Friday, January 12, 2018

Battle Against Cancer : First Chemo Session

 First Chemo Session Update
My first chemo- sorry for the blurry pic.
The lab results I presented last January 8, 2017 were all normal so I was given a go signal to undergo my first chemo treatment the next day.

January 9 - Everything went well during my first chemo session as my body was able to accept both the premeds and chemo meds administered to me without the signs of side effects that may occur on the patient while undergoing this kind of theraphy.

Sudden Change of rule in  Philhealth

Scenario last December 2017

         After my very first check up with my first OB last Oct 30, I was advised to pay my philhealth contribution as I might get some benefits from it when I undergo an operation. So I paid an advance one year contribution from Oct 2017 to Sep 2018. I was admitted at the hospital November 30 and underwent a surgical operation December 1. But when my billing came out, no Philhealth deductions on my bill was reflected, it turns out that they have 3-6 months rule before a member can use their benefits. Have I been admitted by December 1 in the hospital I'd be qualified of their benefits, take note of the 3-6 months contribution rule.

 Scenario last January 9, 2018

         After my first chemo session, my blood pressure went up because of the Philhealth contribution issue again. I was confident that the 7K bill that I had in the hospital will be covered by Philhealth, unfortunately I am not qualified again. My mother asked them twice explaining that the rules last year was 3-6 months rule only but it turned out that they have a new policy again. So I went down to to the billing section to complain again, and they explained to me that effective January 2018 the rules for the old Philhealth member is to have  9-12 months contributions before they can avail the Philhealth benefits. Take note, 9-12 months contributions who wouldn't have a high blood pressure reaction on this rule. It only means that I wont be able to use the benefits of Philhealth during my whole six chemo cycle treatment, Grrrrr!!!!


        Whatever unfortunate issues with Philhealth I encountered last Tuesday, I am still thankful to God that I am alive and able to handle the side effects of chemo - I already had sleepness nights, "sakit ng mga kasu-kasuan", a little bit of nausea feeling, but no signs of vomiting yet although I also feel weak whenever I do some household chores but I try to make it a point to rest afterwards.

         I also met some cancer patients last January 9 and heard their stories - they were so optimistic, they were laughing, sharing their own experiences and encouraging one another as if cancer is just an ordinary illness and not a life threatening one if it's treated with acceptance, open mind and open heart. And it's true, some have lived more than fifteen years ago after being cured with cancer. They just gave us some few tips - Change your lifestyle, enjoy and live a stress free life and be closer to God. When my name was called by the nurse, I told them " Love to hear your stories, I'll hang with you guys more often."

         Again, I'm so lucky that is God sending me reinforcements through prayers, acquaintances and encouragements as I was given another tip from one of the cancer patient there - "Get a PWD Id at city hall so I can have another 20% discount on my hospital bills which hopefully I'd be able to accomplished next week.

Till then! Thank you so much guys for all the prayers and financial support.
God Bless Everyone...


  1. Hi Ms Grace. I was so shocked to read about your recent posts. Praying for your strength and healing.

  2. Thanks Sis Jacqui. Life's full of surprises and unforseen circumstances, only God know's kung bakit binigyan nya ako ng ganitong trial sa buhay but thankful kasi medyo naiba perspective ko sa buhay ngayon.

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