Tuesday, April 14, 2015

My Top Up Diskarte

          I confess... I'm not a disciplined saver & I don't follow the principle that most of the financial experts suggested because I simply can't. I tried to do it last year but I failed.

But I save... I save and invest now regularly in my mutual funds.
I save as much as I can, whenever I can, and in every possible way I can.
But this time I do it and think of it as a challenge and not an obligation.
Why?.....Simply because I have a TARGET GOAL to reach.

          It was last year that I opened 2 mutual funds since then I have been committed to make monthly top up on it and already set a specific goal in my FAMI & Philequity Fund.
          And through my magic orange plastic can here, that has a lot of gold inside (just kidding I just placed some of my 25cents there), I was able to save continously (hindi po yata ako maswerte sa alkansya or maybe just a coincidence that something bad happens when I save money in a coinbank/alkansya).
This is where I put all my extra earnings I made & allowances I save.
And every payday I add some of my salary to complete my 1,000 monthly top up.

So whenever I have an extra allowance, I put it there.
Whenever I received our company monthly incentives I put it there.
Some of the cash rebates & cash reversals I had from my credit cards,
some of the cash gifts I had last December, some extra earnings I made,
and some of the income I had from the lending racket were always put inside that orange can.

          And the challenge is that every payday I need complete the amount to Php 1,000 so the next day it'll be deposited to FAMI & Philequity. No need to compute for 10%, 20% or 30%, just the thought of completing it encourages me to make a monthly top up.

My monthly top up visual
Yes, that's my monthly top up visual sample and I have been doubling my effort to save on my mutual fund just to reach the target 20k this year.
I'll be requesting for another cash rebates on my credit card this month (I think my points are qualified again).
I'll exchange my $10 bill tomorrow, kelangan mapakinabangan na, heheh.
I'll try to do some referrals in one of my credit card, my cash equivalent e.
I decided again to make some cash loans again for my lending so I can earn a little interest from it.
And I pray sana magkaron na ulit ng delivery ng basahan ang kuya ko, heheh.

My focus will be shifted next month if my plan to study will pursue.
Guys, I need your prayers, "Sana maaprubahan ako after ma-evaluate ang transcript of records ko para ma-ladderized to BTTE course". :) :) :)

Saving 10%, 20%,30% of income is good.
But when savings is treated as a challenge, it becomes fun and easier.
And since I have a target goal to reach, my mind is already set for it.
For the reward in reaching those goals is a brighter future ahead.

Just in the mood of sharing again!
Happy Saving & Investing!
God Bless Everyone.......


  1. Andame mong mutual funds account! Ako isa lang yung kasama na sa Sunlife Insurance ko. And I am not really knowledgeable about it. Until now hindi ko pa din alam basahin yung statement ko. Ha Ha Ha

    1. Baka VUL ang kinuha mo (combination of life insurance & investment), oks din naman yan since nasimulan mo na kailangan tapusin na rin, actually meron din akong proposal last year kaya nalilito rin ako sa table sample nya, di muna ako kumuha.
      Though most financial experts suggested na its better na hiwalay ang insurance sa investment. Term insurance mas mura kasi , then yung remaining amount sa investment on mutual funds or other investment vehicle.
      Just in case magkaproblema ka sa pagbabayad, mas flexible ang options, but okay na rin yan at nasimulan mo.
      Thanks for dropping by sis.

  2. Miss Grace, you are really such an inspiration. Ang galing talaga. Tanong ko lang po, paano yung cash rebates sa credit cards? Hehehe... me card ako na me feature niyan pero hindi ko alam gamitin kaya ayun, tengga lang... ang alam ko kasing gamitin yung me reward points (hindi pa rin ganun kadunong about it though). Yung points kasi pangpurchase ko na rin ng items.

    1. Thanks sis, Ang card ko kasi is eastwest, yung charmed points nya may equivalent na cash rebates ranges from P250 (760 points), P500 (1520 points), etc. Tinatawag ko lang sa customer service to convert my points to cash rebates then automatically mag-rereflect na sa next billing ko. Yung ibang cards ko wala kasi e, eastwest lang ang meron cash rebates sa akin.
      Thanks for dropping by sis :)

  3. Galing mo, talagang recorded pa. Hehe. Will include you in my prayers, Grace. Think positive lang, makakapag-aral ka ulit at makukumpleto mo ang degree mong BTTE. :)

    1. Thank you so much ms. edel for being so supportive, sana matuloy tlaga makapag-enroll ako next week.

  4. Wow bilib po ako sa inyo Ms Grace :) same here monthly din ako nag iinvest...I'll be praying for your study plan, the Lord will for sure grant it to you, trust lang sa kanya :)

    God Bless

    1. Thanks sis, I'm praying talaga. Gusto ko na talagang magturo :)


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