Monday, March 20, 2017

500k Target this 2017

          On my first year of blogging last 2014, my only goal is to reach a total of P100k both in savings and investment & I reached it (Jan 2015-Networth post). On my second year of blogging, I have set a total of P200k both in savings and investment & its a success again (Jan-2016 lookback post). Last May 2016, I revised my financial goals (300k Target goal) and made it to simpler ones (May 2016 - Simplified Goals) and since its my third year in blogging my main goal is to reach a total goal of P300k and I'm proud to say that I reached it after I finish my P200k BPI Philam Insurance Plan. It was a big leap and a big addition to my financial portfolio.

          2016 maybe a year of financial crisis to me but it was also a year of challenges both on financial and personal aspect. It changed my outlook and attitude in facing problems. A usual "worrier" me now becomes an excited and looking forward being.

          This 2017, the start of my fourth year in blogging I've set my target goal again. I only listed three major goals this year.

 First, I want to complete my housing fund. Target P100k.
          My priority last year was to organize my emergency funds & I was able to set 20k for health emergencies, 20k for family emergencies, & 10k for my education. Part of that emergency funds is my housing fund where I placed my capital contribution account with its interest plus the extra amount I took from my emergency funds. Hopefully, when I get the remaining salary from employer I'd be able to complete it.

Second, I want to have a personal fund again. Target P10k.
          Since I'm done with my practice teaching, I will be taking another short course in TESDA. My classmates are also planning to take a review class for the licensure exam for teachers and though I'm a bit hesitant about that board exam still they advise me to take a shot on it. I might use my education fund and I plan to raise up another personal fund again.

Third, I will have a total of P500k both on insurance, investment & savings this year.
          Yes, you read it right its half a million target this year - a preparation for one of my long term goal which is to have a P1M total of insurance, investment & savings. Though I am unemployed right now, my Pagibig fund will have a big addition on it as soon as my employer settles their dues and I plan to continue paying for my Pagibig fund contribution. The completion of my BPI life insurance exceeded my P300k target last year and so I decided to aim for P500k this year.

          Now that I'm through with my practice teaching and other school requirements in my BTTE course I can now focus on my personal and financial goals. I am now unemployed but I have lots of plans running in my head again and I think I will have lots of adventures this 2017.

Just sharing my experiences.
Go for the goals again!
Have a great week ahead & God Bless!

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