today - just 1 more subject to enroll & practice teaching I'll be able to achieve finish my BTTE course this next year. " Kaya konting tiis na lang".
3. To teach - I might take a civil service prof exam first next year before LET. I'm still re-evaluating myself as to what particular field I plan to focus.
4. To reach have my magic number - 1 million - I'm still inspired to reach this number - even if my priority for now is my studies, even if our company is in deep financial crisis and even if I've been experiencing a lot of problems at home lately that goal is still part of my dream goal.

Now that I have reminded myself with my LTG, I have fueled myself again today with the desire & eagerness to pursue what I have started. "Basta next year ga-graduate, I promise" kahit ang hirap ng practice teaching dahil wala kong mastery of the field, huhuh.....kakayanin ko to!!! In God's grace.

Just sharing my thoughts again!
Have a great week ahead.
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