Thursday, October 12, 2017

Job Hunting Series: Day 1 - Job Fair at Market Market

          For an introvert like me - staying at home with my family is a heaven that's why its hard for me to pull my feet out again of my comfort zone...but my desire to find a job was triggered when I saw the result of my calculated net worth. So I prepared 10 resume and a few photocopies of some of my credentials and went to the job fair last Tuesday.

Day 1
Job Fair at Market Market

          I went to Market Market where the Jobfair was held, register at the Dole booth and applied in five different companies :

1. HARTE HANKS -  is not included in that job fair but somebody approach me while I'm on my way to the mall and led me directly inside their office and immediately introduce me to the interviewer. I pass both the language and phone simulation test but they offered a technical support representative position which I think I am not familiar with so I requested the interviewer to give me time to think about it first.

2. TELEPERFORMANCE - pass the initial interview and referred for final assessment in SM Aura on the next day.

3. 24/7 - pass the initial interview and referred for final assessment in McKinley office on the next day too.

4. Alorica - pass the initial interview but didn't want the position and the account they were offering.

5. Intelenet - submit my resume and fill up some form and requested to be interviewed on the next day.

         It was almost 5pm when I decided to go home. it was a bit long and tiring day but I enjoy this job hunting experience.

Just sharing my experiences again.
Till then!
Have a great day guys!
God Bless

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  1. God bless you Ms. Grace, hope you'll get the job that will help you realize your full potential and eventually become a better person. :)


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