Wednesday, August 9, 2017

New Savings Account in Eastwest Bank

          Hello guys!!! If you've been dropping in my blog once in a while you'll know that I've been unemployed for six months already but that doesn't mean that I can't save anymore.

           I sell ice, collect some scattered coins found while I clean our house, sell the household plastic cans & bottles (kalakal as they describe it), and the extra amount from the house rent I receive from my brother. These are the things I do at home to save little amount regularly.
          To gather these little amounts, I opened a savings account in Eastwest Bank where I can put all those amount I save. Would you believe that I only need P100 to open a Basic Savings Account here and for only P500 your money will earn an interest of 0.125% - the same interest given by other banks.

        What interests me is their low maintaining balance of  P100 only since this account is primarily set as one of my emergency fund and my separate account for all my earnings at home while being unemployed. I got to enjoy saving regularly without the worries of penalty if my account balance falls down on their required maintaining balance. Hey, its my emergency fund and it comes with the possibility of withdrawing most of its balance should the time of need arises.
        Another thing that encourages me to save in their bank is that their staffs are kind and accommodating especially for a small client like me. They would smile at me even if I deposit coins in their bank which is one of the qualities I am looking for in choosing savings bank. It's the same attitude of staffs that greeted me 22 years ago when I first enter the bank and open a passbook account of P100. Not going to mention its name but it's the largest bank now in the Philippines but they are not as accommodating as they were before.
          This savings account comes along with a debit card and a mini statement balance from their ATM machines so you'll be able to track down your transactions regularly. Their branch is located in South Market near  SM Aura where my mother and I usually hang out so its accessibility is  advantageous to me.

         There you have it, another experience shared. So even if I don't have a regular job anymore, I do save regularly no matter how small the amount is. Disciple is important in saving & investing and when we do it regularly it becomes our lifestyle too.

Till then. Have a great day ahead! God Bless.


  1. Hi Sis Grace,
    What is the requirements when opening a savings account in East West? Meron din kasi dito sa amin, di ko pa na vivisit bank nila, gusto ko sana mag open din. Sabi ng friend ko na my account sa kanila eh maganda daw.
    Iba ka talaga, nakakapag ipon kahit wala pang job :)
    God Bless

    1. Hi sis, yung usual requirements ng bank - proof of billing, 2 valid Id's, ID picture. Pede ka naman mag walk in dun sa Eastwest to inquire kung may addtl quiries ka.

  2. Hi Grace, parehas tayo na nangangalakal din. Iniipon ko rin mga plastic bottles sa bahay tapos kapag marami or puno na yung sako binibenta ko sa junk shop. Hahahaha. Pambili din ng meryenda yung nakukuha ko dun or pamasahe sa jeep papuntang work.

    1. talaga sis!nag-sosorting na ako ng basura pag nagtatapon may umiikot din kasi sa amin na nabili ng kalakal, sayang din kasi yung P10 to P20 na benta, heheh.

  3. Pag feeling ko ang gastos-gastos ko na naman, at gusto ko mainspire sa pagtitipid, pinupuntahan ko blog mo. Nakakabilib kasi talaga diskarte mo sa pagse-save. Kita mo naman, out of work ka pa ng lagay na yan pero hindi naging hadlang para makapagsave ka pa rin. Soon, kapag may work ka na ulit, mas bobongga na ang savings mo. Wishing you lots of luck, Grace! :)


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