Monday, April 10, 2017

Palengke Time

         Five Hundred Pesos -"hanggang kelan kaya aabot to". I always hear those words from my mother and I understand her sentiments. "Hirap kayang mag-budget sa bahay lalo puro barako kasama namin". So I told her, let's go to "palengke" and let's see what we can buy there with five hundred pesos.

        So we went in a not so near wet market place in Pag-asa (medyo malayo po sya pero kayang lakarin) around 7am. They say that the price of vegetables & fruits is cheaper there and since its lenten season we planned on buying vegetables, fish and fruits only. After more than one hour of walking and roaming around, we were able to buy these:
Tomato - 1kg = P 20, Sweet Potato (kamote) - 1kg = P 35

Chinese Kangkong (2tie)- P 10, Kamote tops (2tie)- P10, Spinach (2tie) - P10, Saluyot (1tie)- P5
Pechay - P 10, Baguio Pechay - P10, Siling haba - P 5.00
Onions -P14, Garlic P11, Banana - P 15, Sitaw-P5, Star apple -P10
Galunggong 1/2kg=P60, Bilong Bilong 1/2kg= P65
Fresh Daing na Bangus =P50, Tambakol (3slices) - P70
                           Heres the breakdown and total expenses we had at our palengke trip. We still had a change of P85.00 from our P500 budget.
          We were tired when we got home. We rest a little while and told my mother that I felt like I did some exercise and jogging routine in morning. We then prepared and cleaned everything before finally putting them inside the fridge.
         So there you have it, our five hundred peso spending challenge in "palengke" at may sukli pa. We now have our meal until Wednesday or Thursday, "o di ba pinaabot hanggang Wednesday to Thursday ang P500".

Till next time.
God Bless!


  1. Hi Ms. Grace, a new follower here :) Nakakainspire ka po in so many ways. I went through your blog posts and I am amazed how disciplined you are. Napakagaling nyu magbudget :)

  2. I'm glad I was able to inspire you with my personal experiences in life. Thank you at na-appreciate mo yung mga nasulat ko dito. God Bless.

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  4. Thanks a lot, I am glad you appreciate my simple the personal experiences I wrote here, Good day and God bless.


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