Saturday, January 2, 2016

300k Target this 2016

          "Begin with an end in mind" - I was reminded of these words as I write my post today. It was part of my report in our school last year. According to Steven Covey, author of Seven Habits of Effective People - if we begin a task with an end goal set in our minds we will be more productive and efficient in reaching our goals.
         With an end goal set in my mind today, these specific financial goals are now my target this 2016. I want it to be as productive as 2015 no matter what trials or obstacles I may encounter. Let's get it on 2016...


1. Have a total of 20K Mutual Fund Purchase in my FAMI EQUITY Fund - I only have a total of 19k last year.
2. Have a total of 30K Mutual Fund Purchase in my PHILEQUITY Fund - I only have a total of 26k last year.
3. Have a total of 15K Mutual Fund Purchase in my FAMI BALANCED Fund - I only have a total of 11k last year.
4. Open another life insurance in Paramount Direct - I have been seeing their ads in facebook and   studying some of their products. I was planning to take just 1 unit of 10 year payment - golden life  advantage plan. Anyway, it has a cash surrender option if I choose to surrender the plan in the       future.
5. Continue my Philam Life Insurance - Just another one year to finish this 8 year payment plan.
6. Complete my 30K Personal Emergency Fund in Wealthbank Special Savings Account - I have 20K in my special savings account in Wealthbank & I plan to make 30k before the year ends.
7. Complete my 30K Family Health Emergency Fund - though I already have a 30K Family emergency fund I want to establish another emergency fund from the interest I have gained from
my capital contribution account in Villamor (closed this account last year) & plan to make it to 30k before 2016 ends.
8. Have a total of 30K Mutual Fund Purchase in my FAMI EQUITY Fund - additional 10k before the year ends.
9. Have a total of 40K Mutual Fund Purchase in my PHILEQUITY Fund - additional 10k before the year ends.
10. Have a total of 20K Mutual Fund Purchase in my FAMI BALANCED Fund - additional 5k before the year ends.
11. Have a total of 10K Mutual Fund Purchase in my SOLDIVO Growth fund - additional 5k before the year ends.
12. And before this year ends,  I want to reach my 300K TARGET GOAL - since this is my third year in blogging I want to have a total of 300k total savings & investments before 2016 ends.

          With God's grace I will achieve all of it this 2016.

Just sharing again my thoughts.
How about you, what are your goals this 2016?


  1. Happy New Year, Grace! Bet ko lahat ng financial goals mo. Go, go, go! :)

    1. Happy New Year Ms. Edel. Pa-unti unti lang ang pag-set ko ng goals para one by one magawa ko sila, masarap ang feeling sa liitle achievements & at the end di mo napapansin natapos mo na. Thank you for dropping by sis. God bless!!!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for dropping by sis! Happy New Year & God Bless!!!

  3. Happy for you Miss Grace. Yes, kaya yan! :)

  4. Thanks sis, Inggit ako sa posts mo :) Gusto ko tuloy mag-aim ng 1M in 5 years hopefully ma-reach ko.

    1. Kaya yan Miss Grace! Go for that 1M in 5 years time or sooner! I believe you can. ;)

    2. I hope sooner talaga - kung wala lang problem dito sa work ko ngayon and wala lang problema yung lote ng bahay namin, tuloy tuloy ang mga financial goals ko, ng-iba lang ng konti direction kasi nag-aral ako :) thanks for the encouragement sis!

  5. Nice sis napaka'specific ng mga goal mo and I bet lahat dyan maaaccomplish mo!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement sis! God Bless !!!

  6. This is nice..You have a clear goals.

    Last year it was my goal to reach 7 digits in my stocks but I haven't made it. But still, I am happy because I increased my stocks investment by 220%. :-)

    1. Yes mam, kahit maliit lang basta reachable. I really admire people who invests in stocks kasi parang ang hirap pasukin ng stock market,e. thanks for dropping by mam.


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