Thursday, September 17, 2015

I survived the first semester!

This is not a finance related post but let me just write this one to release the feeling that I have today.
Yes, I survived!
No exact single word can describe what I really feel today.
I am so happy that I was able to pass the six subjects (18 units) I enrolled three months ago.
I couldn't believe I was able to surpass the first semester of my back to school journey.

Would you imagine three months ago I was on the verge of giving up.
If it weren't from my classmate who has been my constant motivator I would have given up already.
If it weren't from my suking tricycle driver who said that I have nothing to lose I wouldn't enjoy my back to school journey.
If it weren't from the influence of my classmates who were so eager to pursue their studies I would have given up easily.
If it weren't from the support of my family, our company & friends here in net I wouldn't appreciate the value of education in my life.

Looking back as I recall the fears that I had when I first entered the school campus, I was really hesitant to pursue this goal. All the fears that I felt when I deliver my reports in front of the class, all the stress that I had working while studying, sometimes undecided as to which field needs to be prioritized, all the efforts I made just to complete our projects & assignments, and the pressure I had when I took the final exams, praying and hoping to pass the subject as I reach the end of the term. All the hardwork finally paid off as our professor handed over to us our classcards last week.

It's very fulfilling to see the grades written on the classcards because I know that it all came from my hardships. Oh, I love all the grades written on it, "mataas o mababa basta nakapasa, ayos na - dugo't pawis ko lahat un", heheh. But regardless of whatever grades I received, what is important to me is that I've learned a lot. I've learned from my professors. I've learned from my classmates. Lastly, I've learned to value and appreciate my work today. I used to complain a lot on my job but after all the experiences that our professors shared to us I realized that their job are much more difficult than mine. It would take a lot of passion and dedication to embrace that kind of profession. Inspite of the difficulties, the reward is priceless, seeing all the fruits of their hardwork in molding the future generations of our country come into reality as they encounter a lot of their students become successful in their own field. I salute all the teachers out there.

After that three month back to school journey I decided to continue what I have started.
Yesterday I just finished enrolling for the second semester.
I have enrolled 21 units, two minor subjects were added because it is mandated.
I still have a stage fright & still have that nervous feeling when I do my reportings and demo teachings but I think my life is more enjoyable and challenging today. "Sarap kaya ng buhay estudyante." The proof is seen in my other blog -"Lakbay aral".

As what my classmate always say to me at the end of the class,
"Always ask for the divine enablement and you will be able to surpass all the difficulties in life."
Afterall, that is what your name "Grace" means.

Just sharing my experiences!
Have a blessed weekend!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Just the Basics

If you have read some of my posts, you can easily describe me as a pessimistic and worrier person. I worry a lot especially if it concerns about my future and my family. I guess that attitude was molded by my past experiences when I was a kid. Really thankful that I didnot quit studying & that I have a psychology related subject called Child & Adolescence that helped me a lot to understand myself & the people around me as well.
I used to panic and worry before but now I have become more aware on the positive things around me rather than the negative situation I have. I have learned to appreciate more what God has given me and understand his purpose on everything.
Now since this is a financial blog, I have shared my previous post on hep hep hooray which I accidentally deleted, huhuh , it's about our salary went half and last month we received nothing.
Yes, "wala po kaming sahod" last month, just the completion of our August 15th salary were given to us. Good thing, I still have a secondary source of income from the rent I receive every month from my brother who is renting my little room beside our house for P 3,000.00. After a week P 1,000.00 was given to us as our partial salary plus some side income of 650.00. So instead of panicking again, I apply my own basic rule, spend only on the basics, just the basic needs.
        Last July 31, I only received a P2,000 salary plus my secondary source of P 3,000 which gives me a sum of P 5,000 total income. How did I spend it? - I bought 1 sack of rice (1,950.00), 16 pcs of eggs (65.00), & groceries (550.00). I paid my half share utility bills @ home - Meralco, water & Pldt 1,300) & deposited 1,000 on Philequity.
        Last August 28, I only spent P 1,600 on utility bills, 500 on groceries, 16 pcs of eggs (65.00) to fill the egg section of our refrigerator, 600 on lpg gas, 1,400 on life insurance & 1,000 on Philequity. Good thing we still have a stock of rice in our storage, we don't pay house rent anymore, my mother has a separate budget for ulam from my brother and I have an extra emergency back up on my savings account.
        Rice, foods, utility bills & monthly rents are inevitable. Just as a I prioritize rice (basic food) & eggs (just for backup/we are seven in our family) & utility bills before I spend on other things the same rule I also use in paying my life insurance & monthly top up on mutual fund because I know & I feel that they are part of my basic needs. That if I don't prepare my future today I might end up being a homeless and hopeless again.
        Spend on the basics & plan your future only then you will see the real essence of saving & investing today.
        I know that God will always help us get through our problems but then let us not forget that it is our obligation to prepare for ourselves first - spend wisely, invest early & save regularly.

Just sharing my experience!
Have a blessed weekend!

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