Friday, October 6, 2017

Financial Update 2: Redeem shares at FAMI and MP2 Savings in Pagibig Fund

          Last August, I went back to Pagibig office to claim my loyalty card ID, pay another quarter of my contribution and request for a hardcopy of my total contribution. I was sad when I saw that the last payment made by my former employer was last April 2015 but was glad at the same time when I saw the breakdown of employee's share, employer's share and its dividend. Would you believe that the total dividend is higher than the shares made by the employer and employee, interesting di ba?
         Another financial step I made was to start my MP2 or Modified Pagibig II for P1000. I became interested on this program when I heard the news of the high interest rate of 7.43% they gave last 2016, you can also check it on this site -
          It made me rethink of my financial plans - since Pagibig fund is also a mutual fund I decided to redeem some of my shares in Fami and transfer it on my MP2 fund. So after a week, I went to FAMI and redeem my balance fund shares (3,793 shares) and a portion of my equity fund (1,150 shares).

         Balanced fund is the first mutual fund I opened last July 2014 since it is moderate risk fund I decided to have a dip on this kind of investment and gave three years on this fund to grow but unfortunately it didn't. Now I truly understand why banks are giving emphasis on risk when I inquired about UITF few years ago. But the good thing about attending financial seminars is that investors are prepared to take the risk and be able to know their risk tolerance. In my case, the 1k plus loss both in my balanced and equity fund is within my risk tolerance so when I redeemed my shares I already expected that it will have some losses based on the current market value of my shares.

          Going back to the main topic, the FAMI shares I redeem were directly deposited to my Eastwest Bank debit card and after it was cleared I withdraw it in their branch which is one block away from SM Aura and afterwards remit P17,000 in my Pagibig MP2 savings. Yes, I am more than a year advance which is really my plan to save me from the time and hassle of going back to their office every now and then.

         I still have some equity shares in FAMI, Philequity and Soldivo and I am still trying to figure out  on how to simplify my financial vehicles and re-align it towards my financial goals.

        So there you have it, another financial journey of a minimum wager...ooops - "financial journey of a jobless citizen", jobless nga pala ako ngayon. Promise mag-aaply na ko next week, I am just finishing the house assessment I applied in city hall para kahit papano may 10% peace of mind ako sa status ng lote namin.

How 'bout you?
Do you have changes in your financial plans?
Have a great week ahead.
God Bless.


  1. It's really interesting Ms. Grace that you can still save despite being jobless. Kudos to you... :-)

    1. Thanks, napaghandaan ko ng konti may side income ako na 3K at konting savings. Isa sa mga natutunan ko kababasa ng financial tips. Thanks again and God Bless!

    2. Napapawow talaga ako sa mga posts mo Ms. Grace. Did you know Ms. Grace that upon arriving at my office, isa ang mga blogs mo na tsinecheck ko kung may bago? :-) I love your posts about your love for your family and your being prudent as well. You're really one of my inspirations. God Bless you more.


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