Thursday, January 4, 2018

Battle Against Cancer: Part 2 - Updates and Schedules

          These are the activities that I had these past few weeks after my surgical operation. I decided to write it here so I can document my activities before I undergo my chemo treatment next week.

December 4 - The day I was finally home. I vomit twice and sweat profusely but after few days with the help and care of my family I felt so much better.
December 11 - A lot of attempts to walk farther were done but it was only last December 11 that I managed to make 600 small steps - my preparation for my next check up schedule.
December 12 - I went to the hospital (San Juan de dios Hospital - 3 rides from our house)  for my follow up check up and the gauze in my lower abdomen was finally removed. I was also given instruction as to how I can get medical records for PCSO requirements.
December 13 - I went to BPI Market branch (2 rides from our house) to open an account but failed to bring proof of billing requirement.
December 14 - I went to another BPI Bayani Road Branch (nearer branch - 2 rides from our house) but they were offline so we proceeded again to Market branch and finally I was able to open an account there.
December 15 - I went to the hospital medical records section to get the requirements needed for PCSO chemo meds assistance.
December 17 - At last, I was able to attend the Sunday mass at Sto. Nino Parish Church.
December 18 - I went back to the hospital to get the directors referral letter to complete the requirements for PCSO medical assistance and my doctor gave me good news that day - the lab result for "kulane" is negative so the final stage of my ovarian cancer is Stage 1C - I hugged my doctor that day, and she said to me, "sabi sa yo dasal lang e, maigi naoperahan ka agad at naagapan ang pagkalat."
December 19 - We went to PCSO office - QC Branch to submit the requirements. We woke up at 3 am just to be there early but our application was accepted at around 12 pm. "Grabe ang haba ng pila kahit maaga kaming dumating, # 56 ako sa pila". I was scheduled for an interview on January 16.
Then we also proceeded to BPI Branch to get my atm card. That day I already had this nausea feeling and felt that I might vomit again. Good thing we manage to get home when that vomit feeling recur "sinuka ko yata lahat ng kinain ko".
December 20 - I noticed some bleeding discharge on my pantyliner and decided to rest for a day. They were saying that I might have "binat or tagtag" for continously walking and riding public utility vehicles.
December 21 - It was my follow up/check up schedule but I really am not feeling well that day so I decided to take a complete rest.
December 22 - I went to the hospital to relay my condition and was given "Hemostat" to stop the bleeding discharge and was advised to take complete rest before my chemo treatment.
December 26 - It was the schedule of my first chemo treatment but unfortunately it was postponed because of the condition that I had. Another thing, the oncologist and the med rep where the chemo meds will be ordered were onleave after December 26.
December 24, 25, 31 and January 1 - Attended the mass in Sto. Nino Parish Church, "parang bundok po kasi ang lugar namin, maraming pataas at pababa at medyo malayo ang simbahan kaya hindi pa rin advisable na maglakad dun." but still I want to go there, I feel relieve, secure and peaceful whenever I go to church.
January 2 - I was having some sleepless nights for couple of days so I decided to go to the hospital to ask my doctor if it's okay if my first chemo will done after more than month and I was given an explanation, another chemo sched and some instruction - January 6 for laboratories , January 8 check up & results, January 9 chemo sched.

       My sister in law, some of her friends who underwent the same operation and some oldies in our place told me, "Ten days pa lang after the operation, naglalakad at nagbiyahe ka na - mabibinat ka talaga nyan, dapat 1 month complete rest ka" In my defense, I told her that it was the advice of the nurse in the hospital, "maglakad lakad ka para mas flexible ang healing ng inopera mo." But after I felt something bad last December 20 I decided to have a complete rest for few days. Lessons learned, take the advice of those who underwent the same operation and the advice of the oldies, I am still a Filipino and think "binat" is real.
       So there goes my diary and schedule of activities and I just want to share it here today.

Have a great week ahead!
God Bless everyone.       


  1. Hi sis, may kaofficemate ako na humingi din ng tulong sa PCSO. Bale ang ginagawa nilang magnanay e mga 2am pa lang andun na sila sa pcso at nakapila. Yung mother yung napila tapos kapag may nakuha ng number tsaka lang papupuntahin ni mother yung daughter nya dun sa office para di mapagod. Tiyagaan lang daw talaga ang pagpila dyan sa PCSO.

    1. OO sis, pumunta na ko sa PCSO last Dec 19, ang balik ko Jan 16--interview. Medyo nabinat ako at dinugo kaya di natuloy first chemo ko nung december, at nagpahinga na lang muna ko saglit pero kuya ko at nanay ko muna pababalikin ko na pag nag start chemo ko. Thanks sa suggestion sis, may mga nakausap din ako sa hospital na mga cancer patients at may mga sinishare silang gagawin at lalapitan. God is good talaga.


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